Kodi is a well-known media player app that supports many add-ons for different needs. Whether you want to stream movies, TV shows or to know the latest happenings around the world, there are add-ons for everything. However, not all Kodi addons seem to be fully functional and working. Now and then, Kodi addons will be added, and those newly updated addons will replace the older ones. So it is mandatory for any Kodi users to choose the up-to-date add-ons of different categories. There are several official and third-party Kodi addons available on the web. However, you need not spend much time looking for the best Kodi addons as the article has simplified the task.

Best Kodi Addons

Here is the list of Kodi addons based on different categories:

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  1. Best Kodi Addons for Movies
  2. Best Kodi Addons for Live TV
  3. Best Kodi Addons for Sports
  4. Best Kodi Addons for News
  5. Best Kodi Addons for Kids
  6. Best Kodi Addons for Music
  7. Best Official Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons for Movies

Those movie-watching enthusiasts can choose the movie addons of Kodi and stream their favorite films. Look at the section below to know the best working Kodi movie add-ons.

Exodus Redux - Kodi add-on to watch movies with no buffering and full HD playback.
☆ GAIA - On-demand movies and TV shows streaming add-on, which brings dozen of streams to you.
★ Numbers Kodi - Best addon to stream movies and TV shows of various genres and languages
☆ Seren - Watch high-quality movies and shows from high-quality streams using premium links
★ The Magic Dragon - Never-ending entertainment with a wide range of content like movies, live TV, and even radio. 
☆ I am Ego - Watch movies and documentaries in high resolution with the latest releases.
★ DejaVu Add-on - A user-friend add-on to stream movies, documentaries, and sports.
☆ R2D2 - Watch new movies in HD from the constantly updating library.
★ Yify Movies HD - An add-on with the biggest collection of movies.
☆ Redemption - A movie add-on with 3D movies and 4k movies. 

1. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is one of the on-demand Kodi add-ons when it comes to watching movies. It is an active addon that shares the same layout as that of the Exodus. However, Exodus Redux seems to work fast and has a working set of Open Scrapers. It also ensures zero buffering and supports full HD playback.



With the GAIA Kodi addon, you can easily stream on-demand movies and shows. It has classified all its contents under different categories on its home screen. Just request a video playback, and the GAIA addon will bring you dozens of streams from a wide variety of servers. The latest version of GAIA has come up with lots of improvements, and you can use it along with the Real Debrid account.

3. Numbers Kodi


Numbers Kodi is a Kodi addon that specifically deals with movies. You can choose movies listed under different genres like action, anime, adventure, etc. In addition to this, you can stream using this addon to stream TV shows or choose channels like ABC, AMC, Netflix, and more.

4. Seren


Seren is a unique Kodi addon to stream movies by configuring it from premium hosts. So you need to have a Real Debrid account or a Premiumize account to configure the movies. In addition to this, it is known for its better playback as it uses premium links. With the Seren addon, you can stream HD movies.

5. The Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon is a Kodi addon to watch the best movies. Moreover, it supports a whole range of content, including TV shows and radio channels. It offers a working link to various movies and shows. With the Magic Dragon addon, any Kodi user will experience never-ending entertainment.

6. I am Ego

I am ego

I am Ego is the best Kodi addon to watch movies in high resolution. So you can stream them in 1080p, 720p, and in SD links. In addition to movies, it features documentaries as well. With constant updates, it will bring you all the newly released movies. With the latest scraping technology, the I am Ego addon will give you the highest-quality streams.

7. DejaVu Addon


DejaVu Addon is a great option to stream your favorite movies on any Kodi-compatible device. It also supports streaming documentaries, sports, and series. The interface of DejaVu Addon is user-friendly, and therefore you can navigate or explore the videos without any difficulty. It uses both scrapings as well as torrenting technologies to bring you top-rated video streams.

8. R2D2


R2D2 is a Kodi addon to stream movies at any time. It has the same similar interface as that of the Covenant or Exodus. However, it lets you stream movies in HD quality on any device with the Kodi app. With the constantly updated database, you will be able to stream the latest movies from within the addon.

