One of the reasons why Firestick became so popular is that is the ability to sideload apps. As the firestick runs on a fork of Android, it becomes easy for anyone to sideload apps to firestick. The process is the same as that of the one that you do to install apps on your Android phone/tablet when you don’t find it in the Play Store. The fact is not all apps are developed to work with the bigger screens like televisions. Also, the apps on the Play Store are meant to work with touch screen devices. So due to these factors, many of the apps you sideload to firestick won’t work smoothly when you use the default Firestick remote. Thus you need a third-party remote app like the mouse toggle to use the firestick remote as a mouse pointer. So let us see how to install a mouse toggle for firestick to overcome issues you face with certain apps on your Firestick, Fire TV 4K, Fire TV Cube.

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Getting your Firestick ready

Mouse toggle is a third-party app, so make these changes on your Firestick settings to proceed.

#1 On your Firestick, go to Settings.

#2 Go to My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

#3 Click Developer options.

Developer options

#4 Turn ON ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources. A pop up appears as a warning message. Click Turn ON.

Apps from Unknown Sources.

Warning: It is always recommended to use a VPN while streaming third party apps on firestick. The Government and ISPs are constantly tracking the users and in case of you streaming any copyrighted content like movies, sports, TV shows, etc it becomes easy for the government and ISP to track your identity which may lead you face serious troubles. It is better to sign up with a free Firestick VPN service to experience hassle-free streaming.

Steps to Install Mouse Toggle on Firestick

After you make the above-mentioned changes on your firestick, follow the steps below to install mouse toggle on firestick. Here we have used Downloader app to sideload mouse toggle, if you don’t have the app on your firestick, see our guide on how to install Downloader on firestick.

#1 Open the Downloader app on firestick.


#2 Enter the URL to download Mouse Toggle 1.11 for Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 1, Fire TV Stick 2 and Fire TV Cube.

Else enter the URL to download Mouse Toggle 1.06 for Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Edition.

Click Go.

#3 Wait for the app to download. It will usually take not more than 2 minutes.

Mouse Toggle for firestick

#4 Click Install on the bottom right.

Mouse Toggle for firestick

#5 The installation of the firestick is made by the downloader app. You will see an app installed notification on the bottom.

Click Done to close the window. Else click Open to start using the app.

Mouse Toggle for firestick

How to Use Mouse Toggle on FireStick

Open the mouse toggle app on firestick from the Your Apps & Channels section. The app will be listed on the last and you can click and drag it to the top if you want.

Mouse Toggle for firestick

Enable the toggle on the first option which is Enable the mouse service.

Turn on the second option if you want to start the app during the device start-up. Not to worry as the app is light weighted and won’t affect the performance of the app.

When the mouse toggle is started, you will see the Status: Started on the bottom left.

If the status is showing as Starting, then you should turn OFF the ADB Debugging and turn ON. Click the ADB settings button the app to do this.

Now go to any app that you sideloaded. To turn on the mouse toggle, double press the Play/Pause button on your firestick remote.

You can now see the mouse pointer responding to your firestick remote. Use the navigation button of your firestick remote to move within the app. Use the OK button to click.

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To Sum up

If you are a person who has a lot of sideloaded apps on your firestick, then mouse toggle is a must-have app. It is greatly helpful with apps like ShowBox, Moviebox, etc. You can easily select and play movies, videos using the mouse toggle app. Comment below if you have successfully installed the mouse toggle app.