The Amazon Firestick is an extraordinary cord cutter that has become the default home entertainment for many. This is due to the abundant availability of apps for the firestick on the Amazon app store. With huge luge list of apps, you should pick some of the must-have apps on firestick that are essential for any firestick user. You may be confused to choose from the plenty of apps on which one to try. We have made your task easy and simple. In this article, we have tried and listed such must-have apps for your firestick. The same goes for the Fire TV 4K and the Fire TV Cube.

The list includes apps that are not available on the Amazon store. And thus follow the prerequisites below before proceeding with the installation of the app.

Getting your Firestick ready

Before installing any third-party app, it is necessary to make these changes in your Firestick settings.

#1 On your Firestick, go to Settings.

#2 Go to My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

#3 Click Developer options.

Developer Options

#4 Turn ON ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources. A pop up appears as a warning message. Click Turn ON.

Warning: It is always recommended to use a VPN while streaming third party apps on firestick. The Government and ISPs are constantly tracking the users and in case of you streaming any copyrighted content like movies, sports, TV shows, etc it becomes easy for the government and ISP to track your identity which may lead you face serious troubles. It is better to sign up with a free Firestick VPN service to experience hassle-free streaming.

#1 Netflix

We must definitely begin the list with Netflix. It has over 140 million hours of content on average per day and 117.58 million subscribers. Netflix is a good value for money as it has content for everyone in your family. The app has a smooth interface and gels perfectly on a big screen. It is priced slightly over the Amazon Prime video but definitively worth it.

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#2 Downloader


The Downloader is the best sideloading app for fire TV devices. The app has the simplest interface for any one to download apps and files onto firestick. All you need to have is the URL of the app or file and with just one click the downloader app extracts the files on firestick. It doesn’t stop with this as the Downloader app initiates the installation process of the apps by itself. The app has an inbuilt browser for you to browse for files.

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#3 ES File Explorer

es file explorer on firestick
es file explorer on firestick

The ES File Manager is a must have file managing app on firestick. The app is popularly used on firestick to sideload apps. With the Download Manager within the app, one can easily download apps or files on firestick. The app is similar to Downloader when it comes to sideloading apps. Apart from that it has a lot many added features and tools for various purposes.

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#4 Kodi

install kodi on firestick
install kodi on firestick

Kodi is a popular open-source media streaming app available on multiple platforms. Kodi is being managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation, which is constantly being updated by its developers. The Kodi has something called 10-foot UI, meaning it can be read from a theoretical distance of up to 10 foot away. Many say that Kodi is not legal which is a complete hoax. The legality of the Kodi app lies with the content you choose to watch using Kodi. The Kodi paired with firestick gives a complete solution for home entertainment.

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#5 Mouse Toggle

The Mouse toggle app is used to manage apps that aren’t native to firestick. As you sideload apps to firestick, many of those apps aren’t designed to work with the firestick nor its UI. In such a case, you need an app like Mouse toggle to navigate through the app in which your Firestick remote doesn’t go well. You can also use a computer mouse to overcome this issue, but it would require to reach your TV every time to interact with it. Using mouse toggle, you can easily do this with the same firestick mouse with a double-tap of the remote‚Äôs Play button.

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#6 Express VPN

The third-party apps you use on firestick may provide you with mixed contents that may violate copyright law many times. In such case, it is advised to hide your identity to hide from the prying eyes. Express VPN lets you hide your identity by hiding your IP address and encrypts your privacy online. Also, Express VPN is faster and never lets your internet slow down.

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ESPN is one of the best sports channels available for firestick. ESPN is a cable and satellite network channel that has been the top priority for several sports including football, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, and everything in-between. With ESPN on firestick you can inexpensively watch your favourite sporting events at the comfort of your home.

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#8 Plex

Plex is a media server app that can be used to manage your files from anywhere anytime. It also has Plex media player to play movies, TV shows, music, etc from your NAS to your Fire TV. If you have a digital media library and if you would like to access it on your firestick, then Plex is a must-have app for your firestick. Plex is the easiest way to play contents from your PC or NAS to your Fire TV.

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#9 Haystack TV

The Haystack TV app is for the news lovers out there who want to keep themselves updated with the local, national, and international happenings around the world. The app smartly aggregates news bits from thousands of reliable sources from all over the world. As you watch news on the app frequently, the app provides you with news and videos relevant to your interests and topics you care about.

#10 Firefox

You might be satisfied with the native Silk browser for firestick, but there is a lot more Firefox on firestick can do. The Firefox browser on firestick is very responsive and easy to use. You will rarely face buffering issues on a Firefox browser. Another important use of Firefox comes when you want to watch YouTube. As Amazon firestick lacks an official YouTube app, you need a browser to access YouTube. So Firefox makes YouTube on Firestick possible.

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To Conclude

Install these apps on your firestick and make your Fire TV a complete entertainment hub. Never miss any of your favourite shows, movies, sports, news, etc with these apps on your firestick. Did we miss any of the must have apps for firestick, leave a comment below.