MAVTV is a US-based television streaming service owned by Lucas Oil, an automotive Lubricant company. It is an entertainment channel that offers a unique mix of programs that includes movies, shows and Motorsports. MAVTV primarily streams national mainstream events and also covers multitudes of grassroots series from across the world. Get MAVTV on Firestick, and you can access to its streaming library which mainly contains an abundant number of racing programs, highlights and films from Warner Bros. All the MAV TV contents are available in both 480 (SDTV) and 1080 (HDTV) picture formats. There is no official app for MAVTV on Amazon App Store, so let see what the alternative ways to watch MAVTV on Firestick.

Amazon Firestick is an extensively used Streaming device available at an affordable cost. It supports thousands of streaming apps and services to stream live on-demand contents directly from the service provider. You can stream contents on Firestick without cable or satellite subscription.

Can You Get MAVTV on Firestick?

As we said earlier, there is no official MAVTV app to install on Firestick. To use MavTV on Firestick, you have to subscribe to any of the service providers or install any other Firestick supported live TV streaming services that offer MAVTV contents.

Alternatives Way to Get MAVTV on Firestick

Find the best alternatives to MAVTV on

Apart from cable and satellite networks, MAVTV is also available on several streaming services. Among them, we list out a few apps, with which you can watch MAVTV programs on Firestick.

Lucas Oil Racing TV

Lucas Oil Racing TV-MAVTV on Firestick

Lucas Oil Racing TV is Firestick supported native app which offers live events and on-demand contents related to Motorsports. MAVTV is owned by Lucas Oil company, so get this app on Firestick and easily access to all its shows and extended race coverage. If you want to get MAVTV programs on a big screen, you have to subscribe to Lucas Oil Racing TV streaming service.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV-MAVTV on Firestick

Fubo TV is a Live TV streaming service which offers 100+ live channels to stream. Subscribe to Fubo TVs Adventure Plus Package ($60/month), and you will be able to watch MAVTV on Firestick. Along with MAVTV, the Fubo TV subscription offers 29 more channels from top networks. You can get both live and on-demand MAVTV streaming whenever you want.

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DIRECTV-MAVTV on Firestick

DIRECTV is an official app available on Amazon App Store. Get this app on Firestick to stream live and on-demand MAVTV contents on your big screen. Furthermore, you can record your MAVTV live programs, and favourite shows to watch offline anywhere you want. Along with MAVTV (channel No. 214), the DIRECTV offers multiple numbers of channels under different categories.

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U-verse on Firestick is another streaming service that offers live TV channels and streams reality shows. In addition to these, it also offers on-demand movies and programs to watch. MAVTV is one among its live TV channels, mark MAVTV as your favourite channel to get instant access anytime you want. In addition to U-verse, you can subscribe to AT&T app on Firestick, let you watch U-verse live TV channels and on-demand shows whenever you want.



TikiLIVE is an official app available on Amazon App Store. It is a best cable alternative app where you can access 100+ live TV channels in HD, and it includes MAVTV. You can watch live and on-demand contents on your Firestick. Easily schedule MAVTV programs and watch it on time.

To Conclude

These are some of the best streaming services on Firestick offers MAVTV streaming. You must to install and subscribe to any of the streaming services mentioned to watch MAVTV contents. MAVTV programs are only available in the United States and its territories. In case you are residing outside the USA, we recommended you to use a VPN on Firestick to watch MAVTV. Thanks for reading.