Viki is an on-demand video streaming service that offers HD resolution movies from Asian countries like Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan. It also brings you dramas, reality shows, entertainment shows, and variety shows. The Asian countries’ programs are subtitled and translated into over 150 languages. And you can add your favorite movies and TV shows to your watchlist to access them easily. Viki is compatible with Firestick, Fire TV, Android Phone and TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Google Chromecast. Now let’s see the step-by-step process to install Viki on Firestick.

You can subscribe to Viki for $4.99 per month and $49.99 per annum. It brings you 149 TV shows and 16 movies. You can also download the videos and watch them offline. You can find the movies and TV shows under the categories like Viki Picks, Must-Watch Dramas, Top 10, Latest Releases, and more.

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Is Rakuten Viki Available on Viki

The Rakuten Viki app is available on the Amazon App Store. So, you will not have a tough process of installing the app on your Fire TV. And alternatively, you can use the sideloading method to get the Rakuten Viki app. In addition, you can connect to the NordVPN on Firestick to watch the Viki platform anywhere around the globe.

Steps to Install Viki on Firestick

With the below steps, you can easily install the Viki app on Firestick.

[1] Connect your Firestick to the WIFI network.

[2] On the Home screen, click on Find.

click on Find to install Viki on Firestick

[3] In that, click on Search.

click on search to install Viki on Firestick

[4] Now use the on-screen keypad to type and search for the Viki app.

[5] Next click on the Viki app icon from the search results.

[6] Then, click on Get or Download to install the app on Firestick.

[7] Once installed, click on Open to launch the app.

[8] Then, Login with your account and start watching the contents from Viki on your Firestick.

Alternative Way to Install Viki on Firestick

You can also sideload the Viki app on Firestick by using the sideloading method. And below are the steps to sideload the Viki app using Downloader.

[1] On your Firestick Home screen, click on Settings (Gear icon).

click on settings on firestick home screen

[2] On the next screen, scroll down and click on My Fire TV.

click on My Fire TV

[3] Next, select Developer options.

click on developer options

[4] Then, turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Turn on Apps from unknown sources

[5] Click Turn On when the pop-up appears.

click on Turn on on the pop up window

[6] Now go back to your home screen and click on Find.

click on Find to install Viki on Firestick

[7] Under that click on the Search option.

click on search to install Viki on Firestick

[8] Then, type and search for the Downloader app using an on-screen keypad.

search for downloader app

[9] Click on the Downloader tile from the search results.

click on the downloader icon

[10] Then click on Download to install the app on Firestick.

click on download to install downloder

[11] Once downloaded, click on Open to launch the app.

Click on Open to launch the app

[12] Then, click on Allow to access the media and files on your device.

Click on Allow to access the media files

[13] Now enter the download link for the Viki app APK file in the URL field and click on Go.

enter the APK file link and click on Go

[14] Wait for the APK file to be downloaded.

wait for the download

[15] Once downloaded, click on INSTALL to install the app on Firestick.

click on install to install Viki on Firestick

[16] Once installed, click on Open to launch the app.

Once installed click on Open to launch the app

[17] Now login with your account and watch the contents from Viki on your Firestick.

How to Create a Viki Account on Firestick [3 Methods]

Method 1 (Using QR code)

scan QR code to create Viki account on Firestick

[1] Launch the Viki app on Firestick and select Sign in to continue.

[2] Use your phone camera or any QR reader app on your mobile device to scan the QR code.

[3] Scanning the QR code will launch the Viki mobile app or on your mobile web browser. If you have not already signed in on your Viki mobile app or browser, it will ask you to do.

[4] If you are already logged in on either the Viki mobile app or, scanning the QR code will automatically link your account to your Firestick.

Method 2 (Activation code)

[1] From the Firestick Viki app, go to Sign in –> Login with Facebook or Rakuten. You will get an activation code to enter on your mobile or computer.

[2] Now from your computer or mobile device, visit Login with your account and enter the code that was displayed on your Firestick and click on Submit.

[3] Your Firestick Viki app will restart, and you can log in with your Viki account.

Method 3 (Email and Password)

[1] On the Firestick Viki app, click on Continue with email.

[2] Enter your Email and Password.

[3] Then, click on Log in. You will be logged in to your Firestick Viki app.

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You will surely love Viki because there are some amazing dramas from Koreans, Japanese and Chinese, all with subtitles. If you purchase any plan, you can watch the contents in high quality and with no ads. And Viki shows are legally licensed, so it is very safe to watch the content on Viki. Viki is the best choice for those who love to watch Asian movies and dramas. And this app features the latest movies and TV shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix if the Viki app is not working on Firestick?

You can follow the basic troubleshooting methods to fix the issues on the Viki app.

2. Can you get Viki on Firestick?

Yes, you can install the Viki app directly from the Amazon App Store.