Are you tired of paying the subscription cost to watch movies and TV shows? If so, install the BeeTV on Firestick. There is no dedicated BeeTV application available for Firestick. So, you must install it as an APK file using the Downloader app. Alternatively, screen mirror BeeTV to your Firestick if you have installed it on your Smartphone earlier.

After installing its APK file, you can watch the movies like Lesson of the Evil, Gakkou no Kaidan, Death Game Park, Beautiful Love, Women Play Twice, The Celluloid Woman, and many more. BeeTV does not hosts or provide any movies and TV shows. It acts as a search engine and provides links to various movies and TV shows. On clicking a link, you will be redirected to the website where you can stream or download them. If needed, you can sign up for BeeTV via Real Debrid or Trakt account and keep track of your watch history.

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Key Features

  • BeeTV contains an in-built media player which will assist you to stream all the available movies.
  • It contains a wide library that categorizes all the available content
  • BeeTV also provides subtitles support. However, this feature is available for selected movies only.
  • Also, you can save all your favorite movies in the Watch Later section. Those movies can also be downloaded and streamed offline.
  • You can filter all the movies based on their release year.
  • It contains various genres like action, adventure, comedy, documentary, drama, etc.
  • Other than Firestick, BeeTV is also compatible with the devices like Nvidia Shield, PC, Mac, Windows, Android Smart TV, Android Smartphone, etc.

How to Sideload BeeTV Apk on Firestick Using Downloader

To make the process easier, we have divided the sideloading process into three parts.

  • Installing the Downloader app on Firestick
  • Enabling unknown sources setting for Firestick
  • Sideloading BeeTV apk on Firestick

1. Installing Downloader on Firestick

#1. On the Firestick home screen, move to the Find menu and select the Search option.

#2. With the help of the keyboard displayed on the TV screen, type and search for Downloader.

#3. Select the Downloader app and tap on the Get menu. If you have installed the app previously but deleted it, click the Download option.

Install the Downloader app

#4. Wait for the Downloader to install and then launch it by tapping on the Open button.

2. Enabling Unknown Source Settings for Firestick

Since you’re installing the app from an external source, you need to enable a setting for sideloading process.

#1. After installing the Downloader app, move to the home page of Firestick and tap on the Settings menu.

#2. Choose the My Fire TV option on the next page.

#3. Choose Developer Options → Install Unknown Apps option on the consecutive screens.

#4. The list of apps will appear on the screen. Choose the Downloader app and turn on the setting.

Enable the Downloader app to install the BeeTV APK

Now, you can sideload the BeeTV apk file on Firestick via Downloader.

3. Sideload BeeTV Apk on Firestick

#1. After enabling the setting, return to the main screen and launch the Downloader app from the Apps section.

#2. Allow the necessary permissions and go to the URL bar on the home screen of the app.

#3. Enter the BeeTV apk link and tap on the GO button. You can get the BeeTV apk link from the internet.

Enter the URL of BeeTV on the Downloader app

#4. The BeeTV apk will download on your Firestick. After downloading it, tap on the Install button.

#5. Wait for the BeeTV to install and then launch it.

#6. Once done, pick up any movie and start to stream it.

How to Use BeeTV on Firestick

#1. Launch the BeeTV app on Firestick and allow all the necessary permissions.

#2. You may be asked to update the BeeTV to a newer version. If so, click Update.

#3. Once done, the home page of the BeeTV will appear on your TV screen.

Select your favorite movie from BeeTV

#4. Pick up the desired movie and start streaming it.

How to Screen Mirror BeeTV on Firestick

#1. Initially, connect your Smartphone and Firestick to the same wifi network.

#2. Launch the BeeTV on your Smartphone. If you don’t have one, install its APK file from any trusted source.

#3. Access the notification pane and select the Mirror Share option. On the other hand, enable the display mirroring option on Firestick by navigating to Settings → Display & Sounds → Enable Wireless Display.

Click on the Mirror Share icon on the Android Smartphone

#4. Select your Firestick name on the Android smartphone and allow the necessary permission to screen mirror the smartphone.

#5. Now, launch the BeeTV on your smartphone and start watching the available movies for free.


Why can’t I install the BeeTV APK on my FireTV?

You cannot directly install an APK file on FireTV. To sideload the BeeTV APK file, you must install certain applications like Downloader or ES File Explorer. These applications assist you to install the BeeTV APK with ease.

Does BeeTV work on Firestick?

Yes. BeeTV works for sure on Firestick.

What makes the BeeTV not work on Firestick?

Check whether you have enabled the necessary permissions for BeeTV. Also, BeeTV asks you to update it at the initial stage when you install it. If you have updated it, leave it. If not, update it and fix the issue. Also, clear the Cache Memory of the BeeTV on your device for better performance.