Whether you use a legitimate streaming platform or sideloaded apps, interruption of ads can bring more frustration. To get rid of those ads, you can install Ad Blockers on Amazon Firestick. Ad Blocker prevents annoying advertisements, pop-up ads, banners, and auto-playing videos on your browser.

Though there are various ad blockers available online, it can be really tough to find the best fit for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Fortunately, we have curated the list of top ad blockers that are well-suited for Fire Stick devices and keep you away from unnecessary advertisements.

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In this article, we have covered the best ad blockers to use on your Amazon Firestick with features and pricing. The suggested ad blockers are more efficient in stopping annoying ads all the time while streaming and browsing.

Best Ad Blockers for Amazon Firestick

Most streaming apps on Firestick are filled with unwanted ads while streaming and spoil the movie experience. Choose the ad blocker from the below lists and download it on your Firestick to enhance your streaming.


Ad Blockers for Amazon Firestick

AdBlock is one of the most popular ad blockers available for Firestick streaming devices. It will block all the annoying ads and videos while streaming media over the internet. It is available in more than 40 languages. AdBlock also acts as a firewall to protect your device from malware attacks. You can surf the internet with complete privacy as it doesn’t let your data get tracked by advertisers.

Website: https://getadblock.com/


Ad lock - Simple Ad Blockers for Amazon Firestick

AdLock is a free adblocker app that blocks all the ads on your Firestick. It blocks the harmful links, bugs, and spyware that arise while streaming movies/TV shows. It hides your online activities and keeps your data safe. AdLock also allows you to play your online games on Firestick without ad interruption. AdLock is available at a very low cost and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users. A single subscription can be accessed simultaneously on 5 devices.

Website: https://adlock.com/


Blokada - Powerful Ad Blockers for Amazon Firestick

Blokada is an open-source software program that functions as the ultimate ad-blocking app on your Amazon Firestick. It protects you against DNS spoofing and protects your privacy. Blokada on Fire TV hides your real IP address and allows you to access blocked websites and apps no matter where you are.

Website: https://blokada.org/

Ghostery Adblocker Plus

Ghostery AdBlocker

Ghostery Adblocker helps you block the ad bother on the website as well as in the applications. It is a powerful privacy extension that blocks the ad without affecting the internet speed. You can purchase a lifetime membership to Ghostery Adblocker Plus at $39.99.

Website: https://www.ghostery.com/


AdGuard - Premium Ad Blockers for Firestick

AdGuard is a unique ad blocker that removes ads in the browser and streaming app. It acts as a firewall to fight against malware, protect your privacy, and increase web speed. It offers ad-free internet service by blocking annoying ads. AdGuard is available in more than 20 languages across the world.

Website: https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html



AdClear is yet another ad blocker for Firestick that blocks all the annoying ads and lets you stream without any interruption. It offers built-in DNS protection. Thus, you can pick from the list of DNS servers. The subscription cost of AdClear starts at $0.99/month.

Website: https://adclear.com/

uBlock Origin

UBlock Origin

uBlock Origin helps to lock all the ads and pop-ups on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. It has an excellent user interface for easy handling. Moreover, it helps to detect phishing ads. The uBlock Origin Adblocker is available as an extension for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Website: https://ublockorigin.com/

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

Adblocker Ultimate is the most effective ad blocker which ensures ad-free online steaming for Firestick users. It blocks advertisements and keeps your personal data safe from online trackers. It is developed with advanced ad-blocking technology to block phishing sites, malware, video ads, pop-ups, and banner ads.

Website: https://adblockultimate.net/



AdAway will remove all the ads across different applications for hassle-free streaming within a few seconds. It is open-source and free software available for browsers and Android devices. Furthermore, AdAway provides an in-depth filtering mechanism that creates custom rules for apps, websites, etc.

Website: https://adaway.org/

Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy Ad Blockers

Perfect Privacy is a subscription-based VPN service supported by Amazon Firestick. A single subscription gives you unlimited connections and bandwidth. The Perfect Privacy subscription includes customizable ad-blocking features, it will filter unwanted content, block ads, and malware, and secure your device from ransomware.

Website: https://www.perfect-privacy.com/

Total Adblock

Total Adblock

Total Adblock is one of the renowned ad blockers that keep distracting ads away from you all the time. If you are a frequent user of browsers on Firestick, Total Adblock will be the best suit. This blocker improves the load time of the page resulting in fast browsing. The application offers the feature to manage trusted websites to surf on the browser. Total Adblock has a single subscription to a yearly plan priced at $29/month.

Website: https://www.totaladblock.com/

Stands AdBlocker

Stands AdBlocker

AdBlocker by StandsApp is yet another application that prevents and blocks ad content on Firestick. With its intuitive user interface, you can use the ad blocker with ease and it isn’t complex for new users. The app comes with parental control features and ensures no side effects while using.

Website: https://www.standsapp.org/


1. Is an Ad blocker safe and legal to use?

Yes, using an Ad Blocker is completely safe and legal.

2. Can NordVPN block ads on Fire TV?

Sadly, no. The ads can’t be blocked by installing and using NordVPN on Fire TV.