Cisco Webex Meetings is one of the best video conferencing apps that allows you to host a meeting or conference and conduct interviews online. Install the Cisco Webex Meetings app on Firestick to make High-Quality video calling and to share your screen with everyone connected in the call. Additionally, the Cisco Webex Meetings app provides access to control your meetings and view the number of participants in the conference or meeting. App also permits you to message them privately or publicly during the call. Cisco Webex Meetings is a cross-platform service compatible with android, iOS, Firestick, Windows, and Mac.

Features of Cisco WebEx Meetings

  • Conduct Video Meetings with HD quality.
  • You can host interviews and training programs with 1000 participants.
  • The wireless screen sharing feature allows you to share your entire screen, application, or specific documents and presentations.
  • The automatic transcription built-in feature helps to record a meeting in MP4 format and share them with anyone you want.
  • Create a free account.
  • Allows you to play media files in your meetings.
  • Schedule your meetings and conference within the app.

How to Download Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings is well compatible with Firestick. You can install this app directly from the Amazon App Store.

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One Step Guide: Launch the Fire TV > Go to Home screen > Tap Find > Select Search > Search for Cisco WebEx Meetings > Select the app > Click Get or Download > Click Open to launch.


  • Smart TV with HDMI port
  • Firestick registered with Amazon Account.
  • High-Speed WiFi connection.
  • Firestick Paired Remote.

#1: Connect your Amazon Firestick to the TV in the HDMI port

#2: Make sure your Firestick is connected to WiFi

#3: Launch the Firestick Home Screen and select the Find title.

Click search under Find Category

#4: Head over to the Search icon and search for Cisco WebEx Meetings app

Cisco Webx on Firestick

#5: Select the app from the search result and click Get

#6: After installation is complete. Select Open to launch Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your Firestick.

Click Open

How to Get the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your Firestick from Amazon Website

If you are facing any trouble with the Firestick remote or the app store, you can install the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your Firestick from Amazon Website. Before installing the app from the Amazon website, you need to connect your PC and Firestick with the same WiFi.

#1: Open in any browser

#2: Then Sign in with your Amazon Account, the same used to log in to Firestick.

#3: Next, type Cisco WebEx Meetings in the Amazon search box and click the search icon.

Select for and select Cisco WebEx Meetings app

#4: Select the Cisco WebEx Meetings app and click the Get this app option.

#5: Then choose your Firestick, and the app will begin to install on your Firestick.

Cisco WebEx Meetings on Firestick

#6: Once the installation is done, the Cisco WebEx Meetings will be available in Apps & section on Fire TV Stick.

Alternatively, you can sideload the Cisco WebEx Meetings app using Downloader on Firestick or any other third-party apps.

How to Create an Account with Cisco WebEx Meetings

#1: Open the web browser on your computer and visit

#2: Select Sign Up now

#3: Enter your Email address and click the Signup option

Sign up for Cisco WebEx Meetings

#4: Then enter the required information and click continue

Enter required details

#5: After the Cisco WebEx Meetings account is created. Open the application on Firestick and enter your sign-in Credentials to access this service.

Cisco WebEx Meetings on Firestick

How to Use Cisco WebEx Meetings on Firestick

Once you launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings app for Firestick, follow the below instructions to make a call.

#1: Launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings for Fire TV.

#2: Provide your account details to sign in.

#3: Select the Start Meeting button to organize a meeting. Or tap Join Meeting and provide the meeting number.

#4: Follow the prompts to set up audio and video.

#5 Tap the Start button and enjoy video calls on a big screen.

On the whole, Cisco WebEx Meetings on Firestick is the best communication app that allows everyone in the meeting to share their screen with others in the video call.

Best Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternative apps for Cisco WebEx Meetings to make video calls.


Is Cisco WebEx free?

You can use Cisco WebEx for free with up to 100 participants.

How much does Cisco WebEx cost?

Cisco WebEx subscription starts from $13.50/month.

Why is Cisco WebEx not working on Firestick?

You can follow basic troubleshooting fixes like
1. Restart Firestick
2. Clear Cache files
3. Update Firestick
4. Reset Firestick