The Amazon Firestick lets you streams movies, videos, audio, media, and play games by installing apps from the Amazon app store. As the Firestick runs on Android you can also sideload apps to it. An important factor here to be noted is the Firestick’s storage. It has limited storage and when you populate it with apps and downloads, the firestick may experience performance glitches and errors. In order to fix this, you may have to reset firestick to factory settings and free up space on the device and make it work like new.

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Why Reset Your Firestick?

Every software device needs an update as it runs based on an operating system and Firestick Update isn’t an exception. A certain button on the remote doesn’t work, firestick will not to WiFi, or the firestick doesn’t work, error while syncing to your firestick account, etc are some of the common firestick problems.

We might not be exact in predicting and solving the issue on the firestick. The only possible way to find a solution by resetting the firestick. This will completely wash away the errors and glitches your firestick is stuck to.

How to Reset Amazon Firestick?

The Firestick can be reset in two ways, one by the system settings and other using the remote control combinations. As the Firestick doesn’t have a physical reset button, you should go with either of these two methods.

Use this method when you can access the Settings menu on firestick.

#1 On your Firestick, scroll to Settings.

How to Reset Firestick

#2 Click on My Fire TV.

How to Reset Firestick

#3 Click the Reset to Factory Defaults option.

How to Reset Firestick

#4 You will see a message popup. Click Reset to confirm.

How to Reset Firestick

#5 The firestick will now begin to reset and you will see the message, Resetting your Amazon Firestick on screen.

How to Reset Firestick

#6 After reset your firestick will reboot.

#7 Now you will see the Sign in screen which prompts you to connect to your Amazon account.

How to Reset Firestick

A Quicker Alternative using Firestick Remote

This is a quicker alternative and the second method to reset firestick as mentioned above. This will be helpful to you when you cannot access the settings menu as your Firestick is stuck or frozen.

#1 On your Firestick remote, Press and hold the Back and Right buttons simultaneously until you see the reset screen.

How to Reset Firestick

#2 Select Reset.

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To Conclude

You have successfully reset your firestick and it is showroom-fresh now. All your downloaded apps and data is the price you have paid for it. Tweak your settings again and install apps that you have been using like you did when you did on your firestick for the first time after purchasing it. Comment below if you have successfully reset your firestick and solved an error you faced.