Key Notes

  • Apple Music is not available for Firestick, but you can listen to Apple Music using Alexa Skills.
  • You can enable Alexa Skills using the Amazon Alexa mobile app or Alexa Web.
  • Use Alexa voice commands to stream Apple Music on Firestick.
  • Cast Apple Music to Firestick using your Android smartphone.

Brave Browser is one of the well-known browsers with over 50 million users. It is a secure and private browser that automatically blocks ads and website trackers for safe browsing. Your private information will be secured safely, and it will not share, sell or lose your data. The app is compatible with downloading on various devices such as Desktop, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. On Firestick, Brave Browser was not available on the Amazon App Store. You need to jailbreak your Firestick to download the Brave Brower. Using third-party tools like Downloader/ ES File Explorer, you can get the application on Firestick.

Is It Safe to Use the Brave Browser?

If you wonder whether using Brave Browser is safe, we have scanned the Google official website to check the site status, and below are the search results.

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Scan results

The results indicated no issues on the Brave Browser. Thus, you can install Brave Browser on Firestick and use it without hesitation. However, you can use any Antivirus Software and a VPN when streaming content from an unverified streaming site.

How to Install Brave Browser on Firestick using Downloader

As mentioned above, Brave Browser is not in the Amazon App Store. Hence you need to side-load the application using the third-party tool downloader.

[1] Launch the Firestick and connect to a WiFi.

[2] Click on the Find option available on the Firestick Homescreen.

Choose Find option on Firestick

[3] Choose the Search option under the Find menu.

Open search icon

[4] Type Downloader using the virtual keyboard that appeared on your Firestick screen.

[5] Locate and select the Downloader name shown under the suggestion.

locate the Downloader name and select it

[6] Under Apps & Games, choose the Downloader icon.

choose the Downloader icon

[7] Once it is successfully downloaded, navigate to the Firestick Home screen and hit the Settings option.

open the settings option

[8] Choose My Fire TV under the Settings view.

Select My Fire TV

[9] Select the Developer Options under the My fire tv option.

Select the Developer options

[10] Toggle on the ABD Debugging and select Install unknown apps.

Choose the Install Unknown apps

[11] From the list of unknown apps shown on your Firestick Home screen, select the Downloader app and turn it on.

Toggle on the Downloader app to allow installation of Brave Browser on Firestick

[12] Once it is turned on, you will get a message on the screen that the downloader app is turned on.

How to Sideload the Brave Browser using the Downloader

[1] On the Firestick Homescreen, choose the Applications button.

Select the Applications icon

[2] Under Apps & Channels, select the Downloader app.

Click on Downloader app

[3] Open the application. If you are using the application for the first time, it will ask you to give permission to use your files. In that, choose the Allow option.

Hit Allow button to use the Downloader application

[4] Choose the Ok option on the Quick Start Guide.

Click OK

[5] On the app’s interface, you can find the Search Box at the top of the screen type and then click on the Go option.

Type the Brave Browser Url under the search box

[6] Hit the Download APK option.

Download the Brave Browser Firestick APK

[7] It will take a few minutes to download the application. Wait for a few minutes, and in the pop-up window, choose the Install option.

Install option

[8] And in the next pop-up window, choose the Done option. Now Brave Browser is available on your Firestick.

choose Done option

How to Install the Brave Browser on Firestick using the ES File Explorer

If you cannot install the application using the Downloader, then you can try using the below alternative method to install the Brave Browser on your Firestick.

[1] On the Firestick Home screen, choose the Find option and hit the Search tile.

Hit Find & Search option on Firestick

[2] Using the virtual keyboard, type ES File Explorer and locate it from the suggestion shown.

Type ES File Explorer using the Search keyboard

[3] Under the apps & games, choose the Es File explorer icon.

[4] Hit on the Download button to install the application on Firestick.

[5] Once it is successfully downloaded, go back to the Firestick Homecsreen and choose the Settings icon.

open the settings option

[6] Hit the My Fire TV option under the settings menu.

Select My Fire TV

[7] Choose the Developer Options under the My fire tv option.

Select the Developer options

[8] Toggle on the ABD Debugging and select Install unknown apps.

Choose the Install Unknown apps

[9] Turn on the ES File Explorer to install the third-party apps on Firestick.

How to Get the Browser using the Es File Explorer

[1] Open the Es File Explorer and choose the Downloader option.

Choose the Downloader app on ES File Explorer

[2] Hit on the +New tab present at the bottom of the screen.

Hit New tab

[3] A pop-up window will appear on your screen. In the path field, enter the download link of the Brave Browser.

[4] Under the name field, type Brave Browser and hit on Download Now option to get the apk file.

Enter Brave Browser path name and File name

[5] Hit on the Open file button and choose the Install option.

[6] Once the app is completely installed, choose the Open button to launch the browser.

How to Add Brave Browser to Firestick Homescreen

To get the Brave browser application on your Firestick Homescreen, follow the below steps.

[1] On your Firestick home screen, choose the three square + icon located on the right side of the screen.

Select the Applications icon

[2] Using the Firestick remote navigate to the Brave Browser application and press the Menu button (three horizontal lines) on your remote.

[3] On the pop-up menu, choose the Move option.

 Choose the Move option to place the Brave Browser on desired position

[4] Use the Directional Buttons on your Firestick remote to place the app in the desired position in the first row under the apps & channels.

[5] Now you can get the Brave Browser easily on the Firestick Home screen.

How to Use Brave Browser on Firestick

[1] Open the Brave Browser on Firestick and click on Continue on the welcome screen.

Hit on Continue option

[2] On the pop-up window, select the Not Now option.

select Not Now option

[3] On the next pop-up window, select Turn On Privacy Reports.

Turn on Privacy reports

[4] You will get the Home screen of Brave browser after choosing the Turn On Privacy Reports option.

[5] On the top of the screen, you can find the search option, type a URL address and enjoy browsing.

type any url on the Search bar to watch Brave Browser Firestick

More About Brave Browser

  • It has a free inbuilt third-party ad blocker.
  • Brave Browser is faster than other browsers. Thus, your search time will be reduced.
  • Brave tokens/Brave rewards will be issued in the application that can be used to buy the premium substance.
  • You can add media to your playlist and watch them without the internet.
  • It has an inbuilt Firewall + VPN. You can encrypt anything you do online.
  • You can get personalized news feeds from 100+ News outlets and content providers.
  • Brave Browser has an amazing night mode feature. You can easily view and read in the low light.
  • You can do video calls with the Brave Browser without any additional apps.

Brave Browser Alternatives

For more browsing options, you can check out the below best alternatives to the Brave Browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Brave Browser?

Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy are the co-founders of Brave Browser.

Is there a Premium Version of Brave Browser?

No. Brave Browser doesn’t have any premium version.

Is Brave Browser better than Firefox Reddit?

Brave Browser has more advanced features compared to Firefox. Brave Browser automatically blocks the ads, whereas Firefox Reddit doesn’t do it. Hence, Brave Browser is better than Firefox Reddit.