Kodi is a popular media streaming device used by many. If you are a regular user of Kodi, you might have witnessed certain errors and playback issues at times even if you have your Kodi updated to its latest version. The video may take a bit longer to load and will buffer while playing. And the addons may run slow affecting the entire device’s performance. If you search for solutions online, in most of the forums you would get a common solution which is the clear Kodi cache.

Clearing the cache comes as the solution to many problems on Kodi. But Kodi doesn’t have a native feature built-in to clear cache. You will have to use a third party Kodi addon to clear cache. There are many Kodi addons available to perform this. In this article let us use Indigo addon and Exodus addon to clear cache on Kodi.

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#1 How to Clear Kodi Cache Using Indigo Addon

The Indigo addon is available on the kodi bae repository and also in few other repositories. Using the Indigo addon you can not only clear cache but also remove thumbnails, files, crash logs, unwanted packages, textures, etc.

Follow the steps below to clear kodi cache using Indigo addon.

#1 Launch Kodi.

#2 Install Indigo Addon on your Kodi.

#3 Open the Indigo addon and click Maintenance Tools.

clear kodi cache

#4 Click Clear Cache.

clear kodi cache

#5 From the popup click Clear.

clear kodi cache

#6 With this, all the cache and the unwanted files will be removed. You get a confirmation popup. Click Ok to continue.

clear kodi cache

#2 How to Clear Kodi Cache Using Exodus Kodi Addon

Exodus Kodi Addon is a popular addon from the TV addons repository. It can be used avail movies, Anime, TV Shows, Documentary, sports, etc. Also you can perform general purpose functions like clear cache, remove unwanted files, etc.

Let us see how to do it from the step by step instructions below.

#1 Launch Kodi.

#2 Install Exodus Addon on your Kodi.

#3 Open the Exodus addon. Scroll down and click on Tools.

clear kodi cache

#4 From the list click Cache Functions.

clear kodi cache

#5 Select EXODUS: Clear All Cache.

clear kodi cache

#6 Now Yes to confirm the process.

clear kodi cache

All the cache files will now be removed within minutes. You will see a popup saying Process Complete.

clear kodi cache

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To Conclude

We hope this article helped you out in clearing the cache file and other unwanted files on Kodi. With these addons, you can effectively manage your Kodi app on any device. Now you see that your Kodi works faster than before and has a smoother playback. Comment below if you face any issues while clearing Kodi cache on your device.