Crunchyroll is one of the oldest and popular streaming services that focuses mainly on Animes and live-action drama. The contents are mostly Asian focused and the app has a good collection of anime and drama. The app has listed its contents separately under Popular, Updated, Simulcasts, etc. Use filters to sort the contents and find your favourite contents. Many of the videos are available in HD quality os that streaming it on a TV will enhance your TV experience. Crunchyroll has more than 35 million subscribers across the world with more than 900 anime shows, 200+ Asian dramas and more than 50 manga titles. It is one of the compatible The Crunchyroll is available on many platforms like iOS, Android, PC, Roku, Firestick, etc. And this article will help you cast Crunchyroll to TV using Chromecast from any of your devices.

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How to Chromecast Crunchyroll?

As discussed above Crunchyroll is available in many platforms. In this article let us discuss how to Chromecast Crunchyroll for mobile and PC as these are the most used platforms. Make sure you have installed Crunchyroll on your phone and PC. The Android and iOS users have separate apps on the Play Store and App Store respectively. The Windows PC users can install Crunchyroll from the Microsoft store directly.

Note: Connect the Chromecast device to your TV or a monitor and turn it on. Connect your phone or PC and the Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

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Steps to Chromecast Crunchyroll From Mobile

Follow the steps below to Chromecast Crunchyroll from a mobile.

#1 Turn on your chromecast connect TV or monitor.

#2 Launch the Crunchyroll app on your mobile (Android / iOS).

#3 Tap to play any video on the app.

#4 Tap the Cast icon the top right when the video you need to cast is playing.

#5 Tap the Chromecast device you need to connect from the list of devices displayed.

#6 With this the video will be streamed to the TV directly.

Steps to Chromecast Crunchyroll From PC

Follow the steps below to Chromecast Crunchyroll from a PC. You need the Chrome browser on your PC to Chromecast Crunchyroll.

#1 Launch the chrome browser on your PC.

#2 Go to and play any video.

#3 Now click the three dots menu on the top right on the browser. Click Cast. Alternatively, you can also right-click on any place on your browser and click Cast.

#4 From the cast tab, click on your Chromecast device.

#5 Now your current tab is cast to TV using Chromecast.

Your Crunchyroll video is now displayed on the big screen.

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To Sum Up

If you are a huge fan of animes, then Chromecast Crunchyroll to get an ultimate anime experience on your TV. The process is so simple as seen above to get entertained. You can set it up within minutes and start steaming your favourite anime. Watching animes on a big screen using Chromecast is so much fun and if you can watch it, leave your favourite anime in the comment below.