Kanopy is one of the must-have apps for all libraries and Universities. Do you want to know how to get Kanopy on Firestick? Let’s see how.

Kanopy is a well-known on-demand video streaming service that offers quality movies, documentaries, independent films, and educational videos for public libraries and universities since 2008. It gives you an ad-free streaming experience, and you can stream content on your TV, Mobile phones, Tablets. Kanopy app has a separate division of contents for kids called Kanopy Kids.

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It provides access to almost 30000+ award-winning documentaries, feature, and training films on every topic, including media studies, LBGTQ Studies, Psychology, Environments, Politics, Literature, etc. Some of the most popular titles in Kanopy are ‘A Hard Day’s Night, Hoop Dreams, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc. But the notable thing here is you can also watch the contents that you cannot download.


Kanopy’s pricing for libraries is only based on the number of views per title. If a title is viewed three times, the IU libraries get charged with the annual licensing fee per title.

Kanopy has two subscription plans. It costs $150 for a year and $350 for 3 years.

Educational institutions and Universities pay for Kanopy according to their usage.

Steps to Install Kanopy in Firestick

Step 1 – Hover to Firestick’s Home Screen.

Home Screen

Step 2 – Click on the Search option, which is on the left side of the screen.

Kanopy on Firestick

Step 3 – By using the on-screen keyboard, type as Kanopy and tap Enter.

Step 4 – Select the Kanopy app from the search result.

Step 5 – Now, you will get the Kanopy app’s info page. Click on Get to download the app.

Step 6 – Once it is downloaded, click on Open to launch the Kanopy app.

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Steps to Activate Kanopy

After completing the installation process, you can browse video titles. However, to watch or stream any content, you should go with the activation process.

Step 1 – Launch the Kanopy app in your Firestick and go to the Settings menu.

Step 2 – Select the Link My Account option.

Step 3 – Now, you will get an Activation Code.

Step 4 – Once you received the code, go to the Kanopy Activation website on your PC. Alternatively, open the Kanopy app and go to Link Your Device menu on your Smartphone.

Step 5 – And Sign In with your Kanopy account.


Step 6 – Now enter the Activation Code in the required space and click Go.

Step 7 – Your account gets successfully activated now. You will get a pop-up regarding it on the screen.

Step 8 – Finally, tap on the Start Watching option to start watching the contents.


Now you are done with both the installation and activation process. So you can now enjoy watching all the contents in this Kanopy app. You can use your library card or University ID for watching the video for free.

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