Google Drive is a cloud storage application that helps users keep a backup of all their important files anywhere and anytime. The best part of Google Drive is that you can access the files even offline. Also, you will get free storage of about 15 GB for the users, which includes the storage space for Gmail, Google Photos, and much more. If you need more storage, you can upgrade to Google One, and a subscription begins at $1.99/month. Furthermore, with the help of Google Drive on Firestick, you can save and retrieve your files, documents, APKs, stream movies, etc. Moreover, in this article, you will get in-depth knowledge on accessing the Google Drive on Firestick.

NOTE: To upgrade your Google Drive account, you can visit the webpage Even you can use the Silk Browser on Firestick to upgrade your Google Drive account.

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How to Install Google Drive on Firestick

Google Drive is unavailable in the Amazon App Store. However, there are two methods available that you can use to access the Google Drive on Firestick.

-> Using ES File Explorer

-> Using Kodi

Accessing Google Drive on Firestick using ES File Explorer

The ES File Explorer allows you to add and access Google Drive. So, install the ES File Explorer on Firestick from the Amazon App Store and follow the steps below:

#1 Prior to beginning the process, make sure that you have an active Google account.

#2 Open the ES File Explorer app on your Firestick TV.

Launch the ES File Explorer app

#3 Select the Network option from the left pane and choose Cloud Drive. Alternatively, you can just click on the Cloud Drive icon from the ES File Explorer home screen.

Select the Cloud Drive icon

#4 Now, select the Log in to Google Drive button.

Log in to your Google Drive account

#6 Now, sign in by entering your email id or mobile number and password.

#7 You need to click on ‘Allow‘ so that ES File Explorer can access your Google Drive account.

#8 Finally done! You can access Google Drive by getting into ES File Explorer -> Cloud Drive -> ‘Google Drive.’

That’s it, guys! Now, you can access the Google Drive files from your Firestick device-connected TV.

Install Google Drive on Firestick using Kodi

Installing Kodi on Firestick is an alternative method you can try to access Google Drive. Also, the following section will guide you through the same process.

#1 Open Kodi on your Firestick TV. On the home screen of Kodi, click on ‘Add-ons,’ which is on the left side of the menu.

Select the Add-ons option

#2 On the Add-ons page, click on the ‘Search‘ tile.

Select the Search tile

#3 Now, type ‘Google Drive‘ in the text box and click on ‘OK.’

Search for Google Drive

#4 Next, select ‘Google Drive‘ from the search results.

#5 Click on ‘Media sources – Google Drive.’

Select Media Sources

#6 Next, click on ‘Install,’ which is at the bottom right corner.

Install Google Drive addon

#7 After that, you will get a dialog box asking for the installation of additional add-ons. Click on ‘OK.’

Select the OK button

#8 Wait for a while to finish the installation process of Google Drive in Kodi. After that, the Google Drive addon will be installed on your Kodi.

How to Use Google Drive on Firestick with Kodi

#1 Go back to Kodi’s home screen and click on ‘Add-ons.’ Under the Add-ons, you can find the Google Drive add-on. Open the Google Drive by clicking on it.

Select the Google Drive addon

#2 After that, select the ‘Add an account‘ option.

Add your Google Account

#3 Right now, you can see a pop-up window having an URL and QR code. You can select any method according to your convenience and also, and you can carry it out either by using a smartphone or computer.

Activate Google Drive

#4 Before continuing the process, remember that you are letting allow third-party tools access your Google Drive account. Therefore, we suggest you use a throwaway Google account.

#5 For the authentication process, enter the code displayed on Kodi on your smartphone or computer and select the Next button.

Enter the activation code

#6 Now, you need to select a Google account.

choosing an account for accessing google drive

#7 After selecting the account, finally, you need to give permission by clicking on ‘Allow‘ so that Kodi can start accessing your Google Drive.

Select the Allow button

#8Once you allow Kodi to start accessing your Google Drive, you will get a notification message as ‘Authentication Successfull’ on your smartphone or computer. Kodi will automatically log in to your Google Drive account on Fire Stick TV.

#9 Now, click your ‘Name’ in Kodi.

Select your Google Drive account

#10 That’s it! All the Google Drive files are now accessible on Fire Stick TV by means of Kodi. You can now enjoy playing your media files right away on Kodi with Firestick.

Access Google Drive on Firestick with Kodi

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get Google Drive on Firestick?

You can install Google Drive on Firestick TV via ES File Explorer or Kodi.

2. How to use Google Drive on Firestick?

After setting up the Google Drive on Firestick via Kodi or ES File Explorer, you can launch it to access the Google Drive.