Kodi is definitely a worth using digital media player in the market since its launch. Being open-source, it is available on most of the operating systems including Android, Windows and iOS, and on devices like Firestick, Mac PC, smart TV, and more. Kodi supports playing and viewing media contents like photos, videos, music, podcasts. In addition to this, it has a variety of customizable skins, plug-ins, add-on support, and more. Undoubtedly, the easiest way to change the look and feel of your device interface is by using the Kodi skins. However, one must choose the best Kodi skins from the growing collection.

Most often, the newest Kodi skins will replace the older ones and the latest Kodi skin is Estuary. While it has default skins, the users can also create their own skins by customizing the existing one. As choosing the skin is based on one’s personal preference, the article has listed the top best Kodi skins. At the end of the article, you will also find the steps to install Kodi skins.

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Best Kodi Skins

Estuary is the default skin available in the latest Kodi and you can access it on all of the devices. The section below covers the best Kodi skins that can be accessed with Kodi 16 Jarvis, Kodi 17 Krypton, and Kodi 18 Leia.

1. Adonic

Adonic Kodi addon

Adonic is one of the best Kodi skins available for those who love streaming movies and TV shows. It shows the details of the videos like duration, cast, rating, year, and more. Adonic is a unique skin as it shows emblems for every category rather than displaying the text. The latest version shows a new color box and gives a new view.

2. Aeon MQ 8

Aeon MQ 8 Kodi addon

Aeon MQ 8 is the eight edition of the traditional Aeon MQ. While there are lots of improvements done, it is still simple to use. Aeon MQ 8 is lightweight and more powerful than ever. The flexible widgets in the second generation of Aeon MQ 8 has transformed the main menu’s level of customization like never before.

3. Amber

Amber Kodi skin

Amber is a popular Kodi skin that has high level of customization. The latest version has no bloatware and you can access all your media efficiently. It also features an easy to navigate interface and looks similar to Aeon Nox. Amber has menus in the horizontal format while you can see the high-resolution images at the background. It is further customizable while the users can opt for the vertical menu instead of the horizontal menu.

4. Aeon Nox 5 Redux

Aeon Nox 5 Kodi Skin

Aeon Nox 5 Redux is a fully-featured Kodi skin that can be used to easily alter the Kodi interface. The latest version is a completely redesigned skin that give its users with a modern look. On the other hand, it will give the classic Aeon features. Moreover, it uses a minimalistic approach and provides its users with a visually appealing interface. Aeon Nox 5 Redux supports lots of customization and therefore it is incredibly simple to use.

5. AppTV

AppTV Kodi Skin

AppTV is a Kodi skin that is inspired from Apple. It is a very lightweight skin with minimalistic GUI. In addition, it features advanced Kodi features that are not available on the original interface of AppleTV. The latest version has done a major transformation and has made the navigation an easier one. The AppTV skin also features major expansion of focused items indicators.

6. Aura

Aura Kodi Skin

Aura is a Kodi skin with a simple interface with multiple widgets. It is highly customizable in nature and features a horizontal home menu. So you can add more items and it can be viewed on the widget. It supports adjusting the view between landscape and portrait. In addition, Aura features the rounded edges like Arctic Zephyr and sleek customization of Horizon together.

7. Bello 7

Bello 7 Kodi Skin

Bello 7 is a Kodi skin that has lots of features. Further, it provides its users with a high customization level. The user will get maximum entertainment with the new unique, clean, and elegant interface. In other words, Bello 7 skin is a graphical user interface for the Kodi and the users can filter contents by typing the title or description.

8. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova Kodi Skin

Black Glass Nova is an easy-to-use Kodi skin that offers a thumbnail view. It is a fanart oriented skin that looks similar to Windows Vista. Further, Black Glass Nova is specifically designed for the full HDTV screen with higher customization options. When it comes to display, it uses horizontal menu bar while displaying the video artworks.

9. BOX

Box Kodi Skin

BOX is the best Kodi skin that has been inspired by LightBox and nbox. The principle of this skin is it uses the same layout and building blocks to display your media in different ways. With the highly customizable nature, the user can add and remove categories from the skin settings. The main menu of BOX is categorized as movies, TV shows, and more that are further arranged on genre, studios, titles, tags, and more.

10. Chroma

Chroma Kodi Skin

Chroma is a fully-featured Kodi skin that features modern interface and is designed for the full HDTV. It is a best suited Kodi skin for those who love streaming videos on an ultra HD TV. With the user-friendly interface, you can add or delete the items. Chroma features a horizontal menu with high-resolution images. With Chroma, the user can change the background color hues based on the on-screen content.

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11. Confluence

Confluence Kodi Skin

Confluence is a default Kodi skin that is designed based on visually heavy elements. It looks minimalistic in nature and is one of the oldest Kodi skin used until now. Confluence has a modern look and has the features of a wide range of Kodi builds including Durex. In other words, Confluence is a mix of many popular skins that works best for the first time Kodi users. It is easy to install Kodi skin that restores your Kodi appearance at any time later.

