Amazon Firestick is the most popular streaming device which converts regular TV into smart TV. It is like a small handy tool connected to HDMI port on TV. It comes with the Amazon app store to download plenty of popular apps. Since it runs on Android-based OS, you can side load Android apps. Like other devices, firestick also hangs or freezes during navigation or streaming. To rectify those issues, you have to restart or reboot your Amazon firestick.

Methods to Restart or Reboot Firestick

You need to restart or reboot your Firestick, when there is any performance issues after clearing Firestick storage. There are three methods to restart your Amazon Firestick

  • Restart Firestick using remote
  • Restart Firestick from settings
  • Unplug Firestick from Power source

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Method 1: Restart Firestick from Settings

Step 1: Open your Firestick and go to home screen.

Step 2: Select settings menu option.

 Firestick settings

Step 3: Click on My FireTV or Device option.

My Fire TV

Step 4: Scroll down and choose Restart option.

Restart/Reboot Amazon Firestick

Step 5: Click Restart again from the Prompt.

Restart/Reboot Amazon Firestick

That’s it. Now your Firestick will restart and the power off notification is shown on the screen.

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Method 2: Restart Firestick with the Remote

Step 1: Take your Firestick Remote.

Step 2: Press and hold the select button and play or pause button simultaneously for about 5 seconds.

Restart/Reboot Amazon Firestick

Step 3: Now your Firestick will begin to start restart directly without any notification or conformation message on TV screen.

Method 3: Restart Firestick by Unplugging it from the Power supply

You can use this method when the above two methods are not working. It is the best method when your device is not responding to remote commands.

You need to unplug your Firestick from the power source and wait for few minutes. Your Firestick device will restart automatically without any notification.

Restart/Reboot Amazon Firestick

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To Conclude

Update your Firestick regularly to make sure that it works properly. Also, delete the apps that you’re not using regularly. It will free up some storage space on your Firestick. At the same time, use best VPN services to keep your device safe from malware.

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