Amazon Firestick is the perfect gateway to stream live TV, movies, and other media content on your TV. You can access various streaming services from all parts of the world over the internet and also play games on your TV through Firestick. Firestick is supported on multi-brand smart TVs, and the Samsung Smart TV is one among them. Connect Your Amazon Firestick to Samsung Smart TV and enjoy your online streaming in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Samsung Smart TV is a versatile home entertainment device that lets you stream in good picture quality. In addition to streaming, it is compatible with gaming consoles, so you enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

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Fire TV Stick Compatibility with Samsung TV

Your Samsung Smart TV supports three types of Fire TV devices. They are:

Lite: Lite can be best suited to you if you decide to buy a cheap streaming device.

Standard: With this model, you will get additional features with respect to what you got on the liter version of your Fire TV Stick.

4K: You will get a clearer video quality if you have connected a Firestick 4K streaming device. So, you will get a crystal clear view of your favorites.

So, you can make a choice on which Fire TV model you’re going to purchase. Also, with the steps below, you can set up the Fire TV device on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Connect Amazon Fire Stick to Samsung Smart TV

Connecting Firestick to Samsung Smart TV is not too difficult. By default, Samsung Smart TV comes with the basic Amazon Prime app. But you need to connect an Amazon Firestick to enjoy more apps and streaming services on your TV.


The following are the pre-Requisites you must have to set up the Firestick device on your Samsung Smart TV.

Firestick device

You need to first purchase the Amazon Firestick device from the official website of Amazon.

HDMI Compatibility

HDMI Compatibility is a must because you can’t connect your Firestick device without it. You must note that you can’t make use of the Firestick device in older Samsung TVs. So, if you want to want to use the Amazon Firestick device, buy a new Samsung Samsung Smart TV.

Wi-Fi or internet connection

For initial setup, you need a strong internet connection to link your Amazon account details. Also, to stream on the Amazon Firestick, you need a stable internet connection. In addition, without an internet connection connected to your Fire TV, you can utilize the full potential of the Fire TV device.

Registered Amazon Account

You need to input your Amazon Account credentials to enter into the home screen of the Fire TV. So, make sure that you input the correct credentials to log in to your account.

Important Note: Other than these mentioned requirements, you also need a USB cable and power adapter.

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Set Up Firestick on Samsung Smart TV

After you have met the requirements and are satisfied with the compatibility of the Samsung Smart TV, you can follow the straightforward method below:

Connecting the Firestick

1: Connect the small end of the USB Power cord to the Micro-USB port of the Firestick and the other end to the Power adapter.

2. Connect the Power Adapter to the power outlet.

3: Plug the Amazon Firestick into the HDMI port on your Samsung Smart TV.

Note: You need to confirm that your Samsung Smart TV has an HDMI 1.4 because the Firestick device is compatible only with that range. Otherwise, the Firestick can never support 4K resolutions contents to stream.

4: Turn on your TV and Choose the appropriate HDMI port that your Firestick is plugged in.

Pair Firestick Remote

1. After that, pair Firestick remote with your Firestick.

2. If your Firestick is not connected automatically, press and hold the Home Button for 10 seconds. Then press the Play/Pause button to pair your remote with the Firestick device.

Pair Firestick Remote

Connecting the Firestick to Wi-Fi

1. After your Pair your Fire TV remote, you need to connect your Fire TV to a Wi-Fi connection to proceed further.

2. Choose your Wi-Fi connection, then enter the password. This will connect the Firestick to your Wi-Fi connection.

Register with Prime Account

1. Register your Firestick with your Amazon Prime Account. You have to choose either I already have an Amazon account, or I am new to Amazon

Register your Firestick with your Amazon Prime Account

2. If you already have registered to your Amazon Account, choose I already have an Amazon account and then enter the login credentials. Otherwise, choose I am new to Amazon to create a new account.

Connect Amazon Firestick to Samsung Smart TV

3. After completing the above steps, Firestick asks for Save Wi-Fi Password to your Amazon account. Either choose YES or NO from the prompt.

Save WiFi Password to your Amazon Account

Parental Controls

1. At last, the Firestick asks you to Enable parental controls or No Parental controls.

connect Amazon Firestick To Samsung TV

If your select Enable Parental control, you will be prompted to set up a Pin. In case you select No parental controls, you will successfully be completing the Firestick Set Up process on your Samsung Smart TV.

Finally, your Firestick is connected to Samsung Smart TV.

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Enjoy Streaming on Samsung Smart TV

When the setup process is done, the Firestick takes a while to load. The initial setup of Firestick on Samsung Smart TV should not take more than 10 minutes. Now enjoy all the Prime contents on your Samsung smart TV in full HD resolution. Open the Amazon App Store to install various streaming services to get endless entertainment. In addition to these, you can also install a gaming app to play both online and offline games on the big screen. If you are experiencing any trouble with the Firestick, you may restart or reboot your Firestick to alleviate all issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Amazon Fire Stick on any TV?

Yes, you can connect the Amazon Fire Stick to any USB-supported TV.

2. How to you use Amazon Fire Stick with Samsung TV?

Connect your Fire Stick device to the HDMI port of your Samsung Smart TV and set up your Amazon account. Then, you can start streaming on your Firestick-connected TV.