Key Notes

  • Dish Anywhere Direct Installation: Launch Fire TV → Find Search tab→ Search Dish Anywhere → Tap Get to Install.
  • Install using Downloader: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources → Launch Downloader → Enter the URL → Click Go Install.
  • Activate Dish Anywhere: Launch Dish Anywhere → Accept Terms → Note the Activation code → Go to the activation page → Login → Enter the Code → Activate.

DISH Anywhere is an American-based streaming platform that allows you to watch live, recorded, on-demand shows. It streams content across various categories like Sports, movies, shows, and News. You can get popular shows from showtime, Starz, EPIX, and many more. It is compatible with streaming on various devices like computers, smartphones, Tablets, Android TV, Apple TVs, iOS devices, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc. Get free access to the DISH Anywhere if you have subscribed to DISH. You can install the DISH Anywhere application on Firestick directly from the Amazon App Store.

DISH Packages

If you have subscribed to DISH packages and the DISH Anywhere package application is free to download in the Amazon App store. Below are the four different packages offered by DISH Services.

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Is DISH Anywhere Safe to Use?

If you wonder whether using DISH Anywhere is safe, we have scanned the Google official website to check the site status, and below are the search results.

DISH Anywhere scan results

The results indicated no issues on the DISH Anywhere. Thus, you can install DISH Anywhere on Firestick and use it without hesitation. However, you can use any Antivirus Software and a VPN when streaming content from an unverified streaming site.

How to Install DISH Anywhere on Firestick

DISH Anywhere is available on the Amazon App store hence you can get the app directly from it by following the below steps.

[1] Launch the Firestick and click on the Find tab.

Select Find

[2] Navigate to the Search tab under the find option.

Select Search option

[3] Using the virtual Keyboard, type DISH Anywhere and locate the app name from the suggestion on the Firestick screen.

Type DISH Anywhere on Firestick using onscreen keyboard

[4] Under the apps & section, hit on the DISH Anywhere logo.

Select the DISH Anywhere icon

[4] Hit on the Get icon available under the app description.

Hit on Get icon

[5] Once the app is completely installed on your Firestick, hit the Open button to stream the DISH Anywhere.

How to Activate the DISH Anywhere app on your Firestick

Once you have downloaded the application, you need to activate it to use the DISH Anywhere on Firestick. You will require three items hopper, Amazon Fire TV/ Firestick, and a DISH authentication code. Follow the below steps to activate the DISH Anywhere on your Firestick.

[1] Once the DISH Anywhere application has opened, it will show an end user agreement read the terms & conditions, and click on the I Accept button available on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Accept the DISH Anywhere terms & conditions shown on the Firestick

[2] An Activation Code will be displayed on your Firestick Homecsreen make note of it.

[3] On your PC/Smartphone, launch any web browser and go to and login with your dish network account credentials.

DISH Anywhere login page

[4] Enter the activation code you have noted down on the respective fields shown on your PC/Smartphone.

Enter the DISH Anywhere Activation code displayed on your Firestick

[5] Now the app got activated, you can stream the content of DISH Anywhere on your Firestick.

Alternative Method: How to Stream DISH Anywhere using the Amazon Silk Browser

Using any web browser available on your Firestick, you can stream the content of DISH Anywhere.

[1] Press the Home Button on your Firestick and choose the Find option.

Select Find

[2] Hit the Search option available at the top of the screen.

Select Search option

[3] Use the virtual keyboard and type Silk Browser, and select the correct name from the suggestion shown.

Type Silk Browser on the onscreen keyboard

[4] On the app description page, under the apps & games, select the Amazon Silk Browser icon.

Hit the Silk Browser icon to stream DISH Anywhere on Firestick

[5] At the bottom of the screen above the Trailers and screenshots, Select the Download option.

Select the Download option

[6] Once it is completely downloaded, you will get the Open icon, click on that.

Choose the Open option

[7] A new screen will appear on the screen with terms & conditions, read it and click on Accept terms.

Hit on Accept terms

[8] You will get a default window with, now type the URL and click on the Go option.

Type the DISH Anywhere link

[9] Select the Login option on the top right corner of the screen, provide your login credentials, and start streaming the shows.

on Firestick DISH Anywhere home page view

DISH Anywhere Not working on Firestick

You should fix the issues on DISH Anywhere to continue using its services. The possible problems and their solutions are listed below.

[1] Ensure you have provided the correct Online ID and Password while logging in.

[2] DISH Anywhere requires a Stable internet Connection to stream its content without any glitches. If any issues with your network connection, try to fix them.

[3] Try to close the application and relaunch the application.

[4] Clear the app cache and relaunch the application.

[5] You can uninstall the application and install it back on your Firestick device.

[6] If your application stopped working all of a sudden, then you need to reboot the application to make it work.

[7] Ensure you use the updated version of your Firestick OS.

[8] To resolve temporary issues, you need to reboot your firestick.

[9] At last, you can contact the helpdesk team to resolve the not working issues.

How Do I Set Parental Controls on Dish Anywhere

Login to the DISH Anywhere accounts and follow the below steps.
Choose the Profile icon -> Navigate to Manage Profile -> Select the Pencil icon on the account you need to set parental controls and change the account type to Kids -> select the movies and TV shows that you need to hide
-> Create passcode to save the changes.
The content you have blocked will appear on the screen, but if you click on that video, it will ask you to provide the Passcode to stream the content.

DISH Anywhere Alternatives

Below are the best alternatives which are similar to the DISH Anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get DISH Anywhere on Roku?

You can stream DISH Anywhere by casting your smartphone to Roku.