YouTube is one of the most highly used and popular applications across the Globe. On Firestick, you can enjoy watching Youtube on a big screen. Sometimes you may encounter playback errors, audio distortion errors, Freezing or buffering issues, error code, and youtube application errors. If you encounter YouTube not working on Firestick, dont worry. These issues are very common, and they can be fixed easily. You can follow the below guide to troubleshoot the issues and fix the Youtube not working problems on Firestick.

Why is YouTube Not Working on Firestick?

The several possible reasons why your YouTube is not working on your Amazon Firestick are listed below. The issues may lead to freezing, buffering, restarting, slowness, app crashing, a black screen appearing, flickering, and many more playback errors.

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  • Internet Issue
  • Using an outdated version of the Youtube app
  • corrupt Youtube app cache
  • Using the Old version of Firestick
  • YouTube server down
  • Using VPN on Firestick
  • Overheating Firestick

How to fix YouTube Not Working Issues on Firestick

In the First Instance, you need to find out the reason why YouTube is not working on your Firestick, and then you need to apply the solution according to it. There are multiple ways in which you can resolve the not working issues. In the below guide, I have figured out the issues and its solution so you can make use of them.

Check Your Internet Connection


Youtube requires a stable internet connection to stream its videos without any glitches. If you find any buffering issues or slowness, then try to check your network speed by connecting it with other devices available in your home. If it doesn’t work on the connected device, then there is a problem with your network connection.

Simply unplug the Wifi router for about 30 seconds and then replug it back, and it will get restarted automatically. If possible, disconnect all other devices connected to your Wifi and connect only with your Firestick and launch the YouTube application and stream it.

Restart Router

Restart Router

If your Firestick takes time to load the videos of the Youtube app, then your first troubleshooting method is to restart your router. Unplug the router and plug it back after a couple of minutes to fix the problem. Doing it will fix all the Bugs and increase the internet speed.

Restart Fire TV Stick

If your Firestick got stuck, keep pausing or stopping between streaming the videos. Then, you can restart your Fire TV stick by following the below steps to resolve the issue.

#1. On your Firestick remote, press the Home Button.

#2. Choose the Settings option.

#3. Select My Fire TV under the Settings option. If you are using an older version of Firestick, then you need to select the Device or System.

Select My Fire TV

#4. Choose Restart.

Hit Restart option to resolve the not working issues of Youtube on Firestick

#5. Launch the youtube app again once it is successfully restarted and check whether it is working properly without any issues.

Clear Youtube Cache

Regularly, you can clear the cache on your device. It will help you to run the application smoothly by clearing the thumbnails, local video copies, and others.

#1. Launch the Firestick and press the Home Button on your Firestick remote.

#2. Choose the Settings.

#3. Select the Application option under the settings.

Open Applications icon

#4. Open the Managed Installed Applications.

Choose Manage Installed Applications

#5. From the list shown, select the YouTube app.

#6. Click on Clear Cache.

Select Clear Cache

#7. Once the YouTube app cache got cleared, restart your Firestick and try to use the application.

YouTube Server Down

YouTube Server Down

Try launching your YouTube app on other devices available in your home. If it was not working on any devices, it might be due to server maintenance. You can contact the YouTube helpdesk team to know the workaround time, and you can follow social media like Twitter and Facebook to know when Youtube will come back on. And you need to wait patiently until they fix the issue.

You can go to the Google Transperancy report page to check the site status.

Use Guest Account on Youtube

Use Guest Account if your YouTube account not working on Firestick

If your youtube account got locked by an unknown issue, then you can try the Youtube Guest mode to watch the youtube videos. If the videos & pictures load perfectly in the Guest account, then there is an issue with your youtube account. Try to clear the app cache and restart your device.

Reinstall the Youtube

If your system got slowed down, then you can reinstall the applications to remove the corrupted data.

#1. Press the Home Button on your Firestick remote.

#2. Open Settings and select the Applications icon.

Open Applications icon

#3. Hit on Manage Installed Applications.

Choose Manage Installed Applications

#4. A list of applications will be displayed on your Firestick screen. Navigate to the YouTube App.

#5. Select the Uninstall option.

Hit Youtube uninstall option

#6. Go back to the Firestick Home screen, and under the Search tab, type YouTube and install the application again.

Update Youtube Application

Updates are essential to eliminate unwanted features and add new features to the application. You can enable automatic updates on your Firestick. By enabling it whenever there is a need, it will update automatically.

#1. Navigate to the Firestick Homescreen.

#2. Choose the Settings icon.

#3. Hit on the Appstore option under the settings.

#4. Choose the First option, Automatic Updates, under the App store.

Turn on the Automatic updates

#5. Whenever there is an update, your Firestick will update the applications automatically.

Update your Firestick to Latest OS

If you are using an older version of Firestick, then it may create issues while launching the application. You need to update Firestick regularly.

#1. Navigate to the Firestick home page and choose the Settings icon on the Home screen.

#2. Select the My Fire TV option under the settings.

#3. Choose the About option under the My Fire TV.

Select About

#4. Hit on Check for Updates option.

Hit on Check for Updates to resolve the  Youtube not working issues on Firestick

#5. If an update is available, update your Firestick to the latest version and try launching YouTube.

Re-register Your Firestick

Re-registering your Youtube account may help to solve the not working issues. Follow the below guide to re-register your Youtube account.

#1. On the Firestick home interface, hit on the Settings option.

#2. Select My Account & Profile Settings under the Settings option.

Choose My Account & Profile Settings

#3. Choose the Amazon Account option.

#4. Now select your Amazon account and click on Deregister.

Choose Deregister option to resolve the issues Youtube not working issues on Firestick

#5. Restart your Firestick and then come back to the same tab and select the Register option.

#6. Provide your Amazon Login credentials and navigate to the YouTube app under your Games & channels and start using the application.

Modify Time Settings

Sometimes due to the incorrect time zone present on your Firestick, it cannot deduct your accurate location. YouTube might be geo-restricted to particular regions, and it will not work on your Firestick. Follow the given step below to change the time settings.

#1. On your Firestick, open the Settings option.

#2. click on the Preference option under the settings.

Click Preference to change the time zone on the Firestick

#3. Select the Time Zone.

#4. Choose your Accurate Region from the search results.

Factory Reset Your Firestick

If none of the above options worked to solve the issue, then you can use the Firestick resetting option at last. Factory reset will remove all your data stored on the device, like downloaded videos, accounts, customized settings, and in-app purchases.

#1. Open the Settings option available on the Firestick Homescreen.

#2. Choose the System option.

#3. Hit on the Rest option and provide your Firestick PIN.

Alternative Method– On your Firestick remote, hold the Back button and the Right side of the navigation circle for about 15 seconds to rest your Amazon Firestick.

Factory Reset on Firestick remote to resolve the not working problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I clear the Cache?

You are using the internet to connect various applications, and those data will store on your device. As memory is taken up, you may face slowness while using your Firestick. You can clear the cache to function better.

Why can’t I find Youtube on Amazon App Store?

If you are using the First generation Firestick, then you will not find the YouTube app on the Amazon App store since it got removed by Amazon due to legal disputes. However, you can sideload the app through the Downloader on Firestick.

What are the Amazon Fire TV’s internet Speed requirements?

There is no specific requirement mentioned by the Firestick to watch any videos. For instance, if you are watching any high-definition videos, then it is recommended to use 5mbps per second. If you are watching any videos in SD Quality, then it is recommended to use 3mbps per second.