All 4 is one of the popular streaming services in the United Kingdom. With the All 4 app on Firestick, you can stream a vast range of TV shows, box sets, movies, and more content. Sometimes, the All 4 app may not work as expected. The primary and most common issues are app crashing, playback errors, audio distortion errors, freezing or buffering, and an error code popping up while launching the application. Don’t worry; these issues are very common. On your Firestick device, you can resolve All 4 not working issues without too much trouble with simple troubleshooting techniques.

Why All 4 is Not Working on Firestick

All 4 apps may not work on your Firestick due to numerous reasons. The issues may be freezing, buffering, restarting, slowness, app crashing, error code pop-ups, flickering, and many more. The most common possible reasons why your All 4 is not working on your Firestick device are listed below.

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  • Internet connection issues
  • Firestick overheating
  • Outdated Firestick OS
  • Channel 4 server down
  • Multiple app cache
  • Channel 4 outages
  • Content is not available at the current location
  • WiFi router is far from the Firestick device

Troubleshoot All 4 Not Working Issues on Firestick

In the first phase, you need to find out the reason why your All 4 application is not working on your Firestick device, and then you need to apply the solution according to it. After that, you can use the below-tested methods to resolve All 4 not working issues on your Firestick.

Internet Connection Issue

All 4 Not Working on Firestick network issue

If you find any buffering issues or slowness, then the first troubleshooting method is to check your internet connection. Channel 4 requires a bandwidth of 3 Mbps to stream the content in standard definition. If multiple devices are connected to the same network, it requires higher bandwidth to stream the content. To resolve the buffering issues/slowness, unplug the WiFi router for about 30 seconds and re-plug it. And disconnect all other devices connected to your WiFi, connect only with your Firestick device, launch the All 4 application, and stream it.

Firestick Overheating

Your Firestick device may be overworked for several hours without any break. This leads to several problems like keep pausing or stopping between streaming the videos, crashing, and many other problems. You can try to restart your Firestick device by following the below steps.

#1. Launch your Firestick device and press the Home Button on your Firestick remote.

#2. Open the Settings option.

Open Settings option

#3. Select the My Fire TV option under the settings tile.

Hit My Fire TV Option

#4. Hit Restart under my fire TV option.

Choose Restart

#5. Again choose the Restart option on the pop-up window. Once the Firestick device restarted completely, launch the All 4 application and try to stream it.

Outdated Firestick OS

Using the older version of Firestick OS may create issues while launching the application. If your Firestick requires an update, then update it immediately by following the below steps.

#1. Choose the Settings option under the Firestick home screen.

#2. Choose the My Fire TV option under the settings.

Choose My Fire TV

#3. Hit the About option under my fire TV.

Choose About option

#4. Select the Check for Updates option.

Select check for Updates

#5. If an update is available, update your Firestick to the latest OS and launch All 4 applications.

Channel 4 Server Down

Try launching the All 4 application on your smartphone or other available devices in your home. If the application was not working on the other devices, it might be due to the main server maintenance. Whenever there is a requirement to bring its app with additional updates or deletion of any unwanted features, there will be a system update made by All 4 service providers. You need to wait patiently until they fix the issue.

Multiple App Cache

You can clear the cache stored on your device regularly to run the application smoothly without any issues. To clear the cache, follow the below steps.

#1. Connect the Firestick device to a standard WiFi connection and press the Home Button on the Firestick remote.

#2. Open the Settings.

Open Settings option

#3. Select the Application tile under the settings option.

Select Applications icon

#4. Choose Managed Installed Applications under the Application option.

Select Manage Installed Applications

#5. Select All 4 apps on the list of devices shown on the Firestick screen.

#6. Select the Clear Cache to remove the data stored on your app memory.

Select Clear Cache

Channel 4 Outages

A software update is necessary to run the application smoothly and to lower the security vulnerabilities. You can automatically or manually update your All 4 application by following the below guide.

Automatic Update

#1. On your Firestick home screen, navigate to the Settings option.

#2. Select the Appstore option under the settings option.

#3. Under the Appstore, choose Automatic Updates and turn it on.

Turn on Automatic updates

#4. If any updates are available, the Firestick device will update applications automatically.

Manual Update

#1. On the Firestick home page, navigate to the Apps section.

#2. Under the Apps & Channel section, navigate and locate the Channel 4 app and open it.

#3. Check whether the update option is present under the app description page. If updates are available, hit the Update icon.

#4.  Once the update is completely installed, select the Open button and check whether your application is working fine without any issues.

Content is Not Available at the Current Location

geo-restricted content message

Channel 4 is a geo-restricted application available only in the United Kingdom. If you try to stream the application outside of the US, then you may get the error message “content not available in your current location.” You can use any trusted VPN like Express VPN to overcome the issue. You can also receive the same message when you use the mobile data to stream the content of All 4 on your Firestick device. Connect your Firestick device to a WiFi connection and check whether your application is working.

WiFi Router is Far From the Firestick Device

If you keep your WiFi router far away from your Firestick device, it will reduce signal strength. Hence your application may function slow or buffer while streaming the videos of All 4. Bring the WiFi router close to the Firestick device to resolve the issue.

Reinstall All 4 Application

If none of the above methods helped you to resolve the not working issues, try to reinstall All 4 applications by following the below steps.

#1. Press the Home Button on your Firestick remote and open the Settings option.

#2. Select the Applications tile.

Select Applications icon

#3. Choose Managed Installed Applications.

Select Manage Installed Applications

#5. Navigate to the All 4 app under the list shown on your Firestick screen.

#6. Choose Uninstall option.

#7. Once the app is completely uninstalled, go back to the Firestick home screen, under the search bar, type All 4 and locate the app, and Install the application on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Channel 4 not working with a VPN?

If you are using any free VPN or a weak VPN, the content of the Channel 4 will not load on your Firestick device. We recommend you use a strong VPN like Express VPN to stream its content without issues.

Why do I see error code t002 on Channel 4?

You may receive the error code due to a poor internet signal, technical glitch, corrupted app cache, or using an outdated Firestick OS /All4 application. To resolve the issue, use the above-listed resolving methods.

Why should I clear the cache?

You are using the internet to connect various applications, and those data will be stored on your device memory. As the memory is taken up, you may experience a lack in your device. Thus, clearing the cache is important.