Hard Nox Build is a stable and the best Kodi build designed by Misfits Mode Wizard. It comes with an easy user interface, artwork, and add-ons. The build provides users with high-quality video content streaming in 1080p and also in HD. The Hard Nox Build has several sections such as TV shows, movies, music channels, animation channels, and much more. Each section has its sub-menus. The advantage of using Hard Nox build is that it is preloaded with add-ons that include new ones too. More than everything, the build is available free of cost for the users. Install Hard Nox build in Kodi and use it on Firestick to experience the online streaming.

Also, every user has to note that Hardnox is free and comes under debrid build. For certain sections, you will require subscribed debrid account to experience it.

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Features of Hard Nox build

-> Hard Nox build comes with a theme which is of dark neon color. Also, if you need to change the skin or themes, you can easily customize it.

-> This build supports all devices such as Firestick TV, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

-> It comes up with more compatible audio and video formats.

-> The memory size of the Hard Nox build is just about 250 MB. It consumes less memory in devices and works well.

How to Install Hard Nox Build in Kodi

Installing any builds in Kodi is a simple process. Kodi has a feature where you can install builds from unknown sources. So before installing Hard Nox build in Kodi, you need to enable the installation of addons from unknown sources.

Steps to Enable Unknown Sources to Install Addons

Follow the below-given steps to install Hard Nox build in Kodi.

#1 First, open Kodi and go to the ‘Systems‘ page by clicking on the round gear icon.

kodi home screen

#2 There, click on the ‘Systems‘ tab under ‘Settings‘.

system tab in kodi

#3 Then go along with the add-ons.

addons menu in kodi

#4 You can see the option ‘Unknown sources‘. Click on that to switch ON.

enabling unknown sources in kodi to install hard nox build

#5 Now, click on ‘Yes‘ when you get a warning pop-up message. If you are installing an addon or any build-in Kodi, ensure that the build or addon is secure to use and does not bring off any suspicious activities.

warning message after enabling unknown sources in kodi

#6 You have enabled the installation of addons from unknown sources in Kodi.

Install Hard Nox Build in Kodi

#1 Click on the ‘Settings‘ gear option on the Kodi home screen.

#2 Then, click on the ‘File Manager‘ tab in System.

file manager in kodi

#3 In File Manager, you can see there is two options, ‘Profile Directory‘ and ‘Add Source‘. Click on the latter one.

add source option in File manager

#4 ‘Add File Source‘ window will appear, and click on ‘None.’

add file source window

#5 A new page will be displayed, where you need to enter the path name to fetch the media location.

#6 Type the path ‘http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/‘ in the path name box and click ‘OK‘.

entering path to install hard nox build

#7 You need to enter the name of the media source. By default, it will have ‘repo‘ as the media source name.

default media source name

#8 Click on that, enter the new media source name as ‘misfit mods’ in lowercase letters, and click ‘OK‘.

changing media source name.

#9 Now proceed back to the main menu. Click on ‘Addons‘ from the left-hand menus.

addons in kodi

#10 Inside the ‘Addons‘ menu, click on the ‘Package’ icon in the top left corner.

addons shortcut icon in kodi

#11 After getting into it, click ‘Install from Zip File‘.

selecting install from zip file option for installing hard nox build

#12 A warning message appears in a pop-up window. Click ‘Yes‘. (Also, remind that the build should be updated manually if any update is released).

enabling permissions to install hard nox build from zip file

#13 Next, click on ‘misfitmods’ which is added as a media source name in Kodi.

choosing misfit mods in zip file to install hard nox build

#14 From the given options, select ‘repository.misfits.zip‘.

installing hard nox build from zip file

How to Download Hard Nox Build from Repository

#15 Click on ‘Install from Repository‘.

install from repository option in Kodi

#16 After that, click ‘misfit mods Repository

misfit mods repository

#17 Then, go to ‘Program add-ons‘.

program add-ons option in repository

#18 Lastly, you can see the option ‘Misfit Mods Wizard 19‘. Select it.

misfit mods wizard under program add-ons

#19 Click on ‘Install‘.

installing misfit mods wizard

#20 A pop-up window appears. Select ‘OK‘ to install

#21 You will see a notification at the top right corner as ‘Misfit Mods Wizard 19‘ Add-on installed.

misfit mods wizard

#22 Enter into the ‘Misfit Mods Wizard 19’ and select ‘Continue.’

proceeding after program addons

#23 Automatically, a dialog box appears where you will have the option to choose the keep the current build data. Select ‘Build Menu.’

clicking on build menu

#24 Next, you can find a list of misfitmods build along with the version of it. Under ‘Matrix Builds‘, click on ‘Hard Nox Ultra.’

hard nox build option

#25 Select ‘Misfit Mods Wizard Install’.

getting into misfit mods wizard option to install hard nox build

#26 A confirmation window appears. Click ‘Yes, Install‘.

installing hard nox build

#27 The installation process will get started. After the installation process gets completed, just close and starts Kodi. You can use the Hard Nox Build in Kodi.

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Is Hard Nox legal and safe to use?

Hard Nox Build is not officially available in the Kodi repository. So streaming Hard Nox Build is not completely safe and legal to use.

What addons does Hard Nox Build have?

The Hard Nox has some of the best Kodi addons for streaming movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, etc.

Which type of build to choose under Hard Nox Build in Kodi?

You can either choose ‘Hard Nox Build Ultra’ or ‘Hard Nox Build Xtreme’ in Kodi according to your preferences and needs.