12. fTV

fTV Kodi Skin

fTV is the best Kodi skin that is based on the original Fire TV user-interface. So those users in any platform will be able to get the Fire TV experience with fTV. It is one of the longest active Kodi skins as it replicated Firesitck interface. Accessing fTV Kodi skin on Firestick is an added advantage as it let its users switch between photos, TV shows, and more other contents with simple controls.

13. Quartz

Quartz Kodi Skin

Quartz is one of the lightweight Kodi skin that features intuitive user interface. It is a fanart raw skin for Kodi and has highly customizable home screen. Quartz has an exclusive user interface as it is designed to showcase your fanart. Moreover, it is highly inspired by the AppleTV and features the same interface. You can choose various categories from the home screen of Quartz and that includes TV shows, movies, photos, add-ons, and more.

14. Grid

Grid Kodi Skin

Grid is yet another skin that lets you access the Kodi features in an elegant and intuitive way. It gives classic look and feel while the users can customize it based on the need. By scrolling the main menu of Grid skin, the user will be able to access the background visuals. In addition to this, design and development of Grid skin aims at focusing on the feature quality than quantity.

15. Mimic

Mimic Kodi Skin

Mimic is a default Kodi skin that looks more or less similar to Estuary. It includes the features of popular skins like Aeon Nox, Arctic Zephyr, and reFocus. You can change the skin fonts, background, and more while using Mimic. It has a plain design and the user can change the colour and appearance. Most importantly, Mimic works on popular streaming devices including Firestick. It is highly customizable in nature and you can further review, adjust, and more.

16. Nebula

Nebula Kodi Skin

Nebula is a Kodi skin that is designed for the full HDTV. It is a fully-featured light or dark coloured Kodi skin with simple to use interface. Nebula features a user-friendly interface and it is a perfect skin if you are using HD video add-on. Further, it is useful to customize the Fire TV experience. For every title, you will get various details like artworks, header image, and more.

17. Pellucid

Pellucid Kodi Skin

Pellucid is a minimalistic Kodi skin that doesn’t feature plenty of customization. In addition, the home screen will show only the necessary contents. The default categories include videos, music, games, photos, and more. It has high-quality background images and is accessible from low specification devices including Firestick. It features dynamic home screen background and provides maximum usability. Pellucid provides skin shortcuts add-ons support for the full menu customization.

18. Rapier

Rapier Kodi Skin

Rapier is a Kodi skin that features a clean interface that elegantly focuses on your media. The latest version will let the user experience improved performance, usability, and flexibility. So it aims to provide a high level of customization and you can alter the colour, skin font, menu items, and more. Further, you will find movies, videos, TV shows, add-ons, etc, on the home screen. It is a useful Kodi skin for the beginners as well as the experts.

19. Revolve

Revolve Kodi Skin

Revolve is the best and unique Kodi skin that features a disc that revolves around menus and lists. In includes videos, music, photos, weather, files, settings, etc. Revolve is a creative skin till date that lets you customize the look and feel of your Kodi. It supports modifying the main menu, background, animation, etc. With the Revolve skin settings, the users can add and remove items. Further, it supports selecting the custom background image.

20. Transparency

Transparency Kodi Skin

Transparency is yet another fanart skin of Kodi. It can be accessible even on the full screen and supports almost all of the news features of Kodi without needing to configure any code. So, Transparency is an easy-to-navigate Kodi skin that has lots of customization. With this feature, you can add a game menu button and by clicking on it will take you to the game environment.

Readers Bonus: 21. Xperience1080

Xperience1080 Kodi Skin

Xperience1080 is a modern Kodi skin that features a clean and user-friendly interface. While using it on Kodi, it provides smooth experience as it doesn’t feature any graphics and layout. In addition, it features a straightforward interface with a neatly organized visualization. Xperience1080 is a great alternative to if you want to replace any old Kodi skin on your device. It features smooth animations and has well-integrated add-ons and functions.

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How to Install or Change Kodi Skins

To install or change any Kodi skins on your device, you can follow the same steps given below.

#1. You must initially open the Kodi and click on Settings.

#2. Secondly, click on the Interface option from the list.

#3. Choose Skin on the left sidebar and after that, tap on Skin under Look and feel section.

#4. Select a skin for instance, BOX. If you don’t find one, make a tap on Get more.

#5. Wait for the skin to complete its downloading and installation process. When prompted, click on Yes button to keep the skin.

#6. Lastly, the interface of Kodi will be changed with the skin you have chosen.

Try This !

If you are about to install any third-party Kodi skins, then follow the steps given below.

#1. Initially, you must download any Kodi skin in the Zip file format from the Kodi add-on browser.

#2. After that, open Kodi app and navigate to click on Add-ons tab.

#3. Select Install from ZIP file option.

#4. Search the Kodi skin Zip file on the local or network storage of your device. Click on OK button.

#5. Finally, when you see a pop-up, click on Yes to confirm the change.

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To Sum Up

Kodi is definitely a powerful media player to organize and play videos, music, photos, and more other media files. With the wide range of Kodi skins, you can easily customize the look and feel of your device efficiently. You can choose from any of the best Kodi Skins listed in this article and with that, customizing the interface of Kodi made simple. Do we still miss any best Kodi Skins, then let us know them in the comments.