Nickelodeon is an American pay television channel that is owned by ViacomCBS. The network is known for kid’s shows, and the primary target of this channel is children aged 2 to 17. It has also got sister channels, namely Nicktoons and Nick Jr. The shows are interspersed with tweets from Nick stars, quizzes, and posts. You can stream all the shows on its streaming app, Nick. It is free with your TV provider subscription. Further, the children can also learn from the educational shows available in the app. If you want to watch Nickelodeon on your Firestick device, get into this article to know the installation procedure. The process is very easy as it is available on Amazon App Store.

Features of Nickelodeon

  • You can get access to the full episodes of Nick’s shows a day after they premier on TV.
  • It lets you stream the shows in the Spanish language as well.
  • Every day, you can discover new, hilarious, and seasonal content.
  • The app is available on major streaming platforms.

How to Get Nickelodeon on Firestick

1. Connect your Firestick device to your TV HDMI port and set up the device.

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2. Ensure that you have connected your Firestick device to the WiFi network.

3. On the Firestick remote, press the Home button to go to the home screen.

4. From that, click on the Find menu and choose the Search option.

click search menu to install nickelodeon on firestick

5. On the search screen, type Nickelodeon and click the Search icon.

search for the app on the device

6. Choose the Nick app from the search results.

7. On the app overview page, click Get or Download button.

8. Wait for a few minutes for the app to get installed.

9. After the installation, click Open to launch the Nick app.

10. Now, you will receive an Activation Code on the TV screen.

11. Visit the Nickelodeon activation website and enter the Activation Code.

12. After entering the code, click on the Continue button.

enter the activation code to activate nickelodeon on firestick

13. Now, start streaming the Nick videos on Firestick.

Alternative Method – How to Download & Install Nickelodeon on Firestick

If you face any issues while installing the official version, you can use the procedure given below to sideload the app.

1. On the Firestick home screen, click on the Find menu and select the Search tile.

2. Search for the Downloader app and select the app from the search results.

3. Click Get or Download to install the app.

click download to install downloader app

4. Noe, return back to the home screen to click the Cog icon.

5. Under that, select the My Fire TV option.

click my fire tv under settings

6. Click on the Developer Options tile.

click developer options

7. Click on Install Unknown Apps from the following screen.

click install unknown apps from the screen

8. Select the Downloader app and toggle the switch on to install the unofficial app.

enable the unknown source access for downloader app

9. Once done, launch the Downloader app from the home screen.

10. Click Allow if you get any prompt.

11. Provide the URL of the APK File of the Nick app in the URL field and press the Go button.

enter the download link to download nickelodeon on firestick

12. When the apk file is downloaded, click Install to install the app.

13. After the installation, click Open to launch the app.

14. Complete the activation process and watch Nickelodeon on Amazon Fire Stick.

How to Watch Nickelodeon on Firestick for Free

USTVGO is the platform you need to choose to watch the Nickelodeon on Firestick for free. And the below steps will help you do the same on your Fire TV.

1. Turn on your Fire TV and connect to an internet connection.

2. Go to the Home screen of your Fire TV.

3. Then, select the Find tab. Next, choose the Search tile.

Select Search

4. Enter on the virtual keyboard as Amazon Silk – Web Browser using your Fire TV remote and search for the app.

Search for Amazon Silk - Web Browser

5. Then, from the Apps & Games section, choose the Amazon Silk – Web Browser app.

Select Amazon Silk - Web Browser

6. Then, select the Get or Download button on the app description page.

Select Download

7. Now, the Amazon Silk – Web Browser will automatically download and install on your Fire TV.

8. After installing the Amazon Silk – Web Browser app, click on the Open button to launch the app.

Launch Amazon Silk - Web Browser

9. Now, on the URL Box of the Amazon Silk – Web Browser, enter the URL and click Go.

Enter the URL of USTVGO

10. Now, choose the Nickelodeon channel from the channel list of the USTVGO.

Watch Nickelodeon on Firestick

11. Now, you can watch the Nickelodeon cable TV channel for free.

How to Stream Nickelodeon Without Cable

Nickelodeon can be streamed without cable using live streaming providers. They are fuboTV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. With free trials of these services, you can even stream Nickelodeon for free.


use fubo tv to watch nickelodeon on firestick

fuboTV is the best streaming provider to watch Nickelodeon on Firestick as part of its subscription. Along with Nickelodeon, you can stream 70 other channels. fuboTV Family pack costs $69.99 per month. Further, it also gives you 250 hours of cloud storage. Using one subscription, you can watch three-screen simultaneously. You also get a 1-week free trial, and it is available for major platforms.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Unlike fuboTV, YouTube TV also offers live Nickelodeon at the price of $64.99 per month. But it offers unlimited cloud DVR storage to record your favorite shows. With Nickelodeon, you can also stream 70 channels. Along with live TV, the YouTube TV app on Firestick allows you to access on-demand videos as well. You can stream three devices at once. It even includes YouTube Red original series.


use hulu to watch nickelodeon on firestick

Hulu is known for streaming on-demand videos. It offers a huge collection of on-demand streaming libraries. Hulu offers more than 60 live channels, including Nickelodeon. It gives you 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, and if you want more, you can get it by paying some extra. It comes with six customizable profiles, and you can watch two screens at once. Get Hulu on Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch Nickelodeon on Firestick?

Yes, you can watch Nickelodeon on Firestick.

2. Is Nickelodeon free on Firestick?

Yes, Nickelodeon is free to install on your Fire TV.