Although Amazon Firestick has many benefits, it slightly disappointed iPhone or iPad users with a lack of support for Apple AirPlay. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry because you can use AirPlay with the help of third-party apps. We have tested various AirPlay apps and handpicked the best ones for Firestick. You have to install any one of these apps on your Firestick as well as your iPhone/iPad to make it work. As AirPlay works using an internet connection, make sure that your smartphone and streaming device are connected to the same WIFI network.

An Overview of the Best AirPlay Apps for Firestick

These are the key points of AirPlay apps that you should know before installing apps on Firestick.

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AirPlay AppsRatingPricingAmazon App StoreDownload Link
Replica★★★★★Free (or) $2.50Download Now
AirBeamTV★★★★★Free (or) $14.99Download Now
TV Cast for Fire TV★★★★★$2.99Download Now
Screen Mirroring+★★★★★Free (or) $3.99Download Now
iWebTV for Fire TV★★★★★$3.99Download Now
AirMirror★★★★✰Free (or) $2.49Download Now
Smart View★★★★✰Free (or) $9.99Download Now
AirBuddy★★★★✰Free (or) $12.99Download Now
AirScreen★★★★✰7-day free trial (or) $1.49Currently unavailable
AirPlayMirror Receiver★★★★✰15 mins free trial (or) $4.99Currently unavailable
ApowerMirror★★★★✰Free (or) $29.95Download Now
Miracast Screen Mirroring+★★★✰✰$3.99Download Now
Fast Cast★★★✰✰FreeDownload Now
SendToScreen for Fire TV★★★✰✰$1.99Download Now

Best AirPlay Apps For Firestick / Fire TV

The following are the best third-party apps that you can use for AirPlay on Firestick.

Replica: Screen Mirroring


The Replica app is a leading screen mirroring app that allows your iPhone/iPad to mirror to streaming devices like Chromecast, Fire TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Android TV, Sony, Google TV, etc. You can share any media file as well as PowerPoint presentations to your Fire TV using your iOS device. It has a user-friendly interface for easy access. You can even cast web videos to a TV effortlessly in HD streaming quality.


AirPlay Apps on Amazon Firestick

AirBeamTV Mirroring is one of the leading screen mirroring apps to get an iOS screen on Amazon Fire TV or Firestick. It allows you to mirror your iPhone, iPad, or Mac screen to stream movies, favorite shows, and apps on your big screen. It doesn’t need any additional hardware to mirror the Apple screen to Amazon Firestick or Fire TV. In addition, this airplay app on Firestick will automatically read your external storage.

TV Cast for Fire TV

Best Airplay apps for Firestick (1)

TV Cast for Fire TV lets your cast iPhone/ iPad to Firestick. You can stream all the videos, photos, and Music on your TV screen. Moreover, you can also cast personal media files onto your streaming device. By mirroring your iPhone through TV Cast for Fire TV, you can browse and stream any videos, movies, and series on a bigger screen. You can cast unlimited videos from your device or from cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox.

Screen Mirroring+

TV Mirror - Best AirPlay apps for Firestick

TV Mirror is the easiest tool to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to Amazon Firestick. You can watch your photos, videos, games, websites, apps, presentations, documents, and spreadsheets on a Firestick-connected big screen from Apple devices. In addition, you can use this app to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to various streaming devices like Google Chromecast, Roku, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Mac, and Windows PC.

iWebTV for Fire TV

iWebTV for Fire TV

iWebTV for Fire TV is yet another best AirPlay apps for Firestick that allows you to cast all the video, photos, music, and files to TV. Using this app, you can mirror your iOS device not only to Fire TV but also to Roku and Chromecast devices. It provides subtitle support; thus you can stream any video with a subtitle in HD streaming quality. Moreover, it provides advanced browser support and privacy modes to stream anonymously.



AirMirror is a unique AirPlay app available on Firestick, and you can directly mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your Fire TV or Firestick-connected big screen. It allows you to mirror your videos, photos, documents, and app content to your Amazon Firestick through your home network. It supports both portrait and landscape orientations for screen mirroring. Protected contents on your iPhone cannot be mirrored on the big screen. It doesn’t require you to connect any additional hardware set up for screen mirroring.

