Virtual Private Network or VPN is a must-have utility tool on streaming devices if privacy matters a lot to you. So, getting a VPN for Firestick need no second opinion. While there are many premium VPN apps available for Fire TV, the article deals with a free and unlimited VPN called Betternet VPN. It is an end-to-end encrypted VPN that ensures your security and privacy whenever you are online. Anyone who wants a private internet experience can choose Betternet VPN on Firestick. Whether you want to unblock any content or get unlimited access or bypass the internet throttling, Betternet VPN does the job effortlessly. Get in to know more about the features and the installation procedure of Betternet VPN on Fire TV.

Features of Betternet VPN on Firestick

  • No login or registration is needed to access Betternet VPN on Firestick / Fire TV.
  • It will keep your online activity safe from prying eyes and unauthorized users.
  • Betternet VPN will create a virtual id and hide the real IP and location.
  • It will connect you to the nearest fastest server automatically.
  • Advanced VPN tech will encrypt network traffic and thereby connects you to the website via HTTPS.
  • Choose the premium version to experience ad-free VPN service on Fire TV.

Betternet VPN Subscription Plans

The following are the subscription plans offered by the Betternet VPN:

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Free Trial – $0 per week

After the end of the free trial period, you can choose

1 Month – $12.99 per month

12 Month – $7.99 per month

You can subscribe to the Betternet VPN through their webpage at

How to Install Betternet VPN on Firestick

There is no official Betternet VPN app available for Firestick. The only way possible to install it is by sideloading through

  • Using Downloader
  • Using ES File Explorer

Install Betternet VPN on Firestick using Downloader

Downloader on Firestick is the best option for sideloading apps. So, install the Downloader app and follow the steps below:

#1. Once the Downloader app is installed, click on the Settings icon from the home screen.

Select the Settings

#2. Choose the My Fire TV option from the list.

Select My Fire TV

#3. Hover to tap on Developer Options.

Select Developer options

#4. Select the Install Unknown apps option.

Select Install Unknown apps

#5. After that, select the Downloader app and turn it on.

Turn on the Downloader to install Betternet VPN on Firestick

#6. Press the Home button on your remote. After that, select the Apps tab.

#7. From the Your Apps & Channels section, choose the Downloader app and launch it.

#8. Enter the URL of the Betternet VPN APK File ( in the URL box.

#9. Hit the GO button and wait for the Betternet VPN app to download.


#10. Once the Betternet VPN app is downloaded, select the Install button from the pop-up window.

Betternet VPN Firestick

#11. You will get an app-installed notification once the Betternet VPN is installed.

Install Betternet VPN on Firestick using ES File Explorer

In addition to managing files, ES File Explorer supports sideloading as well. So, install the ES File Explorer on Firestick and follow the steps to get the Betternet VPN.

#1. Open ES File Explorer under My Apps & Channels of Fire TV at first.

#2. From the ES File Explorer home screen, select the Downloader icon.

Click on the Downloader icon

#3. After that, click on the + New tab.

Select + New

#4. Provide the Betternet VPN URL on the path field as

#5. After that, type as Betternet VPN on the name field.

#6. Hit the Download Now button and wait for the app to download.

Download the Betternet VPN on Firestick

#7. Click Open File to proceed further with Betternet VPN installation.

#8. Select the Next button.

#9. Make a tap on the Install button on the next screen.

#10. Finally, click Open to launch it on Firestick.

How to Use Betternet VPN on Firestick

1. Press the Home button on your Fire TV remote for 10 seconds.

2. Next, a new window will show up on the screen of your Fire TV. From there, choose the Apps tab.

Select the Apps tab

3. Now, select the Betternet VPN app and press the Menu button on your Fire TV remote.

4. A list of options will appear on the right side of your screen. From there, choose the Move to Front option.

5. After that, you will find the Betternet VPN on the home screen of your Fire TV.

6. Click on the Betternet VPN icon from the home screen to launch the app.

7. Sign in to your account if required.

8. Now, all you have to do is choose the VPN server you want and hit the Connect button.

Finally, you will be connected to the BetternetVPN on Firestick

Alternatives to Betternet VPN

If you don’t like to use the Betternet VPN, here are the best alternatives for it.

OpenVPN on Firestick

Norton VPN on Firestick

Getflix VPN on Firestick

To Sum Up

Choose either of the methods to get Betternet VPN on Amazon Fire Stick. Since it isn’t Firestick compatible officially, we recommend installing Mouse Toggle on Fire TV for a better VPN experience. Betternet VPN is the best when compared with the free VPN services available. However, if you look for a higher level of privacy VPN, buy the Betternet VPN premium version.


1. Is Betternet VPN available on Firestick?

No, the Betternet VPN is unavailable on Firestick. However, you can use the sideloading method to get the app for your Firestick.

2. Is the Betternet VPN free?

The Betternet VPN is a freemium VPN. That means it isn’t mandatory to get a subscription to get the services of Betternet VPN. In the meantime, if you need the additional features of Betternet VPN, you can get a subscription from it.