Key Notes

  • New Models: Home Settings My Fire TVAbout Network IP Address.
  • Older Models: Home Settings System About IP Address.

The IP address on Firestick is used for communication purposes. To connect your Firestick to other devices, you need the IP address. For instance, to use the abdLink tool, you need your Fire TV Stick’s IP address to connect the device to your PC. So you need to find the IP address and give access to the third-party services on Firestick. The methods for finding the IP address on Firestick depend on the version.

How to Find Firestick IP Address [Latest Models]

If your Fire TV is running on FireOS or above version, you can use the below steps to get the IP address. If you are using the older version, update your Firestick to get the new UI. As of now (Dec 2022), the latest version available for Amazon Fire TV Stick is FireOS (2593402180).

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1. Go to the Firestick home screen.

launch the Firestick home screen

2. Navigate to the Settings icon on the home screen. In some versions, you will have a different UI. But the steps remain the same.

3. Next, click the My Fire TV option.

click the My Fire TV option

4. On the next screen, choose About.

choose About to Find Firestick IP Address

5. Scroll down and click the Network option.

6. Here, you can find the details of your device, such as IP Address, Gateway, DNS, and MAC Address.

click the Network to find the IP address on Firestick

How to Find IP Address on Fire TV Stick [Older Models]

If you are using the 1st Gen Fire TV Stick, you can’t update the streaming device to its latest version. In that case, use the below steps to get the IP address.

1. Connect your Firestick device and launch the Home screen.

2. Scroll down to Settings and click Systems.

click Systems

3. In the System menu, click the About option.

click the About option to find IP address on Firestick

4. Tap the Network tab to find your Fire TV Stick IP address.

How to Find IP Address on Firestick Using PC

This is an alternative method to find the IP address of Firestick using other devices like PC. To do that, you need to scan the network on your PC. You can use any network scanners app like Angry IP to scan the networks on Windows, macOS, and Linux PC and get the Firestick’s IP address.

1. First, you must install the Angry IP on your PC from its official website.

2. After installing the Angry IP, launch it on your PC.

3. Navigate to Settings and click the Fetchers option.

4. Scroll down and tap MAC Vendor under Selected fetchers and hit Ok.

tap MAC Vendor

5. Now, the scanning process will begin.

6. After the scanning process, the MAC Vendor with Amazon is your Fire TV.

 find the IP address

8. You can find the IP address of your Fire TV Stick under the IP section.

How to Hide / Change IP Address on Firestick

The IP address on your Fire TV Stick is determined by its WiFi connection. When you connect your Firestick to a WiFi other than the home network, the IP address will be changed. With the IP address, you can get information like the device’s location, ISP, and more. The disadvantage of the static IP address is that you can’t access any geo-restricted content. To change the IP address and access geo-restricted content, you need to use VPNs on Firestick. Popular VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Cyber Ghost VPN are officially available on the Amazon App Store.

1. Go to the Firestick home screen by pressing the Home button.

2. Select the Find tab and click the Search tile.

3. Enter the VPN name that you want to install on your Firestick.

 Enter IPVanish VPN

4. Select the VPN application and click the Download button.

click the Download button

5. After installation, tap Open to launch the VPN.

6. Sign in with your account details and connect to any of the available locations.

7. Now, go to the Network settings and see the IP address. It will be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my Firestick IP address without a remote?

To get the Fire TV Stick IP address without using the remote, you can use the Angry IP tool on your PC to find the IP address.