Plex is a media streaming device in which you can stream any video in your library and live TV shows. With Plex on Firestick, you can stream and manage any of your library content like videos, music, photos, and so on. By using Plex, your library files will be automatically organized and you can customize them in your own style. Plex is one of the best apps on Firestick that you can install. If you don’t have any streaming app in your Firestick, Plex is a good option for you to stream your own files.

Plex is one of the most downloaded and most favored streaming apps. It is available for all smartphones and PCs. Apart from these devices, they can be installed on Amazon Firestick and other similar devices. Even though many streaming apps are available for free, Plex comes with three subscription plans. $4.99/month for the monthly subscription, $39.99/month for the yearly subscription, and $149.99 for a lifetime subscription. With all the inbuilt customization options and a well-organized user interface, Plex is having a considerable amount of users despite its fee. Live TV is one of the major reasons to opt for Plex subscriptions. Follow the below instructions to know how to install the Plex on Firestick.

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Features of Plex

The features of Plex are as follows.

  • With Plex on your Firestick, your media library can be well organized and make ways for easy navigation.
  • The Plex streaming app is supported on all the smartphones. If you have Plex on your smart TV, you can also sync with your phone and stream whatever you want irrespective of devices.
  • The best feature of Plex is that it will alter the quality of the video so that your smart TV will stream the video flawlessly.
  • With Plex, you can stream video and audio files, images, live TV shows and much more.
  • You can share your library files to other Plex accounts easily.

How to Install Plex on Firestick

The downloading process of Plex on Firestick is an easy process as the Plex app is officially available on Amazon App Store. Follow the below steps to install the app on Firestick.

#1 Click the Search icon on the Home screen of your Amazon Firestick.

#2 Choose the Plex app in the search result list.

#3 Tap the Get button to start the download process.

#4 Wait for the download to complete. When the download is complete, tap the Open button to open the app.

Now the Plex app will be available on your Firestick Apps list.

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How to Activate Plex on Firestick

With a single premium account, you can get to stream your video files on both smartphones and smart TV. For the activation and account linking process, you need to have any one of the subscription plans mentioned above. Follow the below steps to activate your Plex account.

#1 While launching the Plex app, click Sign In.

Plex on Firestick

#2 You will get a 4 digit activation code. Make a note of that code.

Plex on Firestick

#3 Now on your PC or smartphone, go to the Plex activation link

#4 Login with your Plex Premium account.

Plex on Firestick

#5 Enter the 4 digit code and click Link.

Plex on Firestick

#6 Now your Plex premium account is linked to your Firestick smart TV. You will get access to stream your video library and live TV shows without any problems.

Plex on Firestick

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Plex is a must-have streaming app in Firestick as you can stream any of your library content. With 100+ Live TV channels in 70+ countries, you don’t need any other streaming services for you. Plex is a two in one app. Plex will cover all the live events and organize your library files for you. Install Plex on your Amazon Firestick and get to stream all the contents. If you have any doubts, tell us in the comments section.