9. Yify Movies HD

Yify Movies HD

Yify Movies HD is a popular Kodi addon to stream movies. It is a torrent-based addon that has the biggest collection of free movies. Meanwhile, you can download the movies by using a P2P client from different torrent sites. It uses premium hosting services like Real Debrid and Premiumize.

10. Redemption


Redemption is a Kodi addon listed under the movies category. With the recent update, this addon has got a better interface, and the movies are listed under various categories. So, you can sort movies based on alphabetical order, release date, 3D movies, and 4K movies.

Best Kodi AddOns for Live TV

There are lots of Kodi addons that support streaming live TV shows and series. Such addons are particularly helpful to those who have missed streaming them live when they are aired. The best Live TV addons are as follows.

The Ork - Addon to stream live TV, sports, movies, shows, and kid's content. 
☆ The Players Klub - Stream more than 3000 HD channels from around the world.
★ Kodi Solutions IPTV - Most cost-efficient and the best addon to stream live TV.
☆ Deceit - Watch live TV, movies, and TV shows that are newly released through this add-on
★ All Eyez on Me - Free addon to stream live TV, movies, and shows from the biggest library
☆ The Crew - An all-in-one Kodi add-on to stream live TV, movies, sports, and more.

1. The Ork

The Ork

The Ork is a Kodi addon to stream live TV shows and sports. It is a multi-scraper addon that features a wide range of categories. So you can easily stream all your favorite content. With the constantly updated database, The Ork addon will let you catch up on the latest movies and shows. In addition to the adult content, this addon supports kids’ content.

2. The Players Klub

The Player Klub

The Players Klub is the best Kodi addon to stream live TV content. It offers hundreds of American as well as other region-specific channels. So anyone can stream any live TV show and series at a minimum cost. It even supports more than 3000 HD channels and is a better replacement for cable or satellite TV connections.

3. Kodi Solutions IPTV

Kodi Solutions IPTV

Kodi Solutions IPTV is a cost-efficient addon to stream live TV content. It is one of the best addons to watch live TV on any of the devices with Kodi support. You can choose from more than 4000 live TV channels and watch anything from movies, and TV shows, to music, sports, and anything more. Kodi Solutions IPTV addon features several USA channels along with international channels from different parts of the world.

4. Deceit


With the Deceit addon, you can stream movies, live TV shows, and on-demand content. You can choose to stream from hundreds of shows, including new releases. It has many IPTV-supported channels, and you can watch live TV from different sources like Mobdro, Live NetTV, TV-TAP, etc.

5. All Eyez on Me

All Eyez on Me

All Eyez on Me is a live TV Kodi addon that can also be used to stream on-demand content. It has the biggest collection of movies, shows, and channel support. So you can stream them live at any time for free. In addition to this, the All Eyez on Me addon can be used to stream documentaries, kid’s videos, comedy videos, etc.

6. The Crew

The Crew

The Crew is an all-in-one Kodi addon in which you can watch a wide variety of content. You can stream movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, and Kid’s content with this addon. It is a part of in house repository named the Crew. The addon is easy to install and use. It also supports the integration of Real Debrid and Trak.

Best Kodi AddOns for Sports

While all of the live TV addons support live-streaming sports, there are a few more addons that support only the sports content. The best Kodi sports addons are as follows.

Sports Classic - Sports-based add-on to stream live events, replays, and highlights of various sports events.
☆ Fox Sports Go - An add-on to stream live sports events and other professional leagues of sports.
★ SportsDevil - Stream high-quality sports content that streams live events from the most popular sports.
☆ Sportwa TV - Feature-rich sports streaming Kodi add-on to stream live events and on-demand content.
★ Mad Titan Sports - A sports-centric Kodi add-on to live stream events and PPV of sports.

