Key Notes

  • Install TikTok from Amazon App Store: Launch Fire TV → Find Search → Search TikTok → Tap Get / Download.
  • Install using Website: Go to Amazon Website → Sign In → Search TikTok → Get App → Select Fire TV.
  • Cast TikTok: Enable Mirroring → Launch TikTok Notification Center → Cast → Select Fire TV to connect.

TikTok is the top video-sharing platform with tons of short videos to watch and share. You can create your videos with various free soundtracks and add special effects, emoji stickers, filters, and many more to your videos. TikTok users can follow profiles and get followed back by other profiles easily. Furthermore, it is built-in with live streaming and lives chat features. TikTok is an interesting and fun-filled app supported by multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, Windows, Firestick, Roku, and many more. TikTok is a standalone app on Firestick with many entertaining videos, and it is a great place to explore your creativity in the world.

How to Download TikTok on Firestick

TikTok is a native app available on Amazon App Store. So it makes your installation very easy on all your Fire devices.

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#1: To begin with the launch and make sure the Firestick is connected to WiFi.

#2: Select the Find title from the home screen and click on the Search option.

TikTok on Firestick

#3: Type TikTok in the search field.

TikTok on Firestick

#4: Now, select the app from the search results.

TikTok on Firestick

#5: Click the Download button and wait for the app to download.

click Download to launch the app

#6: Once the app is installed, a message will appear on the screen, “TikTok” ready to launch.

#7: Finally, click Open to launch the app on Firestick.

TikTok on Firestick

#8: Now enter your login credentials to access this service on Firestick.

Alternative Way: How to Get TikTok on Firestick / Fire TV

If you have any problem with Amazon App Store, you can simply go with the Amazon website.

#1: Open the browser and go to

#2: Log in with the same Amazon account used for Firestick.

Sign in to Amazon

#3: Hover over to the search bar and type TikTok.

#4: Now select the TikTok app from the search results.

#5: Click Get this app and choose your Firestick name from the drop-down options.

TikTok on Firestick

#6: Wait for a few minutes until the app got installed on your selected Firestick or Fire TV device.

#7: Now, you can find the TikTok app on Firestick under the Apps and Games section.

TikTok on Firestick

#8: Open the app on your Firestick and enter your login credentials to access this service on the big screen.

How to Screen Mirror TikTok to Firestick

If your dont want to install the TikTok app on your Firestick, you can cast TikTok to your TV from your smartphone with the following steps.

#1: Go to the main menu on your Firestick and click on the Mirroring option to enable Firestick Mirroring.

click Mirroring from the list

#2: Make sure to connect your Firestick and smartphone with the same internet connection.

#3: Launch the TikTok app on your Android device.

Google Play Store

#4: Then, visit the Notification Center and click on the Cast option.

Click Cast from the list

#5: Select your Firestick device from the displayed set of options.

#6: Once connected, play any video and start streaming it on your Firestick device.

TikTok on Firestick

How to Stream TikTok Anywhere in the World

TikTok is officially banned in some countries like India, Russia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. To access TikTok from your home location, you can use a trusted VPN for Firestick. Here we will use NordVPN to stream TikTok without any geo-restriction.

#1: Launch the NordVPN on Firestick from the Amazon App Store.

#2: Provide your account credentials to sign in.

sign in with your account details

#3: Click OK on the confirmation Request page.

#4: Select any server location to connect.

select a server to connect

#5: Once connected, start streaming your favorite video on TikTok.

All the videos on TikTok on Firestick are completely legal to watch, and there are unlimited videos in good resolution. Get endless entertainment from different categories, including music, dance, comedy, animal videos, sports, and many more. This app is regularly updated with new editing tools and creative designs to enhance your video the way you want.

Best Alternatives

TikTok is a social media platform that offers videos across various genres. But TikTok is banned in several countries for security and child safety reasons. In any case, if you dont want to stream TikTok, you can check similar apps like


Is TikTok free to stream?

Yes, the TikTok app is completely free to install and use.

Is TikTok app safe to use?

Yes, the TikTok app is safe and legal to use.