Amazon Firestick and Fire TV are popular media streaming tools used today. The ease of using it and its ability to instantly turn your TV to a smart TV has made it reach millions. Simply plug in Firestick to HDMI port on your TV and connect to WiFi network to immediately stream movies, TV shows and live channels on the big screen. Both devices supports plenty of apps to download. Not only apps, you can also download and play your favourite games on TV. You can install these from the in-built Amazon App Store which contains a plethora of apps & games. People generally can’t decide between choosing Firestick vs Fire TV.

As Amazon Fire devices run on the fork of Android, you can easily sideload third-party apps on to the Firestick and FireTV. These two devices have similar names with few different features. These are trouble-free devices to stream content on your TV screen. You need to know which one is the best by comparing these two devices. So let us see the pros and cons of the Firestick and Fire TV in this article.

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Amazon Firestick Vs Fire TV

The Basics

Firestick is like a small flash drive which is connected to HDMI port on your TV. It supports good video quality and allows access to over more than 50000 movies and TV shows. It comes with Firestick remote to control its functions. A firestick is a handy tool capable of connecting to any smart TV or a TV with HDM port.

Amazon Firestick Vs Fire TV

FireTV is slightly large in size and looks like a square box with more connections and technology packed inside. Fire TV comes with a power cable and adapter that plugs into a wall outlet, as well as a remote. It costs high when compared to Firestick but comes with a more powerful processor. It is perfect for the main TV in the living room.

Audio Support

Amazon Firestick Vs Fire TV Comparison

Fire TV supports high-quality audio standard including Dolby atmos, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. With this feature, you are experiencing theatre sound quality and effects while streaming.

Firestick supports Dolby Audio, 5.1 surround sound and HDMI audio pass-through up to 7.1 sound quality. It also gives a better streaming experience. Firestick takes a bit longer to start up when compared to Fire TV. Both give identical experience when streaming with apps.

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Video Resolution

Amazon Firestick Vs Fire TV Comparison

Video Resolution is one of the major difference between the Amazon Fire TV and the Firestick. Fire TV is a square-shaped box, slightly smaller to CD player. It supports High Dynamic Range video quality which extends the range of viewing colours of your media content. All HD and 4K Ultra HD video contents are supported by Fire TV device.

While using the standard Firestick you are allowed to stream up to a maximum of 1080p HD formats. Amazon introduced Firestick 4K which supports all the video resolutions up to 4K HDR along with a Alexa voice remote.

RAM and Storage

Both Firestick and Fire TV are provided with decent RAM. Firestick is developed with dual-core processor backed up with 1 GB RAM. The Fire TV comes with the quad-core processor up to 2 GB RAM. When considering RAM, Fire TV has an edge over Firestick. Both the devices supports dual-band WiFi which goes up to the 802.11ac standard, whereas the Fire Stick only goes up to 802.11n. Both the devices come with 8 GB internal storage.

Alexa Voice Integration

Amazon Firestick Vs Fire TV

Firestick and Fire TV comes with a Remote which supports Alexa Voice feature. The Alexa voice remote provides all the power of Alexa without buying an Echo or Dot. You can search, pause, rewind and do much more with the Alexa voice commands. Press and hold the voice search button on remote to control the whole TV using firestick or fire tv. When you are using Alexa on your Fire TV, you can go beyond basic streaming functions.

Amazon launched the free Fire TV Remote App for Android and iOS devices that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

Channels and Games

Firestick and Fire TV supports a large number of channels and games. Both the devices are provided with more than 5000 Firestick channels and 1000+ gaming apps. It is better to choose Fire TV because the video quality of streaming is very high if you are a movie enthusiast. The better picture quality gives good gaming experience. You can watch live TV channels, latest movies and recently aired TV shows from different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling and many more.


Firestick is Amazon’s basic model which costs $39.99 whereas the Fire TV costs $100. Fire TV comes with an Alexa voice remote but Firestick comes with a voice remote only in the latest 4K model. Amazon Prime Member can get access to all the prime contents exclusively on firestick and also on the Prime Video app on Android & iOS.

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To Conclude

Among Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, most of the features are similar to both the devices. Among these two, the Firestick is more convenient as Fire TV. Firestick is perfect for portable streaming of media contents and live TV whenever and wherever you want. But while considering video and audio quality, Fire TV is so good than Firestick. Now it is up to to you to choose from Firestick vs Fire TV based on which device suits you the best.