1. Sports Classic

Sports Classic

Sports Classic is a new sports-based Kodi addon to stream live sports matches. In addition, to live sports streaming, you can use this addon to watch full replays, highlights, and more. It works best for those who have missed live sporting events. Sports Classic is a must-have Kodi addon if you love streaming live sports from any part of the world.

2. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is a sports addon that will satisfy all your sports streaming needs. It can be used to stream live sports events and other professional leagues. The library of the Fox Sports Go addon will be updated daily, and you will, therefore, find live as well as on-demand content. Make sure to subscribe to the Fox Sports channel to access Fox Sports Go.

3. SportsDevil


SportsDevil is one of the must-have sports addons to stream live sports at any time. It has high-quality sports content and lets you choose sports channels to watch Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Soccer, and more. SportsDevil is one of the oldest Kodi addons that can be downloaded from the Kodil repo.

4. Sportwa TV

Sportwa TV

Sportwa TV is a feature-rich sports content-based Kodi addon in recent times. It will bring you to live sports as well as on-demand content. The Sportwa TV will work more or less similarly to the SportsDevil addon while it covers many sports content. So, you can stream any cricket, basketball, football, tennis, or baseball matches at zero cost.

5. Mad Titan Sports

Mad Titan Sports

Mad Titan Sports is a sports-centric Kodi addon. You can watch the live streams of various sports like basketball, baseball, wrestling, hockey, and more. With the Mad Titan Sports addon, you can also PPV and highlight the matches and games you missed.

Best Kodi AddOns for News

Kodi has lots of news addons, and you can, therefore, stay tuned to the latest happening from in and around the world. The best news addons are as follows.

Russia Today - Get the latest news, documentaries, debates, and talk shows from around the world.
☆ Fox News - Know the up-to-date information about what is happening around the world.
★ CBC.ca News - The biggest library to stream local, breaking, tech, science, and other news.
☆ NewsOn - American-based new channel service that broadcasts local and on-demand news.

1. Russia Today

Russia Today

Russia Today is a new addon, and any Kodi users will get the latest news from around the world. In addition, it covers all the documentaries, debates, and talk shows. Just choose a country while watching Russia Today live to find news from that region.

2. Fox News

Fox News

Fox News is the best Kodi addon to get up-to-date information about what is happening around. It will keep updating the news every few hours once. Also, Fox News covers news under different categories. It is a subscription-free new addon found in the official repository of Kodi.

3. CBC.ca News

CBC.ca News

CBC.ca News is yet another official Kodi addon to get the latest news from all over the globe. It features the biggest library, and you can stream news under different categories like local news, breaking news, technology and science news, health, business, and more.

4. NewsOn


NewsOn is an online news service that streams local American on-demand and live news. This service offer news from more than 250 new channels from more than 160 markets. It is an official service that offers access to the news in America free of cost.

Best Kodi AddOns for Kids

Kodi will not disappoint the kids as it has a great number of addons that supports kids’ content. The best of all are listed below, and you can stream cartoons, anime, and other kids’ content on any Kodi-compatible device.

Kids Tube - Extremely fast service with no buffering to stream cartoons and other kid's content.
☆ Toonmania2 - Access the biggest collection of cartoons, animes, and animated movies through this add-on.
★ FunimationNow - The most affordable Kodi addon with a big collection of cartoons and anime.
☆ CartoonsOn - This add-ons are not only for children but also for adults as it contains the oldest and newest cartoons.
★ HootloopV2 - The most preferred kid's content add-on with an extensive collection of cartoons, animes, and TV shows.

1. Kids Tube

Best Kodi Addons

Kids Tube is one of the best Kodi addons that support kids’ content. It offers hundreds of videos that kids and toddlers will love watching. Kids Tube has numerous categories, and with one click, you can switch between any videos. It works extremely fast. Any videos will play without buffering issues.

2. Toonmania2

Best Kodi Addons

Toonmania2 is an addon for Kids that can stream lots of anime and cartoon content. It has the biggest collection of kids’ content, with dozens of working links. Toonmania2 has a lot of categories, like cartoons, anime, and animated movies. Use the built-in search bar to find anything on Toonmania2 and start streaming it instantly.

