AirPlay is a proprietary protocol by Apple which allows wireless streaming of audio, video and photos between devices. Sharing photos, videos, images and other content between iOS devices is easy but how about using doing it with the Firestick? Let us see in this post. Apple devices always come with the trademark that is closely bond between Apple environment. If you use iPhone and Amazon Firestick, the file-sharing between the devices is not easy. To access your iPhone or Apple devices’ content with your Firestick, you need to do some simple things. So let us see how to airplay contents from iPhone/ iPad to your firestick.

With AirPlay, you can get to watch and listen to any of your media files on other Apple devices. AirPlay comes with the minor circle of access that is only with the iOS devices. There are no complex steps needed to connect your iOS device with other devices. Simply follow the steps below to easily use airplay on firestick.

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  • With AirPlay, the user has the access to share all the files between Apple devices wirelessly with a single click and also with other WiFi-enabled devices.
  • By using Apple mirroring, you can do immense things through Firestick.
  • With AirPlay on Firestick, the user get to stream 4K HDR videos.

How to get AirPlay on Firestick

AirPlay can’t be accessed on Firestick directly. You need to install the AirScreen from Amazon store. AirScreen will mirror the contents on iOS devices to Firestick.

How to install AirScreen on Firestick

AirScreen is one of the best apps to mirror iOS devices’s contents on Firestick. Follow the below mentioned steps to know how to install AirScreen on your Amazon Firestick.

#1 Go to in your smartphone or PC. Enter the login credentials which you have been using in the Fire TV stick.

#2 Search for AirScreen in the Amazon search bar. From the search results, choose the respective app.

#3 In the purchase page, move to the right side of the page and click Deliver To.

AirPlay on Firestick

#4 Choose your Firestick device from the list.

#5 After doing this, AirScreen will be installed on your Firestick smart TV.

Steps to connect AirPlay on Firestick using AirScreen

After the successful installation of the AirScreen app, open the app. Make sure that your Firestick and iOS device are connected to the same WiFi network.

#1 On opening the app, it will search for any nearby iOS device.

AirPlay on Firestick

#2 On your iOS device, open the Control center.

#3 Tap the Screen Mirroring and choose your Amazon Firestick smart TV.

AirPlay on Firestick

#4 After doing this, you will notice that your iOS device’s screen will be mirrored to your Amazon Firestick.

#5 To stop mirroring, go to the Screen Mirroring and click Stop Mirroring.

AirPlay on Firestick


AirPlay is the best app to share iOS contents between iOS devices and other devices. With AirPlay on your Firestick, you can share, watch, listen to any of the iOS content with ease. Know how to use AirPlay on your Firestick by reading the above instruction carefully. Stream any of your iOS content on your smart TV with this method. If you have any doubts or queries, let us know in the comments section.