Everyone who has Fire TV in their home will have Firestick remote along with them. The Firestick remote is basically used to control and navigate in Fire TV. Unlike normal TV remotes, Amazon Firestick remote is different, and it has more features. The major plus in having Fire TV is that you can control it by using Firestick remote app available on both Android and Apple Stores. If you have purchased a new Fire TV or if you are facing Firestick remote not working issues, then you must not miss this article to open it and change the batteries. Firestick remotes have strange opinions among the users. Why so? We will explain that too. In this article, we have directed you on how to open Firestick remote by different methods.

Steps on How to Open Firestick Remote

#1 Turn Over Firestick Remote

If you are looking to open your Amazon Firestick remote’s battery cover, first, you need to turn it upside down i.e., the back of the remote need to face you. Like typical TV remotes, Firestick remotes have a similar battery compartment at the back. Place your thumb finger on the cover and the other at the bottom edge of the cover. Now, you can easily open the cover by sliding it out.

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Remember that you can’t open the cover if you place your thumb on the sides. It seems to be easy stuff, but there is difficulty in it!

In Firestick remote, you may have seen that the remote is designed and made in a half-cylindrical shape. Also, the battery cover stretches to the edge of the remote. If you are trying to open the cover, it will get firmed. In the end, you can open the cover. But it will take a long time.

#2 Hold the Firestick Remote in a Vertical Position

Right now, hold your Firestick remote in the vertical position as you can open the cover by sliding. The reason behind holding it vertical is that you can give more force when you push the cover sidelong. Now, you can ask why it is too complicated? There are two reasons behind this.

-> Extension of the battery cover to the sides

-> Presence of a few micro-texture edges on the remote’s cover.

The micro-texture edges are mostly made at the time of the manufacturing process. These edges hold the cover, and it can’t be opened.

#3 Keep the Remote’s Front Part Facing Towards You

Now, keep your Firestick remote’s front-facing towards you. You may have noticed that the power button is present at the front. As the size of the remote is small, by using your thumb fingers, you can easily push the cover backward. By using this way, you can easily remove the remote’s battery cover.

#4 Placing Thumb on the Notch

Most of the Firestick remotes have the presence of an indent i.e., a notch at the battery covers. You can see a miniature shape that is raised in the battery cover. Firestick remote covers have their locks at the end. Place the thumb finger at the battery cover.

The indent changes depending on the version of the Firestick remote. Generally, the Firestick remote has two types of indents.

-> One is with two horizontal lines.

-> Other one has a horizontal line with an arrow.

Also, you can find flush circles on second-generation Firestick remotes. As the remote has the presence of micro-texture edges, it is tough to open the cover. You can use gloves as you can get some grip to hold and push the cover.

#5 Placing Thumb on Other End

Place the thumb finger of your other hand on the counter end. You can notice that the locks of the remote cover will be mostly at the ends. If you place both the thumbs near each other, your thumbs will be exhausted.

Placing the thumbs on the opposite ends can give more comfort and force. Just a little push on the cover with the help of your two thumbs. You can easily open the remote cover easily without exhibiting more force.

If you are using a new Fire TV remote, then insert new batteries and start pairing your Firestick remote. This article will help you to understand your Fire TV remote more. You can also use Alexa to manage your Firestick without a remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open the remote of the 3rd Generation Firestick TV remote?

Yes, you can follow the above steps to open the Firestick remote.

How to open the remote of the 4K Fire TV stick?

Flip the remote and hold it in a vertical position. Using your thumb, press downwards till the entire cover slides fully away from the remote.

Can you use the Firestick device without a remote?

Yes, you can use Firestick without a remote.