3. FunimationNow

Best Kodi Addons

FunimationNow is a Kodi addon to stream kids’ content at a minimal price. It will let you stream classic anime shows without ads on Kodi-compatible devices. In addition, you can use the FunimationNow addon to watch the latest series and anime shows. It has included the biggest collection of English dubbed episodes and simulcast anime shows.

4. CartoonsOn

Best Kodi Addons

Cartoons is a Kodi addon that works the best not only for children but for adults, as well. It includes both the oldest and newest collection of cartoons. You can use the CartoonsOn addon to stream anime movies with the help of the Nerds and Noobs repository.

5. HootLoopV2

Best Kodi Addons

HootLoopV2 is the most preferred addon to stream kids’ content. It has an extensive collection of Kids’ content like movies, anime, live TV shows, etc. The performance of the HootLoopV2 addon is fast, and thus anyone will get endless hours of streaming experience.

Best Kodi AddOns for Music

If you are one among those who love listening to music or songs, the Kodi will help you out. Choose the best music addon to listen to your favorite tracks.

Youtube - Install this Kodi add-on to enjoy music and many other video content on Youtube.
☆ TuneIn Radio - One of the most popular Kodi add-on to listen to music and radio channels.
★ Beatz - The best Kodi add-on to stream music and music videos from its vast library.

1. YouTube

Best Kodi Addons

YouTube is available as a Kodi addon and can stream music. In addition to streaming videos, anyone can use YouTube as an addon to listen to video songs. So under one roof, anyone can listen to music and stream movies, TV shows, and other content for free. YouTube offers music content in high-quality, or you can choose your preferred quality.

2. TuneIn Radio

Best Kodi Addons

TuneIn Radio is the most popular Kodi addon to listen to your favorite music content. In addition to music, any of its users can listen to radio channels from all around the world. You can register for a free account to sync it to the Kodi media player. With the TuneIn Radio addon, you can listen to live sports, news, podcasts, and more.

3. BeatZ

Best Kodi Addons

BeatZ is a Kodi addon to listen to music and watch music videos. It has an extremely large music library and brings data from different sources on the websites. BeatZ is an all-in-one music addon, and you can search for the song, listen to UK or US Top charts, world radio, etc. It has a dynamic chart, while the database of BeatZ will be updated regularly.

Best Kodi Official AddOns

There are lots of official Kodi addons available, and the section below seals with the best of them.

Crackle - An official Kodi add-on to stream movies, TV shows, and Crackle originals for free.
☆ Pluto.tv - Stream on-demand content and live TV on Kodi by installing this official add-on.
★ BBC iPlayer - An internet streaming and catch-up service add-on to watch entertainment content.

1. Crackle

Best Kodi Addons

Crackle is one of the official Kodi addons to stream entertainment content. You can stream TV, series, and movies free of cost. In addition to this, you can also stream premium TV shows, movies, Crackle originals, and more. Use filter options like comedy, drama, thriller, action, and more to search and stream your favorite content effortlessly.

2. Pluto.tv

Best Kodi Addons

Pluto.tv is one of the official Kodi addons that can stream on-demand content and live TV. It is a free TV streaming addon that supports over 100 live channels. Pluto.tv supports streaming on-demand movies as well. You can choose any category, like movies, TV shows, sports, lifestyle, news, and other content.

3. BBC iPlayer

Best Kodi Addons

BBC iPlayer is another official Kodi addon that is known for streaming popular TV shows. Anyone can stream live BBC TV channels, series, on-demand content, etc. It is not only used as an internet streaming app, but it supports catch-up and radio service. Apart from streaming, you can use the BBC iPlayer addon to download the same contents to watch it offline.

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The Kodi addons listed in this article are not only the best, but they are found to be the working addons. There are Kodi addons for every other need, and Kodi users can choose anything for the unlimited streaming experience.