Zwift is a health and fitness app for training assistance. It can track the daily workout for analyzing and examining the results. The app has a membership for cycling which costs $14.99 per month and gives you a 7 days free trial. It is free for running on a treadmill. You can install Zwift on Firestick to view and train on the big screen. Let’s discuss the steps to install Zwift on Firestick.


Features of Zwift

  • Zwift has 1,000s of workout and training plans for offering versatile fitness goals.
  • It provides 200 live events daily including group rides, races, runs, etc.
  • This app monitors the daily performance and gives results by tracking your workout.
  • It has well trained instructors to guide the users regarding the workout plans and techniques.
  • The racing and running tracks has popular cities like New York, London, etc. It also has various virtual worlds.

Install Zwift on Firestick/ Fire TV

You can install Zwift on Firestick only by sideloading it from the other sources, due to its unavailability in the Amazon App Store. You can complete this task using

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer

Pre-installation Steps

(1). Launch Firestick and select Settings at the top.

(2). Scroll right and click My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

(3). Select Developer Options and click Apps from Unknown Sources.

Click Developer Options

(4). Tap Turn On in the Apps from unknown Sources prompt.

Turn On in the Apps from Unknown Sources

Install Zwift on Firestick using Downloader

You can install Downloader for Firestick since it is available in the App Store and it can sideload the apps on Firestick from other sources.

#1 In the Firestick home screen, select Search icon at the top left corner.

#2 Enter Downloader using remote and choose it from the suggestions below.

#3 Select Open to launch Downloader on Firestick and in the settings, click Enable JavaScripts.

#4 In the Home, enter the Zwift URL and click Go to download the file.

Enter Zwift URL

#5 Select Install to install the app and click Open to launch Zwift on Firestick.

Install Zwift on Firestick using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is another installer app to sideload the apps from other sources. If you don’t have ES File Explorer on Firestick, you can download it from Amazon App Store.

#1 Go to Fire TV home screen and click Search icon.

#2 Search for ES File Explorer and select it from the list below.

#3 Select Open to start ES File Explorer and click Downloader in the app.

Select Downloader

#4 Tap New+ icon at the bottom to install new app.

Click New+

#5 Enter the Zwift URL in the path and provide Zwift as name.

Enter Zwift URL in the path

#6 Select Download Now to download the file and click Open file.

#7 Now, click Install to initiate the installation and select Install again in further screen.

#8 Tap Open to launch Zwift on Firestick and sign in to your account. Start your workout with firestick.

Thus, you can install Zwift on Firestick in two ways. Zwift is useful in training with family and friends. It is more or less like playing video games and at the same time improving your fitness. Kindly mention your queries and suggestions for the above post in the comments.