Firestick is a powerful tool to stream content and has become an inseparable part of Home entertainment. To make the device even more powerful you need more apps and tools to be added. The Amazon store manages to provide all the important applications but still, you can find some prominent apps missing on the list. In such cases you need to sideload it on your firestick. Let us see in this guide below how to install apps on firestick using some of the easier methods.

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How to Install Apps from Amazon App Store

The Amazon app store houses thousands of apps for its users to download and use. It is so simple to download an app from the Amazon app store.

#1 On the home screen on your firestick, click the Search icon.

Downloader app

#2 Type the name of the app you need to install.

#3 The app store will throw a set of app as results.

#4 From this, click on the app you want to install.

#5 The app opens in a separate window with its details and screenshots.

#6 Click Get.

Downloader app

With this, the app will download and install automatically on your firestick.

How to Sideload Apps using Downloader App

The Downloader app is active in more than a million devices due to its ability to sideload app effortlessly. With the Downloader app, you just need the URL of the file and the Downloader app takes care of the rest. It downloads the app on the firestick and initiates the installation process. Refer the steps below to sideload apps using the Downloader app.

See how to install Downloader on Firestick.

#1 Open the Downloader app on firestick.

Downloader app

#2 In the Home tab (selected by default) paste the file URL in the empty field and click Go.

#3 The Downloader app displays the file downloading in a progression bar.

#4 After downloading, it automatically initiates the installation process on the firestick.

#5 Click Next.

#6 Then click Install to get the app on firestick.

#7 After you see the app installed notification on the bottom right, click Open to use the app.

How to Sideload Apps using ES File Explorer App

The ES File Explorer is another powerful file manager app on firestick to manages files and apps. Apart from this there are plenty of useful tools available within the ES File Explorer app. One such tool is the Download Manager app used to sideload apps. From the steps below let us see how to sideload apps.

See how to install ES File Explorer on Firestick.

#1 Open the ES File Explorer app on firestick.

ES File Explorer App

#2 From the sidebar click Tools.

#3 Click the Download Manager (a blue icon with a down arrow) from the list of tools available.

ES File Explorer App

#4 Paste the file URL and name in the dialog box. Click Download Now.

ES File Explorer App

#5 The ES File Explorer will download the app on firestick.

#6 Click Open File.

#7 The app will now open on the firestick. Click Install.

#8 After you see the success notification message from the bottom, click Open.

Warning: It is always recommended to use a VPN while streaming third party apps on firestick. The Government and ISPs are constantly tracking the users and in case of you streaming any copyrighted content like movies, sports, TV shows, etc it becomes easy for the government and ISP to track your identity which may lead you face serious troubles. It is better to sign up with a free Firestick VPN service to experience hassle-free streaming.

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To Conclude

Thus you can sideload apps on firestick using multiple ways and the best of those are mentioned above. You can try any of these methods to install apps that are not available on the Amazon App store. Comment below if you know any other better way to sideload apps on firestick.