Real Debrid, aka Unrestricted Downloader, bring you the best links while downloading media. It optimizes the links used by Kodi addons, and you can enjoy fast and best-quality streams. Using Real Debrid on Kodi, you will get a lot of new streaming sources added to your list. And also, you can download the media files at high speed and stream the contents in HD and 4K resolution. It is not a free service and is not an add-on. Real Debrid is a multi-hoster, and you can use it to find new and working sources for full HD streaming. To use Real Debrid services on Kodi, you have to create a Real Debrid account online first. From this article, learn how to set up Real Debrid on Kodi along with the procedure to create an account.

Features of Real Debrid Premium Account

  1. Parallel downloads are possible.
  2. You get unlimited traffic.
  3. It supports multiple downloads.
  4. You can get AES Secure downloads.
  5. No or zero wait time.
  6. You can download the contents at high speed, up to 1000Mbps.
  7. HTML5 streaming is possible without a plugin.
  8. Supports Chrome, Firefox, and Jdownloader plugins.
  9. Offers RSDF, DLC, and CCF decrypted.
  10. Access multiple hosters on a single website.

Real Debrid Pricing Details

Real Debrid offers 4 types of plans with unlimited traffic for all the plans.

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How to Create a Real Debrid Account for Kodi

1) Open any browser and visit and click on Sign Up from the top right corner.

2) Now, you will get the Sign-Up form in which you should fill your details and click on the Sign Up for free button.

Click on Sign Up to create Real Debrid account

3) Now, you will get the confirmation link on the email account that you have given.

4) Click on the link to activate the real-Debrid account.

5) Now go back to the Real Debrid website and click on the login button.

6) Enter the credentials and log in.

enter your credentials to login to Real Debrid account

How to Set Up Real Debrid on Kodi

1) Run Kodi on your device and click on Settings.

click on settings to set up Real Debrid on kodi

2) Select System settings or System.

click on System settings on the next screen

3) On the bottom of the screen, you will find Basic.

keep clicking on Basic on the screen
  • Keep clicking on it until it changes to Advanced.
you will get advanced in the screen

4) Then, select the Add-ons section from the left side. And select Manage dependencies on the right side.

click on Manage dependencies to set up Real Debrid on kodi

5) On the following screen, scroll down and select URLResolver.

select URLResolver to set up Real Debrid on kodi

Note: Some add-ons use ResolveURL dependency instead of URLResolver. You may find either of them or both.

6) Next, select Configure on the screen.

click on Configure

7) Then, select Universal Resolvers from the pop-up window.

Next select Universal Resolvers

8) Scroll down until you see the Real Debrid section. Click on Priority.

click on Priority

9) Under the priority section, click on (Re)Authorize My Account. You will see a new window will be opened.

Under priority select (Re)Authorize My Account

10) Now login to the Real Debrid website and visit

11) Then, enter the code displayed in the Kodi window on the Real Debrid website. Press Continue.

enter the code to use Real Debrid account on Kodi

12) If you finish authorizing your device, you will find ‘Real-Debrid Resolver Authorized.’ With this, you can use Real Debrid on Kodi.

How to Use Real Debrid with Kodi Addon

real Debrid work well with the majority of Kodi add-ons. Once the Real Debrid is added to Kodi, you can stream the premium links easily. In case the Real Debrid is not auto-enabled, follow the steps to do it manually.

1) Launch the Kodi Home screen and click Addons.

click addon from the list

2) Select Video-Addons and open any addon. Here we are going to set up Real Debrid with Neptune Rising Kodi Addon.

3) Tap Tools and click SETTINGS: Providers from the list.

click settings: Provider

4) On the left panel, select providers and toggle on Enable Debrid Providers.

enable debrid and click Ok

5) Click Ok on the right side of the screen and tart stream any title.

How to Access Real Debrid with Firestick Apps

1) Launch any app on your Firestick like Cinema HD APK.

launch the Cinema HD APK on Firestick

2) Click on the Menu icon and select Settings from the list.

click Settings from the lisyt

3) Now, select Login to Real Debrid under Settings.

real debrid on Kodi

4) Note down the code displayed on your Fire TV screen.

make a note of the code

5) Go to the Real activation page using any web browser.

go the real debrid account and click Continue

6) Enter the code and click Continue to authorize.

70 Now, you can start accessing Cinema HD APK with a Real Debrid account.

real debrid on Kodi

Note: Make sure to Clear Kodi Cache for a Smooth Playback


What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a downloader that contains files for streaming your favorites.

What are Real Debrid Fidelity Points?

You can use fidelity points to get Real Debrid Premium. With 1000 Fidelity Points, you will get 30 premium days.

How to delete Real Debrid download history?

On your Real Debrid account dashboard, click on the Download History option and delete the download history.

Is Real Debrid illegal to use?

No, Real Debrid is safe and legal to use.

Is Real debrid down?

No, Real Debrid is still working.

Is Real Debrid free?

No, Real Debrid comes with a subscription.

How does Real Debrid work?

Real Debrid works by subscribing and activating the account.

Why is Real Debrid not working?

If Real Debrid is not working on your Firestick, follow the basic troubleshooting tricks like restarting Firestick, updating the latest version, and clearing the Firestick cache.

What is the best Real Debrid alternative?

Trakt.TV is the best alternative for Real Debrid.