Kodi (previously XBMC or Xbox Media Centre) doesn’t need an introduction! Yes, being one of the popular media streamers, the term is very common among cord-cutting fanatics especially in the US and UK. Kodi is completely customizable with skins, add-ons, and plugins. You can handle Kodi the way you want and stream any video, music, etc as it an open-source software. Kodi is completely FREE to use which makes it very approachable to the users. Kodi is constantly backed by its team of developers who update and improve it frequently. In this guide let us discuss the steps to install Kodi on Mac. Kodi is on its latest version Kodi 18 Leia and will see to install the same.

Kodi is so versatile that, you can use it to organize your local media and manage them in a single place. With its add-ons and plugins, you can stream from a lot of sources both legal and illegal. Kodi doesn’t have content on its own and it has posed no restrictions on streaming content from the internet. The Kodi is available on almost all the major platforms like Android, iOs, Windows, Linux, etc. so you can easily install it on your mobile phones, tablets, TV boxes like Firestick, etc.

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Steps to Install Kodi on Mac

To install Kodi on Mac, follow the steps below.

#1 Go to www.Kodi.TV/download.

#2 Scroll down. Under choose your weapon, click on MacOS.

kodi on mac
kodi on mac

#3 Click the Installer 64 Bit to download the Kodi on Mac.

#4 Use Safari to download instead if you use Chrome browser you will have to go through a few extra steps to download Kodi.

#5 After download, drag the downloaded DMG file to the Applications folder.

#6 Now open Kodi on Mac.

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Setup Kodi on Mac for the First Time

Once installed, open Kodi on Mac.

#1 For the first time, you will see the Kodi interface fully blank.

#2 Hover the mouse over the Movies on the left pane.

#3 Click Enter files section.

#4 Click on Add Videos.

#5 Click Browse to add the folder or directory where you have your files locally or the location of the hard drive or NAS device.

#6 Finally click OK when you have selected your media folder and click OK once again.

You can see the movies being updated to Kodi on the top right. With the same way, repeat the steps above to add your videos, music, TV shows library to Kodi.

How to Add Addons and Plugins on Kodi for Mac

With the addons and plugins, Kodi becomes immensely powerful. Kodi has its own official Addon repository called the Kodi addon repository. The addons here are legit and legal. They don’t encourage add-ons that have pirated and copyrighted content. Thus we have a lot of third-party Kodi addons and plugins available.

Install Official Kodi addons on Mac

You can do this within minutes using the steps below.

#1 Click Addons on the left pane.

#2 Scroll down and click on Download. Here you have all the official Kodi addons listed under different categories.

#3 Choose a category by clicking on it.

#4 Now click on any addon.

kodi on mac

#5 Click Install on the bottom right.

Now press escape to return to the addons list. Click on any category and repeat the same steps.

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Install Third Party Kodi addons on Mac

In case you wish to install certain third-party Kodi addons that you don’t find in the official Kodi repository, see the steps below.

#1 On the Kodi home, click the Package installer (box icon).

#2 Click Install from repository.

#3 Click on the name of the repository.

#4 Click the category of the addon if displayed.

#5 Click on the name of the addon to be installed.

#6 Click Install on the bottom right.

To Sum up

Kodi is an all in one media streamer on Mac. You can use it to stream movies, TV shos, videos, music, games, etc. Though Kodi is completely legit, it is upto you to the way you want. Using the third-party Kodi addons and plugins, you can stream the geo-restricted contents and even the pirated movies, videos, etc. Always use a VPN with Kodi to play safely on Mac. There are a lot of Kodi VPNs available for Mac for you to use. Comment below if you have successfully installed Kodi on Mac.