Nites TV is a prominent streaming service with a huge catalog of movies, Television shows to watch over the internet. Additionally, it offers more than 100 live TV channels to stream, entirely free of cost. Tons of free content is available out there under several categories including Action, Drama, Comedy, Animation, Thriller, sci-fi, and many more. Even the free content on the Nites TV app is offered in HD without ad interruption. However, the Nites TV is not legally available on any of the App Stores, including the Amazon App Store. Sideloading is the only possible way to get the Nites TV app on Firestick

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Features of Nites TV

  • Nites TV on Firestick, you can find more than 2000 movies and TV shows to watch.
  • It comes with a neat and clean interface that helps in easy navigation.
  • Nites TV app features a quick search function to access your desired content in real-time.
  • You can watch live TV and movies in HD resolution on Firestick up to 1080p.
  • It allows you to organize the streaming contents based on the genre, year of release, and popularity.
  • There is no need for credit or debit card registration, it is an entirely free app without commercial breaks.

Install Nites TV App on Firestick / Fire TV

Typically Nites app is not present in Amazon App Store, so you will need to side-load the app from a third-party source. In order to install apps from an external source, this process is done either by using the Downloader app or the ES File Explorer app.

Legalize your Firestick to Install Nites TV

The first thing you have to do before you start installing Nites TV is to enable the settings of the Unknown source on Firestick. It will bypass your device to install the external app from another source.

#1: To begin with launch the Firestick and to Home screen,

#2: Hover to settings and select it.

 Firestick settings

#3: Next select My Fire TV / Devices option.

My Fire TV

#4: Under My Fire TV, select Developer option.

 Firestick settings

#5: Then select Apps from Unknown Sources option.

 Firestick settings

#6: Followed by select Turn on from the prompt to enable Apps from Unknown Sources option.

 Firestick settings

#7: Follow the same procedure to turn on ABD debugging on Firestick.

Steps to Install Nites TV using Downloader App

Downloader on Firestick is the best side loading utility, you can install apps with a URL.

#1: Install Downloader app from Amazon App Store on Firestick.

#2: Launch the Downloader app and click Allow.

Click Allow

#3: Now the Downloader app home screen is appear on the screen, here enter the Nites TV URL ( in appropriate field.

Nites TV on Firestick

#4: Then click GO button.

Click Go: Nites TV on Firestick

#5: Wait for few minutes until the Apk file got downloaded.

#6: Next select Install option to start the Nites TV installation process.

#7: Once the app got installed, select Open to launch Nites TV on your Firestick.

#8: Now enter your Nites TV Sign in credentials to acess this service.

Steps to Install Nites TV using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a file management tool that also functions as a side loader on Firestick. It is the best Downloader alternative provided with the same operational features. Generally it is free, but when it comes to side-loading you have to pay the required subscription.

#1; Download and install the ES File Explore on Firestick,

#2: Launch the ES File Explorer app and click the Downloader icon on the right pane.

Select Downloader: Nites TV on Firestick

#3: Next select + New icon at the bottom of the screen.

Select New

#4: A dialog box will open on the screen with the Path field and name field. here you will need to enter Nites TV URL ( in the path area and provide the app name as Nites TV.

Nites TV on Firestick

#5: Then Download Now button and wait for the download to complete.

#6: Once the download is complete, select Open File button.

#7: After that select Install form the next screen.

#8: Finally, select Open to start streaming your videos on big screen.

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To Conclude

NItes TV is a newly launched streaming app to watch movies, TV shows, and Live TV for free. It is a standalone streaming app on Firestick to get unlimited streaming in HD resolution. You can go with either of the above-stated methods to install Nites TV on Firestick or Fire TV. The best alternatives for Nites TV are, Netflix, Hulu, Stemio, Popcorn Time, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Pluto TV, and many more.