OneBox HD is an alternative to cable or satellite-based TV streaming. Accessing it on Firestick is an added advantage if you are an entertainment enthusiast. If you lack the Terrarium TV or Showbox after their shut down, then OneBox HD is your one-stop destination. It is a prominent app to enjoy streaming movies, TV shows, etc. In addition to TV streaming, OneBox HD is used for watching on-demand media. Firestick users can watch high-quality HD streams at any time with this app. The interface of OneBox HD is easy, simple, and anyone can navigate to different sections easily. Take a look at the section below to know the installation procedure of OneBox HD on Firestick/Fire TV.

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How to Install OneBox HD Firestick

OneBox HD is available as a third-party app and thus you need to sideload it using

  • ES File Explorer
  • Downloader

Getting your Firestick/Fire TV Ready

To sideload OneBox HD on Firestick, you have to do the following things.

#1. On your Firestick home screen, click on Settings option.

#2. Hover to tap on My Fire TV or Devices.

#3. Further, select Developer Options.

#4. Now, click on Apps from Unknown Sources to turn on it.

 Firestick settings

#5. Finally, tap Turn on on the popup.

 Firestick settings

Note: Although the latest version of OneBox HD is remote-friendly, you must install Mouse Toggle on Firestick. With this, you may not face difficulties accessing the app during video playback.

Steps to Install OneBox HD Firestick using ES File Explorer

Upon following the steps given below, you can install OneBox HD on Firestick using the ES File Explorer app.

#1. Open and launch the ES File Explorer app at first from My Apps & Channels on Firestick.

Note: If you don’t have it, then click on the link to know the procedure to install ES File Explorer on Fire TV.

#2. Secondly, hover to tap on Downloader icon from the home page of Explorer.

#3. Click on the + icon that reads New from the bottom.

#4. On the Path field, enter the URL of OneBox HD as

#5. After that, type the name as OneBox HD and make a click Download Now.

#6. Scroll down and tap on the Download button to proceed further.

#7. After the download, select Open and then click Install to finally open it on Fire TV.

Steps to Install OneBox HD Firestick using Downloader

Just like ES File Explorer, you can use Downloader to sideload OneBox HD on Fire TV.

#1. First of all, you should open the Downloader app.

Downloader app

Note: Click on the link here to know the procedure to download Downloader app on Firestick.

#2. When prompted, tap on the Allow button.

#3. Under Home tab, type the URL of the OneBox HD as

#4. To further proceed, click on GO button.

#5. When Downloader connects with the OneBox HD server, downloading process of OneBox HD will begin.

Downloader - OneBox HD on Firestick

#6. After the download, click Install button.

OneBox HD on Firestick

#7. Tap on the Open button to launch OneBox HD on Firestick.

OneBox HD on Firestick

How to Use OneBox HD on Firestick

Follow the steps given below once after the installation of OneBox HD on Fire TV.

#1. Navigate to My Apps & Channels section on your Firestick at first.

#2. Choose OneBox HD to open and launch it.

#3. If you are opening OneBox HD for the first time, then you may get new version available message. Click on OK to further proceed.

#4. Once after the download, tap on Open button.

#5. Click on the OK button to run the new version when prompted.

#6. Now, you will be landed on the home screen of OneBox HD on Firestick.

#7. Click on Genres drop down from the top right to filter contents. Further, click on the menu to switch between TV shows and movies.

#8. Select any shows or films to start streaming it instantly on Firestick.

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To Conclude

Choose either Downloader or ES File Explorer app to install OneBox HD on Firestick. You can enjoy streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and anything more. We highly recommend you install a VPN for Firestick to stay away from copyright infringement issues. Share your queries in the comments section and let us resolve them.