Key Notes

  • Silk Browser Direct Installation: Launch Fire TV → Find Search tab→ Search Silk Browser → Tap Get to Install.
  • Using Amazon Website: Go to Amazon WebsiteSign in → Search for Silk Browser → Click Get App → Select your device to install.

Silk Browser is one of the leading and fastest web browsers developed by Amazon. It is a highly-secured software that encrypts your searches and protects your privacy. Silk Browser is a handy tool for instant surfing to get whatever you need. You can also share a bookmark to the Silk Browser on other Firestick devices. Moreover, this browser is integrated with Alexa voice control, which lets you enter the search by using voice. You can also save passwords for easy access. It works fine on all Amazon devices like Amazon Echo, Kindle, Fire Tablet, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Lite, etc.

How to Download Silk Browser on Firestick

As we said earlier, Silk Browser is an official app to install. You can get the app directly from Amazon App Store.

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#1: Launch the Firestick and navigate to the Firestick Home screen.

#2: You must ensure that Firestick or Fire TV is connected to the internet.

#3: Select the Find icon and click on the Search option.

Click search under Find Category

#4: Type Silk Browser and search for it.

silk Browser on Firestick

#5: Next, pick the Silk browser app from the results.

#6: On the App description screen, select the Download button.

Silk Browser on Firestick

#7: After completing the installation process, select Open to launch the Browser on your Firestick.

Silk Browser on Firestick

#8: You can surf the internet and even access streaming services too.

Silk Browser on Firestick

How to Get Silk Browser on Firestick

Other than Amazon App Store, you can install the Silk browser directly from Amazon’s official Website.

#1: Open the Web browser and visit

#2: Sign in with your Amazon account.

#3: Go to the Amazon search bar and type Silk browser.

Silk Browser on Firestick

#4: Select the Silk Browser from the suggestion.

#5: Click on Get the App from the app information screen.

#6: Then select your Firestick under Device. It will automatically install this app on your Firestick.

#7: Now, open the Firestick and go to Apps & Games section to find the Silk Browser.

Amazon Silk Browser is an entirely free app. You can install it directly onto your Firestick and get a better browsing experience on a big screen. The app interface is simple and comfortable, with Alexa voice integration to access the website, watch videos, and many more.

How to Watch Free Movies with Silk Browser

Streaming free movies on Firestick with Silk Browser is very simple and easy.

#1: Launch the Amazon Silk Browser on Firestick.

#2: Click Accept to agree to their terms and conditions.

Click Accept Terms

#3: You will now reach the page.

enter the URL and click Go

#4: Select the search bar and enter the URL of any free movie streaming sites.

#5: Click the Go option.

#6: Once you reach the site, select any content ad start streaming.

Best Alternatives

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Is Silk Browser safe and legal to use?

Yes, the Silk Browser app is completely safe and legal to use.

Is Silk Browser free?

Yes, the Silk Browser is free to install and use.