If you are interested in Baseball sport, then you might know about what is MLB. MLB or Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organization and it is the major professional sports league in the world. In this league, a total of 30 teams will take part, 15 teams in the National League and 15 in the American League. The game takes place in the United States and Canada. MLB.TV is the official platform to watch MLB games. If you want to watch MLB TV on your Firestick, you can watch it with MLB.TV app. MLB.TV is officially available on Amazon App Store. MLB.TV allows you to stream all the team’s games at the price of $105.99 per annum and single team play at $88.99. So, check out this article to know the procedure to watch MLB TV on Firestick.

Features of MLB.TV

  • The app lets you stream the games in HD quality.
  • If you face any problem while watching the games, you can contact the help centre immediately from the app.
  • You can easily check the division standings and schedule of each team.
  • The app comes with an intuitive interface, so the navigation is very easy.
  • It includes features like DVR Controls, clickable line score navigation, In game box score and more.
  • You can follow or unfollow your favorite teams.

How to Watch MLB TV Games with MLB.TV App on Firestick

1. First, connect your Firestick device to your TV’s HDMI port and connect it to a strong internet connection.

2. On the Firestick home screen, click on the Find menu and select Search tile.

click on search menu to watch MLB on Firestick

3. Further, search for MLB.TV app and choose the same app from the search results.

4. Next, click on Get or Download to install MLB TV app on Firestick.

5. Once the app gets installed, click on Open to launch the app.

6. Then, click on Settings and select the Login option.

click on login to watch MLB on Firestick

7. Proceed to enter the Email ID and Password that you have registered with MLB.TV.

enter the username and password to watch MLB on Firestick

8. Once the app is activated successfully, you will receive an Account activation message on the TV screen.

click on on the pop up that appears

9. Click OK in that and start streaming the MLB TV games on Firestick.

watch MLB on Firestick

How to Stream MLB.TV on Firestick Using Kodi

1. Install and Launch Kodi on Firestick.

2. Click on Add-ons from the Kodi home screen.

click add-ons to watch MLB on Firestick

3. Further, tap the Open Box icon from the left corner of the screen.

click open box to watch MLB on Firestick

4. Go ahead to select Install from Repository.

click on install from repository

5. Select Kodi Addon Repository from the next screen.

click kodi add-on from repository

6. Now, select Video Addons.

select video add-ons from the screen

7. In that, scroll down and click on the MLB.TV option.

click on mlb.tv to watch MLB on Firestick

8. Proceed to click on the Install button from the bottom of the screen.

click install to watch MLB on Firestick

9. Then, open MLB.TV addon from the Kodi Addons list and select Login.

10. Enter your MLB Username and Password.

enter your username and password

11. Next, select the Visual tab to set the resolution and other video settings.

click on visual tab on the screen

12. Further, launch MLB.TV app and select to stream from Today’s games, Yesterday’s games, and Goto date.

watch MLB on Firestick

Alternative Ways

There are some alternative ways to watch MLB.TV live. You can stream MLB live on streaming providers that are listed below.

Final Thoughts

If you want to stream all the live games from MLB, you can subscribe to MLB.TV costs $24.99 per month and $129.99 per annum. If you want radio streaming, you can get it at $2.99 per month and $9.99 per annum. Therefore, MLB.TV is an excellent option to stream MLB games, Because, on this app, you pay only for what you are going to stream. Having any questions related to this article? comment below.