VPN is a tool to unlock the geo-restricted contents without exposing your real identity and location. Firestick is a powerful medial steaming device that delivers materials from different online sources. Firestick is built-in with Amazon App store, which contains all its apps and services. Apart from the Apps Store, Firestick is compatible with a bunch of third party services. While accessing unauthorised sources, you are highly recommended to use a VPN on your Firestick. Using the best VPN for Firestick is risk-free, which comes with multi-layer encryption and protocols to add security. It acts as a shield or barriers to prevents your online activities from prying eyes, snoopers. There are an abundant number of VPN available for Firestick, but most of them are paid. Among them, here is the complete list of free VPN services for your Firestick.

Best Free VPN for Firestick

Here is the list of free VPN services, you can use on your Firestick device.

VPN Deal Alert

While streaming online, your IP is both visible to Governments and ISPs which they can use to track your identity and activity online. It is Safe to use a VPN while streaming copyrighted and geo-restricted content.

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With NordVPN you can achieve high streaming and downloading speeds, neglect ISP throttling, etc. And also with NordVPN you can generate and store strong passwords, Protect files in an encrypted cloud, and More.



Windscribe is one of the top free VPN for Firestick that enables you to browse privately on the web. It prevents unauthorized access, blocks annoying ads, and allows you to unblock the geo-restricted contents like Netflix Titles. It never allows third-party apps to track your information, and it will hide your real IP address. Watch geo-restricted entertainment shows from any country. With Widescribe VPN, no need to worry about your privacy, it prevents hackers from stealing your data while you are accessing Public WiFi. Windscribe has a pro version, but the free version is also satisfying.


ProtonVPN-Free VPN for Firestick

ProtonVPN is an open-source and free VPN service designed with all remarkable security features. It is provided with more than 630 servers from 46 countries along with secure encryption and protocols, no one tracks your online activities. ProtonVPN will hide your real identity and location while access to geo-restricted contents. Additionally, it blocks malware programs and doesn’t allow any advertisements. ProtonVPN is a free online privacy tool to defend yourself from dangerous sites. Meanwhile, it is also available in the Pro version.

See how to Install ProtonVPN for Firestick / Fire TV

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the free Firestick compatible VPN with military-grade encryption. This VPN will let you access your favorite content around the world without any restrictions. It will block malware and phishing sites to keep your online activities safe. It prevents you from being identified by third-party hackers, snoopers to track your personal information. Install Hotspot Shield on your Firestick, and you can enjoy unlimited streaming from all official and restricted websites, apps.



Hide.me is entirely a risk-free VPN to bypass censored contents and websites to access. It will protect your online identity through anonymous IP addresses and keep yourself stay away from spying eyes. It acts as a shield to avoid hackers from monitoring your activities. Hide.me is the right choice while accessing content over public WiFi. It features zero activity logs, and no one can snoop around.


TunnelBear-Free VPN for Firestick

TunnelBear is entirely a free VPN compatible with Firestick with more than 20 servers to hide your real identity. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use free VPN that secures your online activities wherever you are. TunnelBear will remove all location barriers and keep yourself stay secure. It never exposes your real identity to hackers while working or making any online transaction over the internet. Apart from these, the downside of TunnelBear is limited to 500 MB per day.

To conclude

These are free VPN services available for Firestick or Fire TV device, which also comes with lots of restrictions. These free VPNs come with different security features that encrypt your internet traffic and also secure your connection while accessing a home or public WiFi. However, using a premium VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN is preferred. Using VPN on Firestick will allow you to get hassle-free streaming in your home by unlocking copyright contents and streaming services.