The DejaVu addon is one of the best addons in Kodi with great features. When compared with other competitive addons, DejaVu Addon comes with a lot of streaming content. By using the DejaVu addon on Kodi, you can watch free movies, live TV shows, and music channels. Apart from that, they also offer movies in 4K ultra, sports channels, news channels, a channel for kids, debrid classic movies, live TV shows, documentaries, etc. Additionally, you will also get 24/7 channels. The prime part of the DejaVu addon is that they have the greatest collection of live TV channels. You can install the DejaVu addon on Kodi from the DejaVu repository.

Features of DejaVu Kodi Addon

DejaVu Addon comes with a ton of features in it. Some of them are

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  • Unlike other add-ons, the DejaVu addon takes only a few minutes to install in Kodi.
  • The user experience and interface are simple and easy to use.
  • The contents in this addon have categories that are additionally divided into sub-categories.
  • You can use this addon in Kodi free of cost.

How to Download DejaVu Addon on Kodi

Installing any addons in Kodi is a simple process. In Kodi, you can install any third-party addons from unknown sources. Prior to installing addons from unknown sources, remind that you need to enable the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ in Kodi. It’s a simple process.

Steps to Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi

Follow the below-given steps to install third-party addons from unknown sources

#1 Once you open Kodi, on the home page, click on the ‘Settings’ icon, which is of a round gear shape.

kodi home screen

#2 On that page, click on the ‘System‘ tab, which is under ‘Settings‘.

system tab in kodi

#3 Next, click on ‘Addons‘ on the left side menu.

addons menu in kodi

#4 You can see the option ‘Unknown Sources’ with a toggle button. Click on it, turn it ON.

enabling unknown sources in kodi to install dejavu addon

#5 A warning message will be displayed on the screen. Click on ‘Yes’. But ensure that the addon you are installing is safe and secure from malicious activities.

warning message after enabling unknown sources in kodi

#6 By clicking on ‘Yes’, you have enabled the installation of third-party addons from unknown sources.

Install DejaVu Addon in Kodi

#1 Go back to the ‘Home Page’ screen of Kodi again and click on the ‘Settings’ icon, which is of a round geared shape.

kodi home screen

#2 On the ‘Systems’ page, click on File Manager.

file manager in kodi

#3 You can see two options on the ‘File Manager’ page. Click on the latter one – ‘Add Source‘.

add source option in File manager

#4 A small dialog box ‘Add File Source‘ appears. Click on ‘None‘.

add file source window

#5 Next, in the new window, enter the URL in the path name box to fetch the media location.

#6 Enter the URL –

entering path to install dejavu addon

#7 Once you have entered the URL in the path name box, click on ‘OK‘.

#8 You need to enter the name of the media source. Enter it as ‘Dejavu‘ in lowercase letters and click ‘OK‘.

changing media source name.

#9 Now, move back to the main menu, and click on ‘Addons’, which is on the left side.

addons in kodi

#10 In the ‘Addons’ page, click on the ‘Package‘ icon at the top left corner.

package icon in kodi

#11 After that, click ‘Install from zip file‘.

selecting install from zip file option for installing dejavu addon

#12 Click on ‘Dejavu‘, which is added as a Media Source Name in Kodi.

choosing dejavu in zip file to install dejavu addon

#13 Next, in the given options, select ‘‘.

installing dejavu repo from zip file

#14 The DejaVu Repo will get installed, and you will get a notification as ‘DejaVu Repo Add-on installed‘ in the top right corner.

How to Get DejaVu Addon From Repository

#1 Then, click on ‘Install from Repository.

install from repository option in Kodi

#2 In the repositories, click on ‘DejaVu Repo‘.

dejavu repository

#3 Afterwards, click on ‘Video Addons

video add-ons option in repository

#4 Select the ‘Dejavu‘ addon.

dejavu under video add-ons

#5 Click on ‘Install‘, which is at the bottom of the page, to install the addon.

installing dejavu addon in kodi

#6 Following that, you will see a dialog box appears with a list of additional addons which will get installed along with ‘DejaVu‘. Click ‘OK

installing dejavu additional addons in kodi

#7 During the installation process of the ‘DejaVu’ addon, a prompt window could appear from the ‘Youtube’ addon asking ‘Execute setup-wizard?‘. Select ‘No‘.

youtube setup wizard

#8 It will take a few minutes to install the DejaVu addon in Kodi. Once the process gets completed, you will get a notification in the top right corner as ‘DejaVu Add-on installed’.

Finally, you have installed ‘DejaVu Addon’ in Kodi.

How to use DejaVu Addon in Kodi

#1 Click on ‘Add-ons’ on the home screen of Kodi.

#2 Then click on ‘Video add-ons’. Select ‘DejaVu add-on.’

dejavu kodi addon

#3 In the home screen of ‘DejaVu’, you can find several categories.

#4 Click on your favorite section from the list.

dejavu addon home page in Kodi

#5 Enjoy the streaming using the DejaVu addon in Kodi.

Using VPN on Kodi

To install an addon or build from other sources, you need a VPN in order to protect and keep your privacy more secured. The simple way to use a VPN on Kodi is by installing a VPN on the device where you are using Kodi. For example, if you are accessing Kodi on Firestick, then you can install a VPN on Firestick TV. Thus by using VPN, you can install addons or build in Kodi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DejaVu Addon on Kodi?

No, DejaVu Addon is not available in the official Kodi repository.

How long does it take to install DejaVu Addon in Kodi?

Normally, it takes only 2-3 minutes to install DejaVu Addon in Kodi.

How to fix DejaVu not working on Kodi?

If your Dejavu addon is not working on Kodi, you can follow the basic Kodi not working fixes like restarting your device, updating Kodi, and clearing the Kodi cache.