Do you want to see Benedict Cumberbatch in action again? You probably only know the man by the fictional name Doctor Strange. Other than the Marvel movies, Benedict Cumberbatch acted in many other movies and TV shows. However, one of the best series acted by Benedict Cumberbatch that changed his career is Sherlock. The Sherlock TV series storyline is about a man named Sherlock, a detective who can process all the information instantly and quickly to solve a crime. So, now, you must be interested in watching the Concept of Sherlock Holmes in action on a TV series acted by Benedict Cumberbatch. Now, I will teach you how to watch the Sherlock TV series on Firestick.

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Awards and Nominations for Sherlock TV Series

  • BAFTA Awards for Best Drama series.
  • Nomination for Primetime Emmy Awards in 2011 and 2012.
  • Won Primetime Emmy awards for Outstanding lead actor in a Miniseries or Movie.
  • Won Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries.

How to Watch Sherlock on Firestick

Netflix is the one-stop platform to watch any movie or TV series. So, the Sherlock TV series is also available on the Netflix platform. That means you can use the Netflix app to watch the Sherlock TV series on Firestick.

1. Turn on your Fire TV and be sure you have connected to an internet connection.

2. Go to the home screen on your Firestick and select the Find tab.

3. Then, choose the Search tile and select it.

Select Search

3. Search for the Netflix app using the virtual keyboard.

Search for Netflix to watch Sherlock on Firestick

4. From the Apps & Games category, select the Netflix app.

Select Netflix app

5. Now, select the Get or Download button.

Install Netflix to watch Sherlock on Firestick

6. Finally, the Netflix app will be installed on your Firestick.

7. Now, you can launch the Netflix app and Sign in to your account.

Open Netflix and watch Sherlock on Firestick

8. Search for the Sherlock series.

9. Now, you can select any season or an episode and watch Sherlock on your Firestick.

Watch Sherlock on Firestick

Other Ways to Watch Sherlock on Firestick

You can watch Sherlock on Firestick using other platforms like:

  • Prime Video – Default application available for your Firestick. But you need a subscription to access the app.
  • Vudu
  • YouTube TV

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End Note

If you want to watch the best detective series, you can choose Sherlock. Your time won’t be wasted while watching Sherlock because it has only 4 seasons with 3 episodes for each season. So, you only have 12 episodes to complete watching the Sherlock TV series. You must know that this series is built with perfection. This is because the production house has decreased the episodes to increase the quality of the series. So, now the series is yours to watch. Also, you can leave your thoughts about the Sherlock TV series in the comment box below.