The Amazon Firestick is a device that runs on an Android platform. And we know that every software needs an update frequently to perform better and Firestick isn’t an exception. The updates on firestick will happen automatically. As the firestick is all-time internet-connected device, the updates will perform automatically when there is a new version available. But in rare cases Firestick may skip an update due to many reasons. In such cases, let us see in this guide below how to update the firestick manually. This applies to all the Amazon fire devices.

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Why Update Firestick

With every update, Firestick gets better and better. The developers includes performance upgrades, new features, fix bugs and security holes that caused issues in every update. Also it is important for the user to check for updates manually at intervals, even though the firestick is programmed to update automatically.

How to Update Your Amazon Firestick

Follow these steps below to update firestick manually.

#1 Turn on Amazon Firestick and click on Settings.

#2 Scroll to My Fire TV / My Device.

How To Update Firestick

#3 Click About.

How To Update Firestick

#3 Click Install System Update. In case if your firestick has installed the updates, you will see Check for System Update.

How To Update Firestick

#4 The firestick will start the updating process. Wait for the update to download and install.

How To Update Firestick

With the successful update, the device will restart and your device is ready to go.

In case your firestick did not restart by itself, press and hold the center button and the Play / Pause together for 5 seconds. Do this when your device didn’t restart or stuck between the update.

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To Conclude

By this way one can easily update the amazon firestick manually. Based on the speed of the internet connection, the update may complete within minutes. Not only the firestick’s software, you should also update the apps installed on the firestick for a proper functioning of the device. Comment below if you have something to say about this topic.