BMC Build has a smooth interface with great content selection. It is a very popular Kodi Build for movies and TV shows. There are two servers to download BMC, so you can try another server to install the build if one server does not work. BMC is the best Kodi Build for all popular streaming devices. BMC Kodi build is located in the Where The Monsters Live Repository. This is known for its Kodi 17 Krypton version but also works well with the Kodi 18 Leia version. This BMC Kodi build can be used on various Kodi-compatible devices like Firestick, Windows, Kodi on Mac, iOS, Linux, and many more.

You can install this build directly on Kodi. BMC, or The Badazz Media Center, to give it its full name is a very popular fork of Kodi. This is one of the best Builds on Kodi. A Kodi Build will install everything you need to run Kodi with one click. This step-by-step guide will show you how to install BMC Build on Kodi.

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Features of BMC Kodi Build

  1. The BMC Kodi Build has a smooth interface with great content selection.
  2. BMC features a list of categories like Movies, TV shows, Cool stuff, Kids club, sports, TV Guide, systems, and power.
  3. BMC Build includes some of the highlighted addons like Venom, Wolfpack, Magic Dragon, Midian, Fen, and many more.
  4. The BMC’s menu features a decent collection of builds for a range of Kodi-supported platforms.
  5. It offers a set of APKs, allowing you to install the builds separately on Android devices.

How to Install BMC Kodi Build

First of all, install the Kodi on Firestick. Then, you can follow the steps below to install the BMC Kodi Build.

1. Launch Kodi and Click on Settings.

settings- BMC Kodi Build

2. Click on the System option.

system -BMC Kodi Build

3. Click Unknown sources at the main pane.

Unknown source- BMC Kodi Build

4. Now click Yes to proceed.

Yes option -BMC Kodi Build

5. Go back to the setting page and select File Manager.

File manager -BMC Kodi Build

6. Click Add source option.

add source- BMC Kodi Build

7. Click <None> that displays.

None- BMC Kodi Build

8. Type this URL exactly as it is given


9. Make sure the typed URL is correct and click OK.

10. In the next box, type a source name of your choice, I`m typing as BMC, and then click OK.

Enter a source name.

11. Go back to the Settings window and click Add-ons.


12. Click on Install from Zip file.

install from Zip File

13. Now select the source name BMC you have typed before.


14. Click the Zip file URL

URL BMC Kodi Build

15. Once the repository is downloaded, you will receive a message.

INstall from Zip File BMC Kodi Build

16. Click Install from repository.

install from repository BMC Kodi Build

17. Next, click Where The Monsters Live Repository.

BMC Kodi Build

18. Now select Program add-ons that displays.

Program addons

19. Click on Badazz Media Center Wizard 2.

Badazz Media Center Wizard 2

20. Click the Install option that displays on the screen.

Install option

21. It takes a few minutes to install the app, and a success message will display on the screen once done.

Badazz Media Center Wizard 2

22. Now click Continue.


23. Click Ignore next to the build menu.

Click on Ignore option

24. Now, Click add-ons from the main menu.


25. Click Program add-ons.

 Program add-ons.

26. Click on Badazz Media Center Wizard 2.

27. Click Midian Builds from the list that appears.

Midian Builds

28. Choose Simply Leia Server 1 by scrolling down.

 Simply Leia Server 1

29. Select (BMC 2) Clears old data and installs fresh.

(BMC 2) Clears old data and installs fresh.

30. Now, click Continue.

Continue option

31. Wait for the BMC Kodi to install.

32. Click on Force Close from the message that appears on the screen.

Force Close

33. Now reopen Kodi from the Home menu.

BMC Kodi Buils

34. Launch the BMC Kodi Build.

35. Now you have successfully installed BMC Kodi Build.

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Select Search

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Search for ExpressVPN

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Install ExpressVPN

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Sign in to your account

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Connect to ExpressVPN on Firestick

To Conclude

BMC is a great Kodi Build for all streaming devices. We recommend resetting Kodi to default settings before installing any Kodi Build. You can do this easy process on any device where you have Kodi Installed. Kodi works smoothly with third-party builds or addons that provide free movies, TV shows, live channels, sports, etc. This Build works especially well with Real-Debrid integrated. Though the steps seem to be quite long, getting BMC Build on Kodi is so simple. Overall, BMC is a great build to work on any streaming device, including Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the BMC Build best for Firestick?

Yes, the BMC Kodi Build is one of the best for Firestick.

2. Is the BMC Kodi Build free?

Yes, the BMC Kodi Build is free to install and use.