Smart View – Cast Device to TV

Smart View - Cast Device to TV

Smart View is available for iPhones and iPad to cast any media file to a smart TV or streaming device. It offers special features like an easy interface, the effortless casting of photos, videos, music, documents, presentation, etc., and queue plays support. Along with that, you can also cast any media apps like YouTube and Facebook. The Smart View app also has a premium plan with additional features where the monthly subscription is $12.99 and $9.99 weekly.



AirBuddy is a widely used screen mirroring app available on the Amazon App Store. By using this app, you can send or mirror your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch screen to your big screen connected with Amazon Firestick. You can play videos, music, photos, and other app content like YouTube videos on your TV screen in HD resolution. AirBuddy on Amazon Firestick doesn’t support videos recorded on the iPhone or iPad. The free version of AirBuddy limits continuous playback to up to 15 minutes. If you want to use this app to mirror your Apple device screen to Amazon Firestick continuously, you need to buy the premium or pro version of AIrBuddy.

Update: AirBuddy app is lately has been removed from the App Store. It is currently available for Mac and Android devices.



AirScreen is also a type of application you can use to mirror your iOS Smartphone’s screen to your Firestick. And the AirScreen app is available on both your Firestick device and Android or iOS Smartphones. Moreover, the AirScreen app has a screen recording feature that you can use to record the screen that you are casting. So, you can never miss your favorites, and this feature works well when it comes to offline watching. In addition, with the hardware acceleration feature, you can cast your favorite media content in HD quality.

Update: This app is available only in the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

AirPlayMirror Receiver

AirPlay Apps on Amazon Firestick

AirPlay Mirror is a receiver app compatible with Amazon Firestick or Fire TV for mirroring or casting from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Mirror the screen of Apple devices to cast all the videos, music, photos, and documents on the Fire TV or Firestick-connected screen. You can cast or mirror four Apple devices at the same time. AirPlayMirror Receiver will restrict the unauthorized user from sharing his Apple device using the passcode feature. In addition, you may see slideshow photos, images, videos, and playback of YouTube free content.

Update: Currently, the AirPlay Mirror app is not available for iOS devices. So you can check on other apps in the list to AirPlay.


ApowerMirror is one of the Best AirPlay Apps for Firestick

With this AirPlay app, you will have three options to mirror the media content to your Fire TV. The three categories you will find in the ApowerMirror app are Video Mirroring, Phone screen mirroring, and PC Screen Mirroring. And the ApowerMirror app is available on devices like Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Fire TVs, and PC. In the meantime, this platform also supports the mirroring of HD-quality videos. So, get the free AirPlay app and start to mirror your iOS Smartphone screen to your Fire TV.

Miracast Screen Mirroring+

Miracast Screen Mirroring+

Miracast Screen Mirroring+ is one of the best apps for AirPlay files from iPhone or iPad to TV. You can cast online classes, presentations, games, videos, music, and more to a big screen. With its subscription plan, you will get unlimited access to all the Pro functions. It has a one-month and one-week subscription plan so that you can cancel anytime you wish. Additionally, the app extends support to 10 different languages.

Fast Cast

Fast Cast - Best AirPlay Apps for Firestick

Fast Cast is a screen mirroring application for casting your smartphone, tablet, or PC to TV. With this app, you can enjoy streaming photos, music, and videos in high quality. In addition, you can cast YouTube videos and watch your favorite long videos and YouTube shorts on a big screen. Thus it helps to screen mirror your smartphone screen while playing games and watching movies or TV series.

SendToScreen for Fire TV

SendToScreen for Fire TV - Best AirPlay Apps for Firestick

The SendToScreen app is used for screen mirroring your iPhone and iPad to your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. It is natively available on the App Store so you can mirror streaming apps, games, documents, photos, videos, etc. This app is compatible with Fire TV, Fire TV Edition TVs, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube. Like other apps, the SendToScreen works by connecting your iOS device to the same WIFI network as your Fire OS device.

With the AirPlay app mentioned above, you can mirror and stream any file on your iPhone or iPad effortlessly. It requires no additional device like Chromecast, and you can stream without any time delay if you have a fast internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you AirPlay to Firestick?

Yes, you can AirPlay to Firestick by installing any of these third-party apps.