Amazon Firestick is the best streaming device out there when compared to its rivals. We stream a lot using this streaming device and it is the best cable TV alternative. Further, it supports both official apps and unofficial apps. However, hackers can connect to our TV through OOT services and get access to our data. So, there are a lot of possibilities for hackers to steal your information. Therefore, you must protect your device. To do so, you must install an antivirus on your Firestick device. Antivirus is nothing but a software used to prevent, scan, detect and delete viruses from your device. Once you install the a ntivirus, it automatically does its job in the background. Further, it also protects your files and hardware from malware like spyware, Trojan horses. In the below section of this guide, let’s look at the procedure to install Antivirus on Firestick.

How to Install Antivirus for Firestick

There are a lot of antivirus software available for Firestick. Some of them are available in the store and some are not available. So, we have to know the procedure for both apps. The below section will help you in detail.

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How to Install Antivirus for Firestick Directly

[1] Connect your Firestick to your TV HDMI port and connect the device to a wifi network.

[2] Once done, go to the Firestick home screen.

[3] Tap on the Find menu and select the Search option.

click search menu to install antivirus for firestick

[4] Search for the antivirus software that you prefer for your device using the on-screen keyboard.

search for the antivirus to install it on Firestick

[5] Select the software from the suggestions.

[6] Click Get or Download to install the app.

[7] Once done click Open to launch the app.

How to Sideload Antivirus for Firestick

[1] Hover to Settings from the home screen.

[2] Select My Fire TV under settings.

[3] Click Developer Options from the next screen.

click developer options from the screen

[4] Tap on Apps from Unknown Sources.

select apps from unknown sources to install antivirus for firestick

[5] Select Turn On.

click turn on to enable the unknown sources

[6] Navigate to the home screen and hover on the Search icon.

[7] Enter Downloader and select the app that shows under the results.

[8] Select Downloader from the app store.

[9] Click Download and click on Open and then Allow.

click get to download downloader app

[10] Enter the URL of the antivirus that you want to install and click on Go.

enter the download link to download antivirus for firestick

[11] When the file is downloaded, click Install to install the app.

[12] Further, click Open to launch the app.


Antivirus begins to check your Firestick device programs and files against a database of known types of malware. It keeps track of all the new viruses that are constantly being created and distributed by hackers. Thus the software will scan your device for the possibilities of a new or unknown type of malware threats. In addition, the antivirus gives you warning about dangerous websites and links before you click. And it keeps your online accounts protected with secure password encryption. Find out the best antivirus for firestick and install it on your device.