Are you becoming frustrated with the Netflix restrictions? Are your search results constantly running into blocks? Getting tired of showing the same message “Whoops, something went wrong” again and again? Well, then you’ve already seen that message for the last time. From today, it won’t happen again in the future. In today’s article, I’ll let you know why it is happening to you and how you can bypass or fix the Netflix Proxy Error.

Suppose, you’re trying to watch ‘Twin Peaks’ from Germany, Netflix will show you an error message. Do you know why? The answer is very simple that Netflix deliberately reserves this content for American users. And, the streaming platforms give the access permission of some particular content only to the country-specific VPN server.

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When you’re in Germany, your device and network are connected with the German Internet server that can’t be able to play this video.  But, there is a trick that can let you bypass such geo-restrictions.

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Once your device gets connected to the proper server, automatically the Netflix videos that you’re trying to watch will be unblocked.

How to Bypass Netflix proxy errors?

Follow these simple steps carefully to easily bypass Netflix proxy errors.

Step 1: Choose a reliable VPN:

Choose one of the most trusted VPNs like ExpressVPN that works well on a wide range of online streaming platforms and streaming devices. Such a reliable VPN connection completely avoids online surveillance and geo-blocking also provides tight security and superb streaming speed.

Mainly, most of the popular VPN services like ExpressVPN have expanded their server’s list in different cities, countries, and regions. You can access the servers of more than 90 different countries with ‘ExpressVPN’.

Step 2: Check Compatibility:

Similarly, if you want to enjoy Netflix service full of freedom; install a quality VPN at first on your steaming device. If you have an Amazon Firestick, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV box, Apple TV, WD TV Google Chromecast, and other VPN compatible streaming devices, you’ll not have any issues during VPN installation.

But, there are some streaming devices like Roku TV that do not support VPN connections. In case you have such a VPN conflicting streaming device, install, and set up the VPN application on your routers. Also, you can connect your laptop, Tab, or android mobile to the VPN network, and then screen-cast it to your smart TV.

Moreover, you can share a Wi-Fi hotspot from the laptop or mobile where you installed a VPN and connect your TV on that VPN-enabled network to stream Netflix videos without any streaming restriction.

Step 3: Sign-Up for VPN Service

At first, buy a subscription according to your budget to get complete service.  The side-loaded VPN APK file or free version of a VPN application includes security risks all the time. So, I would not suggest you a side-loaded VPN. Before moving into the installation process, follow these steps –

Visit the official website of the VPN service provider > Create your user account on the VPN site > Buy a premium subscription > Sign In to your account using the credentials to link your chosen subscription.

Step 4: Download and Install the VPN

It’s time to download and install the VPN application on your chosen streaming device. Most of the popular VPN providers offer dedicated browser extensions or VPN apps to make the VPN services easy to use.

You will find these VPN tools and applications in the official app store of your streaming device. Like – if you have Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV find the VPN apps on the Amazon app store, or visit the Google Play store if you have a Google streaming device.  Select your chosen VPN app from the search list and press the ‘Download’ button. Once the download process gets finished; automatically, it will get installed on your device.  

Step 5: Connect VPN to Your Streaming Device

After installing the VPN application, open it from your device and Sign-In to your VPN account by typing the credentials.

Step 6: Avoid Netflix Proxy

Open your VPN app from your chosen streaming device, and connect your device to the server of your desired country. That means you need to select the particular server of a region where you would like to be appeared for streaming their Netflix shows.

Once the connection gets established, open your Netflix account again, and play what you want to watch.

Wrap Up

In this way, you can eliminate the Netflix proxy errors. Not only for Netflix shows, follow the same for unblocking the contents of all websites, gaming, and video streaming platforms. If Netflix is still showing proxy errors, try to connect with other VPN servers. Besides, you should clear cache, cookies, and web browser caches from the device. I hope all of those tricks will solve the proxy error problems instantly for sure. 

Keep your mind that you will not be able to watch all regional shows when your device stays connected with a foreign server. So, change the server only when you want to unblock country-specific content. If you wish to watch local shows on Netflix, choose the local VPN server or keep it automatic.