FITE is a streaming service to watch sporting events live as well as on-demand. It streams Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Basketball, Motorsports, Soccer, and many more. The app offers most of the events for free streaming with ads. It also has a subscription for premium streaming. The FITE app is accessible on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV. In the below guide, we will learn how to watch FITE on Firestick / Fire TV.

Features of FITE

  • FITE streams plenty of live events throughout the year of boxing, wrestling and other sports.
  • It also offers premium entertainment events and it has Pay Per View (PPV) events.
  • FITE has thousands of on-demand contents for streaming anytime.
  • It provides DVR to download the events for streaming offline.
  • The app offers live chat option and it has multi-language streaming.
  • It also has Originals and replays of the sporting events.

FITE streams popular events such as UFC, WWE, Brave, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Matchroom, BIG3, MOTO FITE Klub, Top Rank, Golden Boy, more.

FITE Subscription

The FITE Subscription is known as FITE+. It costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. The subscription lets the user stream the events without any commercials. It also offers many PPV events for on-demand streaming and it has a free trial for seven days. The other subscriptions in FITE are Thriller Pass, NWA, Honor Club, Top Rank, ThrillerVerz Pass.

How to Install FITE on Firestick

(1). Launch the Firestick and select Search in the Find tab.

Select Search option

(2). Enter FITE in the search and choose the app from the options.

(3). Select Get to install the FITE app on the Firestick.

Get FITE on Firestick

(4). Click Open to launch the FITE app and select Login.

Open FITE on Firestick

(5). It provides an Activation Code to activate the app.

(6). Go to the FITE Activation website on the PC/ smartphone.

(7). Type the Activation Code and click Connect.

Enter the Activation Code

(8). Choose the Sign In option and enter the credentials for sign-in.

(5). Select the content to stream on the Fire TV.

Alternative Way to Get FITE on Firestick

You can also install the FITE app on the Firestick from the Amazon Website on your PC. This requires the same account login on both the Firestick device and the Amazon site.

(1). Open the browser on the PC and go to the Amazon Website.

(2). Click Sign In at the top right corner and enter the Amazon account credentials.

(3). Type FITE in the search and choose the app from the options.

Enter the FITE in the search

(4). Select the Firestick device and click Get to download the app on the Fire TV.

Now you can open the Firestick device and check for the FITE app downloaded. The activation procedure is the same as that of the above section and you can follow them.

FITE app is the best streaming app to watch wrestling matches with VOD streaming. It adds new content and events every week. The app also has a news feed about the events, players, organizations for free. Kindly share the queries and feedback for the above articles in the comments below.