Twitter is one of the leading social media apps used by millions of people across the globe. Twitter is the best platform to get quick updates on trending news. It is a platform to express your thoughts to your followers in short tweets. You can also follow your favorite celebrities or influencer to discover more about them. Like Facebook, you can make new friends, share photos, videos, etc. If you want to view all the Twitter trends on a big screen, then Firestick is the best option.


Is Twitter on Firestick?

Yes, you can download Twitter, officially available on Firestick, and you can get it from the Amazon App Store within a few minutes. With Twitter on Fire TV, you can access live video, Timeline, Periscope, Vines, and Moments. Moreover, it doesn’t require authentication or an account.

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Features of Twitter

A glance at the fascinating features offered by Twitter:

  • You can customize your profile by adding your pictures, descriptions, location, etc.
  • It allows you to access hashtags in your tweets, and you can bookmark your favorite tweets.
  • This app lets you know which of your tweets have been liked or retweeted.
  • Get access to entertainment videos, news, sports, politics, and whatnot.
  • You can make private or group chats with your Twitter friends.
  • Easily get updates from your favorite celebrities and other influential people.
  • Get to know what’s happening from the Trending tab on Twitter.

How to Download Twitter on Amazon Firestick

Quick Start Guide: Launch the Fire TV home >- Click Find > Under that, click Search >- Search for Twitter >- Pick the app from results >- Click Get or Download to get the app.

[1] Launch the Firestick device and select Search on the home screen.

Select Search in Firestick home screen

[2] Type Twitter in the search and click the app from the below suggestions.

[3] select Get to install the Twitter app from Amazon App Store.

[4] Click Open to launch Twitter on Firestick and select login.

[5] Enter the Twitter account details and start using Twitter on Firestick.

Note: You can also try downloading the Twitter app from the Amazon Website to Firestick.

Alternative Way: How to Get Twitter on Firestick

If you don’t find the app on the Amazon store, try the alternative way to sideload the Twitter app on Firestick using Downloader. The Downloader is free to download on Firestick and is effective for installing apps from other sources.

[1] Move to the Fire TV home screen and tap the Search option.

[2] Type Downloader in the search using the on-screen keyboard.

Search for Downloader

[3] Select the Downloader app from the list and click Get to install Downloader on Firestick and

Choose Downloader - Twitter on Firestick

[4] Go to the Firestick home screen to select Settings and choose My Fire TV.

Click My Fire TV

[5] Click Developer Options and tap Install Unknown apps.

Select Developer Options

[6] Select Downloader and turn it on for installing unknown apps.

Turn On Downloader for installing Twitter on Firestick

[7] Open the Downloader app on Firestick and tap Allow in the prompt.

Open Downloader on Firestick - Twitter on Firestick

[8] Type the Twitter apk URL in the browser and click Go.

Enter Twitter app URL

[9] Choose Download to get the file, and select Install to install the Twitter app.

[10] Launch Twitter on Firestick and log in to your account to use the app.

How to Use Twitter on Firestick

[1] On your Fire TV remote, long press the Home button.

Click Apps from the list

[2] Under the new window, select Apps.

[3] Now, highlight Twitter under the Apps & Channels section.

[4] Launch the Twitter app and provide your Twitter account login credentials.

sign in with your account details

[5] Once signed in, start accessing the Twitter app on your Fire TV.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is yet another best social media app to connect with people and share your thoughts. It is the best app for looking at the official news or announcement of any organization, celebrity, or government.


Why is Twitter not working on Firestick?

If the Twitter app keeps freezing on your Firestick, first, check for the WiFi network and update the Twitter app, if available. Also, try restarting your Firestick.

How does Twitter work?

Twitter is a microblogging platform that earns 80% of its revenue through advertising.