In recent times watching online content through the internet is getting more and more popular. There are many options like IPTV, Live channels, video-on-demand content, and more. Getting IPTV via Kodi Add-on in Firestick is a good choice. Nowadays, many people have started using Add-on for watching much exclusive content on their Firestick device. In that sense going for Outlaw IPTV Firestick is one best option. It is a multi-scraper Addon from Sandman Media that contains plenty of Western content. Outlaw allows you to watch Western movies, Western TV shows, Classic TV collections, Western Comedy, and more. It offers various menu sections such as Best Crime Movies, Best war Movies, Best Black and White Classic movies, Best Gangster Movies, and many more.

We have explained here how to get Outlaw IPTV on Firestick. People who love to watch thrillers and crime stories will find Outlaw IPTV as the best one. You can find Movies and TV shows on Outlaw Kodi addon. This Kodi Addon can be installed from UKodi1 Repository and Sandman Repository. Outlaw Kodi Add-on provides a good set of entertainment for its users. You can also check out the list of best Kodi Addons.

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How to install Outlaw Kodi Add-on in Firestick

1. Go to Settings in Home Screen.

settings Outlaw IPTV Firestick

2. Select the File Manager icon.

File Manager Outlaw IPTV Firestick

3. Click Add Source option.

Add source Outlaw IPTV Firestick

4. Then, tap on the None option.

None Outlaw IPTV Firestick

5. Now, type the Outlaw IPTV repository link

URL Outlaw IPTV Firestick

6. Name the file name as Repo, or you can give any name which is easy for you to identify.

Repo Outlaw IPTV Firestick

7. Click on OK that displays on the screen.

ok Outlaw IPTV Firestick

8. Again, go to Home Screen and select Add-ons. For the new version of Kodi, click the Add-ons option from the Settings menu.

add-ons Outlaw IPTV Firestick

9. Then, select the Package Installer option, which is on the top left corner (it looks like an open box).

10. Click on Install from Zip File.

Install from Zip File

11. Select the file Repo (as you named it).

12. Now, select the file

13. You will get a notification stating Ukodi1 Repository Installed.

14. Select Install from repository on the next page.

15. Click Ukodi1 Repository.

16. Click the Video Add-ons option.

17. Select Outlaw from the list.

18. Now, click on the Install button.

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You can launch the Outlaw Kodi Add-on and start streaming it on your device. Select any video of your choice and enjoy watching it. Though the steps seem to be quite long, it is so simple to get Outlaw IPTV on Firestick. If you love to watch Thriller and adventure movies, then Outlaw IPTV is the best option. It has various categories, and If you want to stream movies peacefully, then enable VPN. You can watch Movies, TV shows, and even documentaries. You can find a lot of classic shows like The Lone Ranger. Zorro and more. Western, Military, and War documentaries can be found. IPTV is less secure than normal TV as it travels over the internet. Share your experience in the comments section.