Do you like to watch Crime series? Then, you can choose Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinder is a Crime gangster TV series streamed on the BBC Network from 2013. The story revolves around Thomas Shelby, the leader of the Peaky Blinders gang, and his brothers and family. Now, let us find the ways to watch Peaky Blinders on Firestick.

Also, this series is considered the best crime gangster series in the current generation. There are five seasons in Peaky Blinder with 30 tallied episodes. Also, the sixth season is currently under the pre-production stage and set to release in mid-2022. Also, you can stream Peaky Blinders internationally with the Netflix app.

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Awards and Nominations for Peaky Blinders

  • Biarritz International Festival of Audovisual Programming – Cillian Murfy (Best Actior in a TV series)
  • BAFTA Television Craft Awards – Best Director: Fiction (Otto Bathurst)
  • National Television Awards – Nominated
  • Irish Film and Television Awards – Best Leading Actor in a Drama Series (Cillian Murphy)

How to Watch Peaky Blinders on Firestick

1. Plug your Firestick device into your TV’s USB Port and set it up.

2. Go to the home screen on your Firestick.

3. Select the Find tab followed by the Search tile.

Select Search

4. Search for the Netflix app using the on-screen keyboard and search for it.

Search for Netflix to watch Peaky Blinders on Firestick

5. Pick the Netflix app from the search result.

6. Now, select the Get or Download button to install the Netflix app.

7. Then, launch Netflix after installation.

8. Sign in to your account.

9. Search for the Peaky Blinders using the search option.

10. Choose the season you want to watch.

11. Then, watch Peaky Blinders on your Firestick.

Watch Peaky Blinders on Firestick

Alternative Ways to Watch Peaky Blinders on Firestick

You can also sideload the Netflix app to your Firestick. First, Install Downloader on Firestick. Then, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer options > Install Unknown Apps > Downloader. Turn it on. Then, you have to follow the steps below to get Netflix to watch Peaky Blinders.

Select Install Unknown apps

1. Launch the Downloader.

2. In the URL field, you have to enter the URL of the Netflix APK File

3. Select the Go button to download the APK File.

Get Netflix to watch Peaky Blinders on Firestick

4. As soon as the APK File is downloaded, select the Install button.

5. Now, it will take a few minutes to install the Netflix app.

6. After the installation is complete, launch the Netflix app.

7. Sign in to Netflix with your subscription account.

8. Then, search for the Peaky Blinders TV series and watch it on your Firestick.

Other Ways to Watch Peaky Blinders on Firestick

Peaky Blinders is also available on Prime Video. Also, the Prime Video is one of the built-in applications on your Firestick. So, if you have a prime video account, you can watch Peaky Blinders with ease.

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End Note

Peaky Blinders is a Must watch TV series if you are a crime thriller fan. Also, there are only 30 episodes that are filmed with perfection. You can also find good reviews on the Review aggregator platforms like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. So, don’t miss this must-watch TV series. Also, those waiting for the sixth season of Peaky Blinders can comment below.