Amazon Firestick is the finest media streaming device to connect with your home Television. You can stream all your favorite shows, movies, live TV, and on-demand content through Firestick. With that, you can get access to additive games and other harsh content. However, there is no need to worry about it, as the Amazon Firestick or Fire TV comes with a comprehensive set of parental controls, which helps to restrict your kids from age-restricted content. The parental control setup is very important while bringing digital content into your home. While setting up your Firestick, you can easily enable the Parental controls feature with the time set up. In case you didn’t enable parental control during setup, it can be done later from Firestick settings.

How to Enable Parental Controls on Firestick

Quick Guide: On Firestick home, click Settings > Preferences > Parental Controls > Click Parental Control again to confirm > Create a Pin > Click Ok to confirm.

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#1: Connect your Firestick with the HDMI port on the TV and turn it on.

#2: Ensure to connect your Firestick with an internet connection.

#3: Go to the Firestick Home screen and navigate to Settings.

Click on the Settings icon on the home screen

#4: Select the Preference option from the settings page.

Select Preferences under My Fires TV

#5: Select the Parental Controls option.

select Parental Controls under preferences

#6: Again, select Parental Controls on the next page.

#7: Now create a PIN for your Amazon account.

Enable Parental Controls on Firestick

Note: Create a PIN and put together the parental controls to block the kids from purchasing apps, and prevent accessing matured contents and other specified activities.

#8: After that, click OK.

Enable Parental Controls on Firestick

That’s it. The Parental controls on your Firestick or Fire TV are enabled.

How to Change Parental Control PIN on Firestick

If you had shared the PIN with others or your kid found your Protection code, you can easily change the PIN.

#1: Go to Firestick Settings and choose the Preference option.

Select Preferences under My Fires TV

#2: Select the Parental control option.

select Parental Controls under preferences

#3: Again, tap the Parental control menu option.

#4: Now enter your existing PIN.

#5: Choose the Change Pin option.

Change Parental Control PIN

#6: On the next screen, you need to enter your PIN and click Next.

Enter your existing PIN

Note: If you forgot your existing PIN, you can visit to reset it.

#7: Then enter your New Parental Controls PIN and Next.

Enter new PIN

#8: Enter your New PIN to confirm.

Enter new Parental controls PIN

Now your Firestick Parental Control PIN is changed successfully.

How to Customize Parental Controls on Amazon Fire TV

#1: On the Parental controls page, select the PIN to protect purchases option.

#2: Select Viewing Restrictions and choose either one or all of the following options.

Customize Parental Controls
  • General – View contents suitable for General audiences.
  • Family – View contents suitable for both family and general audiences.
  • Teen – Offer contents suitable for teens and young adults. It also includes general and family content.
  • Mature – There are no restrictions and all contents are available to watch.
Customize Parental Controls

#3: After that, turn on PIN protect App Launches, it will ask you to enter the PIN whenever an app is launched.

Customize Parental Controls

#4: If you turn on the PIN Protect Prime Photos App to protect the Prime Photos App, you need to enter your PIN every time to view your photos and videos stored in Amazon Drive.

Alternate Method: How to Put Parental Controls on Amazon Firestick

As an alternate method, you can use the Amazon FreeTime app to set up parental controls on Firestick. Not only, this app restricts age-appropriate content, but it also helps to limit screen time. Moreover, this app can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store. Here is what you need to know.

#1: Click on the Find title from the Home screen and select Search.

Click search under Find Category

#2: Search for Amazon FreeTime and select the app from the search results.

#3: Click Get to download and install the app.

click Get to install the app

#4: Click Open to launch Amazon FreeTime.

Click Open to launch the app

#5: On the FreeTime app home, click Get Started.

Tap Get Started to proceed

#6: Enter the PIN and provide your child’s info.

Setup Amazon FreeTime

#7: Tap Continue to proceed further.

The above procedures are required to enable the Parental Controls on your Firestick or Fire TV. Once done, your device will ask you to enter the PIN during app purchase and access matured contents. You can change the preferences as you wish. Set up Parental Controls in the Amazon Music app to block playback of songs that contains explicit words and phrases. To set up Parental Controls, the Firestick remote is required. Other than the Firestick remote control, you can also use the Fire TV mobile app to do your actions.


How to set a time limit on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

You can use Amazon FreeTime to set up a time limit on Firestick.

What is the best parental control app for Firestick?

Amazon FreeTime and Google Family Link are the two best parental control apps for Fire TV.

How to set Netflix parental control time limits?

On your Netflix account > go to Manage Profiles > set up your child profile and block all the age-restricted content with a pin.